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Harold W. BeckerIt may be easy to look around our world today and see the appearance of chaos, difficulty and strife. Yet, when we come from an open heart, we can also see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace. This planet does not need more visions of desperation, separation, fear, doubt, and hate - it requires an abundance of love, especially unconditional love, to heal and restore the beauty contained in every moment. This becomes the easier path once we take the first step and begin to share our love.

When we bring unconditional love back into our personal, professional, community and family lives, we begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure. Of course it takes determined effort on our part as the old, outmoded and limited ways of being are quick to return in our mind. However, this effort to love is rewarded with a new perspective on everything and all life benefits as a result.

Here at The Love Foundation, whether through Global Love Day each May 1st, our annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational, Love Ambassador designations, or our newer programs, Love Begins With Me film project and All Nations Love/America Loves, each of these opportunities are simply ways to keep the understanding of love fresh in our collective hearts and minds.

We started this nonprofit organization in 2000 as a way to inspire and remind people of the simple, practical power of loving unconditionally. In just these few years, we have witnessed a growing worldwide momentum embracing this opportunity to bring the awareness of unconditional love back into our daily lives. We look forward to expanding this dialogue and encourage you to walk this journey of unconditional love in your part of the world.

On behalf of our global family of volunteers - welcome!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
Founder, The Love Foundation


15th Anniversary Letter from Founder Harold W. Becker

It is a time to celebrate – The Love Foundation turns 15!

It is amazing to me that fifteen years have gone by so quickly. What began as a simple idea to share the practical wisdom of unconditional love, has blossomed into an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that has become the leading resource "inspiring people to love unconditionally."

From the very beginning in 2000, we knew we would be somewhat (well perhaps radically) different from the common nonprofit in that we would be an all volunteer network of individuals, we would approach our growth organically, we were sharing a vision more than an activity, and we would focus on our vision rather than fundraising. To our delight we have accomplished all this and so much more. The talent, resources and modest finances have all come as needed to fulfill our vision.

As you might imagine, in the initial days when we began sharing our vision of unconditional love, we were met with a great deal of skepticism, apprehension, and thankfully, some warm embraces – even we wondered at times how we were going to inspire others and implement our mission. Fortunately, we were energized by all of the early supportive experiences and continued to find ways to build programs around our message and theme of unconditional love.

I awoke one night in November of 2003 with the idea of Global Love Day for each May 1st and with the theme of "love begins with me." I approached our board two days later and everyone was in full agreement to move forward. We were all excited that we finally had a specific form that could help promote awareness for our vision and mission. Global Love Day as a celebration of our humanity was born.

We began spreading the awareness through simple emails of introduction to people around the world. The positive response was immediate. A couple of weeks later I had the additional idea to create an Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational designed as a complimentary program around the inspiration of Global Love Day and as a way to encourage the loving wisdom of our youth.

Many delightfully unexpected things happened next. We were making wonderful connections around the globe and one day had an inquiry from someone in Nairobi, Kenya wanting to know how she could be involved with us. That was the day our Volunteer Country Coordinators came into being. That young lady from Nairobi was quickly followed by others coming to offer their time and talent representing their particular nation.

Since Global Love Day was both an individual and also a community type of event, we sent out invitations to Governors, Mayors and Councils to acknowledge the day. Within a very short time, we had our first proclamation from the Mayor of Salt Lake City. The media enjoyed poking a bit of fun with the Mayor and our organization, yet in the end, they admitted that an idea like this could only help. By the time the first Global Love Day came, we had twelve proclamations, including our own hometown of Tampa at the time, three governors and several other prominent city Mayors and Councils from around the US.

May 1st, 2004 arrived and we had made contact with individuals and organizations in 36 countries. Each came to us with their courage and support of our vision. Our main flyer had been translated into several languages and over 300 submissions came in from around the world for our Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational. We decided then and there to continue supporting both programs the following year.

Our next significant program was the honorary designation of Love Ambassadors. We knew there were so many inspiring and unconditionally loving people that are the silent heroes of our world and we thought it would help to acknowledge them. This program was launched in late 2004 with our first seven Love Ambassadors nominees.

