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Beings of Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted February 13, 2017

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Harold W. Becker February 2017We arrive in this world as precious beings with an inherent capacity and extraordinary potential to love unconditionally. Our intrinsic ability to think, reason, and imagine, provides the platform for our many journeys through life as we seek to discover and experience our creative possibilities firsthand. More than just primal efforts of survival as an individual or species, we embody the gift of being aware of our presence along with an intuitive understanding that we are a part of it all. We innately know we are more than this corporeal expression. At our core, we are beings of love - a universal and unconditional love that unites us with the very essence of life itself.

Our self-conscious awareness, along with our capacity to contemplate, envision and manifest from our imagination, makes us unique among the vast spectrum of life forms upon this planet. We are neither better, nor more advanced than our fellow living entities and organisms; rather as an interconnected facet, we have the added component of a conscious awareness of this connection and the love that permeates our collective existence. This distinctive ability allows us to interact and participate with one another and the earth herself in a multitude of ways. When we keep love at the forefront of our consciousness, we imbue each choice, relationship and encounter with this extraordinary quality.

Alas, born into bodies that are our vehicles to experience life, we are also instantly vulnerable to the physical nature of these same forms. Even though each miraculous breath and heartbeat becomes a part of a sustaining rhythm that animates us while we grow and mature, we simultaneously bear witness to the natural cycles of life and death that surround us. This becomes a constant reminder of the fundamentally magical and fragile nature of our human existence. At times, we may even forget or question our relationship to the world around us. Yet, as beings of love, we ultimately know that we are part of something greater and grander that is both our heritage and the legacy we leave as we immerse ourselves in life.

Being consciously aware of love allows us to maintain a broader perspective.-Harold W. Becker

Being consciously aware of love allows us to maintain a broader perspective that encourages us to focus our reality in the present moment. Living in this way, we easily release any entanglement to the past, embrace the adventure that is right here and now, and allow our future to unfold in its own special way. This inspires balance and harmony in our thoughts and feelings and a freedom from limitation, worry and concern. We are free to be ourselves and share our love without constraint, condition or expectation.

Kindness, compassion and gentleness are the effortless attributes of one who is fully aligned and aware that they are expressions of love. With a full heart, we exemplify forgiveness and gratitude, joy and benevolence. Let us always remember who we really are and make a profound difference simply by being the love we came here to be.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Empowering Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted January 27, 2017

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Harold W. BeckerAt our core, we are all beautiful beings of love. We have the capacity for self-awareness unlike any other corporeal life on our planet, and through our gift of imagination, we can individually and collectively inspire new realities. When we are cognizant of our connection to life, our choices consider and reflect this innate union with every facet of life, and we imbue our creations with our essence of love, naturally benefitting the whole.

Lamentably, along our journey of countless generations and for a myriad of reasons, we have steadily forgotten our intrinsic love. The more we felt disconnected from our grand and loving selves, the greater a perception of doubt pervaded our individual and collective psyche, eventually allowing the notion of fear to overtake our senses. The inaccurate bias of fear has been the dominating motivation for our view on life for far too long, and with this mistaken sense of separation from the love we are, it has influenced our choices in less than beneficial ways.

Just as the sun shines its everlasting light regardless of the momentary clouds or the darkness of night, our universal love is always present and a part of us no matter what our current limited perspective may be. We are reawakening to this potent and enlivening energy and it is infusing and permeating our veiled consciousness, inspiring us to restore and empower reality from our heart. We are rapidly remembering our connection to everything and everyone and clearly seeing the results of choices made without consideration to the whole.

Love is a unifying principle that encourages and inspires. It is compassion and kindness in action. It forgives and releases what was and allows the pure potential of what can be. Love is the cosmic connection to life itself. As we embolden ourselves with this animating power, we fully reestablish its presence in our awareness and begin a new adventure with love as our guide and constant companion.

Love is a unifying principle that encourages and inspires.-Harold W. Becker

Empowering life with love is our true adventure. Fear as a motivator is no longer viable, necessary, or useful. There is no reason to be afraid when we know love is always present and infinitely more powerful as a choice and a way of being. It begins within by realizing and embracing our magnificence and acknowledging the marvelous wonder of life. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the stars that shine light-years away, we are a part of it all. With love in our heart, we are the magic and the miracle right where we are, and as we share our love, life itself expands in ever-greater expressions of love.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Your Love Shines Bright

By Harold W. Becker - Posted December 21, 2016

Harold W. BeckerJust as the sun in our galaxy is always present and emanating its life-giving light to assist the whole of creation manifest its beauty and splendor, so is love ever in our heart and forever ready to express through us. Born with amazing potential, we are all miraculous beings capable of creating with limitless imagination, along with the willpower to make things tangible. Gifted with such awesome capacity to actively participate in our reality, it is curious that we seem so limited in our perception of ourselves most of the time.

