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Being You in 2022 by Harold W. Becker - Posted January 2, 2022


Being You in 2022 by Harold W. Becker - Posted January 2, 2022

Harold W Becker 2022-01-02When we take a moment to gaze upon the brilliance of the stars, enjoy a beautiful flower radiating its essence, or bask in the smile of another, we are aligning with the very forces that create universes. This resonates naturally with who we are and why we feel the depths of infinite potential walking with us on our earthly adventure. We are love made manifest and are here to delight in the journey of creation here on our magnificent planet. It is such a simple awareness when our hearts are open and our minds are calm. We are a willing ally, contributor and experiencer of life itself. Love unites everything in its cosmic dance of eternity.

We also grow and expand our individual and collective conscious awareness through our experiences here. Nature teaches us the rhythms and cycles of sustainability, renewal and evolution. The solar system brings the vital ebb and flow of magnetic and solar regeneration as it plays within the greater galactic realms. Our bodies provide the countless sensory responses that make this world our physical playground and platform to manifest and become anything we desire. Our humanity is the amalgamation of all of our combined thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams, as we continue to ascend into ever greater realities of innumerable dimensions.

At our core, we are a timeless and limitless spirit that knows itself as an eternal being of love. This aspect of us holds our highest potential and gently awaits us to recognize and embody our grandness. Everything we think and do adds to the greater whole of all that is and all are forever held in an unconditional embrace. We hear this wisdom and know this inner presence through our intuition and sense of pure peace. There is no separation to who we truly are, just moments where we focus away from this knowing. We are believing and reacting to the fleeting physical reality rather than the broader perspective where wellbeing and goodness are always in play. It is like seeing a cloud as the only reality while the sun continues to shine just beyond. The cloud always passes and the sun is always present.

We are part of a generational and chronological progression that is eons upon eons in the making. Encompassing myriad perspectives and experiences from immeasurable incarnations of individuals, cultures, and shared thoughtforms throughout time, we have come to identify more with our place in the social constructs than we do with our own innate being as a creator and author of our own story. We may have learned to adapt ourselves to circumstances and become what we thought others want us to be, now we awaken to our personal power and realize who we really are.

The wealth of our imagination is boundless and is the starting point of all great adventures. We have everything we need and want right within our own beingness. Our inner guidance is our greatest friend and is always present when we simply quiet our mind and flow from our heart. Tune within and align with the fullness of who you are and always were. You get to be the courageous and outrageous you that you are meant to be, where all things are possible and life is of your making. Being you is being love, you always were and always will be.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Being you is being love.-Harold W. Becker





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