Around this same time, we were invited to a halfway home for women coming out of prison locally in Tampa to introduce basic meditation as a helpful life skill. We made it a point to focus on self-love and self-esteem. After that first night they asked us to come back the following week to continue to share the wisdom of unconditional love. We went back that week and every week for the next two years. The experience touched every one of us to the core. Several of these amazing women are still in our lives.

Over the ensuing years, we have continued to present Global Love Day each May 1st and are now coming to our twelfth annual. We have expanded our Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational to reach a full range of people, received 36 translations of our flyer and as of this writing, have 460 proclamations from prominent government leaders.

We have also designated over 300 honorary Love Ambassadors, have over 41 Country Coordinators from around the world and 16 State Coordinators throughout the US. We produce a daily and monthly inspirational message and have added countless pages to our main web site with information and resources related to unconditional love. We are in regular contact with individuals in 150 countries and that number keeps growing.

In 2008 we were awarded a Google Grant where they provide additional exposure in internet search at no cost to us. This grant continues today and has brought us remarkable additional coverage. That same year we were also awarded a YouTube nonprofit channel; even though we didn't know what kind of videos we would even create. As miracles are, a beautiful volunteer came to us a few weeks later saying she could produce videos for us and since those early video creations, we currently have 250 inspiring videos on our channel with over 1.25 million views and over 4,500 subscribers. We have since added TLF TV Presents with a series of interviews, meditations and inspirational short introductions to our vision.

One of our greatest surprises over the years has been the interest and support from people particularly in the African nations. We also enjoy a very large response from India and surrounding nations, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and of course the US, Canada, Australia and parts of Central and South America. Each day we welcome the new emails where people introduce themselves and lend their support to our mutual vision.

In keeping with the latest social and technology trends, we have a strong presence on numerous social sites including Facebook (already over 165,000 fans), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and our YouTube Channel, among others. In 2010, we hosted our first online event for Global Love Day in the virtual world of Second Life. We were so amazed at the experience and potential, we joined the Nonprofit Commons and maintain an online office along with over 120 fellow nonprofit organizations. We have even been featured in seven CNN iReport articles about our presence and activity in Second Life over the years. These platforms are providing marvelous opportunities to connect with existing friends around the world in real time along with making countless new friends with every passing day.

In the past few years, we have been developing several other projects and programs that continue to inspire love. We are concurrently working on our film documentary project, Love Begins With Me, where individuals can create and share their video presentations of what unconditional love means to them, as well as, over 60 interview videos we have produced ourselves too.

We also launched All Nations Love as a heart-based social participation movement with the theme, "every nation has a heart, it is time to let yours shine." As part of our ongoing campaign, we are building the same model here in the US as America Loves and encourage individuals and groups to form their own efforts in local, state and national levels.

Loving Earth is our program of environmental inspiration and awareness; and Inspiring Unconditional Love is our showcase for a numerous variety of encouraging insights and creative and poetic ideals of love. We even have our own app, Inspire Love, for love on the go. As all of our programs and resources are intended to remind us of the presence of love, we created this simple app as another resource that gives you an instant loving quote each time you use it.

Perhaps our greatest accomplishment has been our ability to bring unconditional love into the common vocabulary and awareness of a greater population along with initiating the necessary discussion as to its meaning and potential in our personal and collective lives. We have witnessed this evolution from initially being seen as a whimsical and unattainable ideal to become a practical and pragmatic solution in individuals and their communities around the world.

Over the past fifteen years, The Love Foundation has become a global family of people who understand that love is both our birthright and our responsibility. We are here because of you and are grateful every day for your support whether as direct volunteers, occasional admirers, through your inspirational ideas and financial contributions. Mostly, we are honored by your courage to be the example and inspire us to love unconditionally.

Harold W. BeckerThank you for celebrating the love with us and Happy 15th Anniversary to The Love Foundation.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
President and Founder
March 3, 2015



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