Perhaps we have become enamored with our creations more than the creative process that initiates and animates our lives. Have we become too focused on our material forms and forgotten the presence of life, light and love itself? Are we stuck in a loop of our own making that resists the natural impulse to grow and advance? Maybe it is time to expand our perspectives and reignite our love as the conscious catalyst of creation.

Cycles and rhythms are a natural part of existence and each inspires change and evolution for the next expression. Here on our precious planet, just as one solstice brings us the longest night, the next reveals the shortest, and in-between each, we have the balance of the equinoxes. Our moon phases in progression throughout its lunar cycle and provides everything from full exposure to seeming absence. These planetary influences are part of ever larger expressions of galactic proportions as our orb is inspired by the countenance of the sun and, in turn, our sun dances with timeless forces from the countless suns beyond our own. Life is always evolving its expression.

Life is always evolving its expression. -Harold W. Becker

Our bodies have their own stages of development as our cells continuously divide, multiply, and coalesce, performing their unique functions for a necessary duration as part of our corporeal journey. Atomic and subatomic particles have their own unique ballet as they spin around and form the fundamental building blocks of manifested reality, from the structure of our cells to the configuration of our immeasurable cosmos, coming in and out of phase as is appropriate and essential for the formation at hand. Everything is connected and interrelates on this grand adventure of life. It is in the contrast of the cycles that signal an opportunity for a fresh expression to be brought forth.

As humans, we observe and interact with these natural cycles and rhythms and, instead of recalling and including the underlying flow of life, we apply our own mental agenda upon the outer as a way to relate to our linear lifetime. We have learned to carve detailed notes into our psyche in hopes of understanding our relationship to the world around us rather than remembering the creative source within. Somewhere along the way, we forgot the innate holistic connection to all. This perceived illusionary division separates us from ourselves, and each other, and is contrary to the inherent nature of creation that collaborates and supports each and every aspect.

A new cycle is upon us and this one is yours to choose. Just as the sun shares itself for all of us to exist, you are here to shine bright with your love. You do this with your kindness and compassion. You begin with accepting and embracing yourself and your potential, and in doing so, simultaneously see this in everyone else. Your words are ones of encouragement and your deeds activate opportunities that benefit all. You are becoming the rhythm of love.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Embracing Your Magnificence

By Harold W. Becker - Posted December 11, 2016

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Harold W. BeckerEach of us is such an amazing amalgamation of thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, experiences and emotions, all seemingly contained in this singular physical embodiment that we focus our perceived identity upon. We are also a part of an intricate web of life that permeates the very subatomic aspects of our being, of which we are just beginning to realize even exists, to a universe that is so expansive, we can barely grasp and understand the enormity of it all. Our consciousness is connected to every particle and parsec, yet somehow through these extraordinary characteristics that we are continually discovering, we keep forgetting just how miraculous and incredible our actual lives really are.

Right here and now, in this corporeal body we occupy, we have some 32 trillion cells collaborating like an immense symphony providing us an opportunity to make the most out of this dance of life. Each cell itself is comprised of countless atomic and subatomic particles working in harmony, creating their own contribution to this masterpiece. The innate wisdom of the body communicates seamlessly and faster than nanoseconds throughout the whole, orchestrating everything we need to experience life. Every one of these components simultaneously communicates with the electromagnetics and environment, in and around us, and beyond, into the heavens themselves. Alas, we rarely give more than a brief cursory thought to the intricacy of our interactive and intelligent body we call home.

When we gaze into the night sky, we are tuning our awareness towards an estimated 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe. It is suggested that each of these galaxies may have 100 billion stars in them which would give us a billion trillion stars. Like our own physical body, the universe is interacting with itself throughout the cosmos in its own dance of galactic proportions. On many levels, everything is connected and responsive to the whole and contributing to our existence.

everything is connected

Born with boundless potential, we have a tendency to identify instead with our intellect and personality rather than incorporating our connectedness. As we grow and mature, we frequently narrow and limit our attention to the outer details, reactions and responses occurring in our immediate lives. This problematic alignment to an individuated persona, rather than the whole of which we are all a part, further fragments our awareness, keeping us wholly unaware of how fantastic and astonishing everything in life really is.

The power of our imagination propels us to an even wider comprehension that we are, in fact, multidimensional and capable of far more than just our limited and linear defined life. Through our conscious awareness and intuition, not only do we have the capacity to envision, create and manifest material things, we have the ability to imbue and share the vital and nonmaterial qualities that include compassion, joy, peace and love into every facet of our expression.

From the electric spark that fires our heart, to the breath of life that infuses our body with oxygen, these physical components are intertwined with our mental and emotional capacity to think and feel, which when combined with our imagination and willpower, compose the very opus of our lives. Our song of life is a natural vibrational part of the universe itself just as its gifts provide the foundation for us. As each aspect plays its unique role, the whole becomes infinitely greater and grander than the sum.

Embrace your magnificence. Life is awaiting your unique expression from the heart.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Embrasser votre magnificence

Chacun de nous est une fusion étonnante de pensées, de sentiments, d'espoirs, de rêves, d'expériences et d'émotions, tous apparemment contenus dans cette incarnation physique singulière sur laquelle nous concentrons notre identité perçue. Nous faisons également partie d'un réseau de vie complexe qui imprègne les aspects très subatomiques de notre être, dont nous commençons tout juste à réaliser même l'existence, à un univers si expansif, que nous pouvons à peine saisir et comprendre l'énormité de tout celui-ci. Notre conscience est liée à chaque particule, mais en quelque sorte à travers ces caractéristiques extraordinaires que nous découvrons continuellement, nous oublions toujours combien miraculeuses et incroyables sont nos vies réellement.

Juste ici et maintenant, dans ce corps corporel que nous occupons, nous avons quelques 32 trillions de cellules collaborant comme une immense symphonie nous donnant l'occasion de tirer le meilleur parti de cette danse de la vie. Chaque cellule elle-même est composée d'innombrables particules atomiques et subatomiques travaillant en harmonie, créant leur propre contribution à ce chef-d'œuvre. La sagesse innée du corps communique de façon transparente et plus rapide que nanosecondes dans l'ensemble, orchestrant tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour vivre la vie. Chacune de ces composantes communique simultanément avec l'électromagnétique et l'environnement, dans et autour de nous, et au-delà, dans les cieux eux-mêmes. Hélas, nous donnons rarement plus d'une brève pensée sommaire à la complexité de notre corps interactif et intelligent que nous appelons la maison.

Lorsque nous regardons dans le ciel nocturne, nous sommes en train d'accorder notre conscience vers une estimation de 10 milliards de galaxies dans l'univers observable. Il est suggéré que chacune de ces galaxies peut avoir 100 milliards d'étoiles en eux, ce qui nous donnerait un milliard de billions d'étoiles. Comme notre propre corps physique, l'univers interagit avec lui-même dans tout le cosmos dans sa propre danse de proportions galactiques. À plusieurs niveaux, tout est connecté et réceptif à l'ensemble et contribue à notre existence.

Abrace a sua magnificência

Cada um de nós é uma fusão surpreendente de pensamentos, sentimentos, esperanças, sonhos, experiências e emoções, todos aparentemente contidas nesta encarnação física singular em que nos concentramos nossa identidade percebida. Nós também fazem parte de uma complexa teia da vida que permeia os aspectos muito subatômicas do nosso ser, nós estamos apenas começando a perceber até mesmo a existência, em um mundo tão amplo, não podemos compreender e entender a enormidade de qualquer destes. Nossa consciência está ligada a cada partícula, mas de alguma forma através destas características extraordinárias que descobrimos continuamente, sempre esquecer como milagrosa e incrível são as nossas vidas realmente.

Aqui e agora, neste corpo físico que ocupamos, temos cerca de 32 trilhões de células que trabalham como uma imensa sinfonia dando-nos a oportunidade de aproveitar ao máximo esta dança da vida. Cada célula em si é composto de inúmeras trabalho partícula atômica e subatômica em harmonia, criando o seu próprio contributo para esta obra-prima. A sabedoria inata do corpo se comunica de forma transparente e mais rápido do que nanossegundos globais, orquestrando tudo o que precisamos para viver a vida. Cada um desses componentes comunicar simultaneamente com a eletromagnética e o ambiente dentro e em torno de nós, e além, nos próprios céus. Infelizmente, raramente dão mais de um breve resumo pensado para a complexidade do nosso corpo interativo e inteligente que chamamos de lar.

Quando olhamos para o céu noturno, estamos a dar a nossa consciência para um número estimado de 10 bilhões de galáxias no universo observável. Sugere-se que cada uma dessas galáxias podem ter 100 bilhões de estrelas neles, que nos daria uma bilhões de trilhões de estrelas. Tal como o nosso próprio corpo físico, o universo interage com o próprio todo o cosmos em sua própria dança proporções galácticas. Em vários níveis, tudo está conectado e responsivo a todos e contribui para a nossa existência.

Abrazar a su magnificencia

Cada uno de nosotros es una increíble fusión de pensamientos, sentimientos, esperanzas, sueños, experiencias y emociones, todas aparentemente contenida en esta encarnación física singular en el que nos centramos nuestra identidad percibida. También somos parte de una compleja red de vida que impregna los aspectos muy subatómicas de nuestro ser, estamos empezando a darse cuenta de la existencia, incluso, en un mundo tan expansivo, difícilmente podemos captar y comprender la enormidad de cualquiera de los mismos. Nuestra conciencia está ligada a cada partícula, pero de alguna manera a través de estas características extraordinarias que descubrimos de forma continua, que siempre se olvide de lo milagroso e increíble son realmente nuestras vidas.

Aquí y ahora, en este cuerpo físico que ocupamos, tenemos unos 32 billones de células que trabajan como una inmensa sinfonía que nos da la oportunidad de sacar el máximo provecho de esta danza de la vida. Cada célula en sí se compone de innumerables partículas de trabajo atómica y subatómica en armonía, creando su propia contribución a esta obra maestra. La sabiduría innata del cuerpo se comunica de forma transparente y más rápido que nanosegundos generales, la orquestación de todo lo que necesitamos para vivir la vida. Cada uno de estos componentes se comunican simultáneamente con el electromagnético y el medio ambiente en y alrededor de nosotros, y más allá, en los cielos mismos. Desafortunadamente, rara vez damos más que un breve resumen cree que la complejidad de nuestro cuerpo interactivo e inteligente que llamamos hogar.

Cuando miramos hacia el cielo nocturno, debemos dar nuestra conciencia a un estimado de 10 mil millones de galaxias en el universo observable. Se sugiere que cada una de estas galaxias pueden tener 100 mil millones de estrellas en ellas, lo que nos daría un billón de billones de estrellas. Al igual que nuestro propio cuerpo físico, el universo interactúa consigo misma a través del cosmos en su propia danza proporciones galácticas. En varios niveles, todo está conectado y que responda a todos y contribuye a nuestra existencia.

lo nocturno, debemos dar nuestra conciencia a un estimado de 10 mil millones de galaxias en el universo observable. Se sugiere que cada una de estas galaxias pueden tener 100 mil millones de estrellas en ellas, lo que nos daría un billón de billones de estrellas. Al igual que nuestro propio cuerpo físico, el universo interactúa consigo misma a través del cosmos en su propia danza proporciones galácticas. En varios niveles, todo está conectado y que responda a todos y contribuye a nuestra existencia.

Объятия ваше великолепие

Каждый из нас является удивительным слияние мыслей, чувств, надежд, мечтаний, переживаний и эмоций, по-видимому, все содержащиеся в этом единственном физическом воплощении, на котором мы сосредоточим наше воспринимаемую идентичность. Мы также являются частью сложной паутины жизни, которая пронизывает самые элементарные аспекты нашего бытия, мы только начинаем осознавать даже существование в мире, столь экспансивным, вряд ли мы можем понять и понять чудовищность любого из них. Наше сознание связано с каждой частицей, но как-то через эти необычные характеристики, которые мы постоянно открываем, мы всегда забываем, как чудесное и невероятное наша жизнь на самом деле.

Прямо здесь и сейчас, в этом телесном теле мы занимаем, мы имеем около 32 триллионов клеток, работающих в качестве огромной симфонии дает нам возможность сделать большую часть этого танца жизни. Каждая сама клетка состоит из бесчисленного атомных и субатомных частиц в рабочей гармонии, создавая свой собственный вклад в этот шедевр. Врожденная мудрость тела общается прозрачно и быстрее, чем в целом наносекунд, оркестровки все, что нужно, чтобы жить. Каждый из этих компонентов связываются одновременно с электромагнитными и окружающей среды внутри и вокруг нас, и за ее пределами, в самих небесах. К сожалению, мы редко дают больше, чем краткое изложение мысль о сложности нашего интерактивного и интеллектуального тела, которую мы называем домом.

Когда мы смотрим на ночное небо, мы должны дать наше сознание примерно 10 миллиардов галактик в наблюдаемой Вселенной. Предполагается, что каждая из этих галактик может иметь 100 миллиардов звезд в них, которые дали бы нам миллиард триллионов звезд. Как и наш собственный физическое тело, Вселенная взаимодействует сама с собой по всему космосу в его собственный танец галактических пропорций. На нескольких уровнях, все связано и реагировать на все и способствует нашему существованию.

Radiating the Light Within

By Harold W. Becker - Posted November 11, 2016

(Excerpt from Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerThe love we share is the blessing of creation. Without this power of love emanating in every moment, we cease to exist. This fundamental energy guides, animates, and contains every particle of life and is the intelligent substance we use to manifest as self-conscious creators. This loving universal energy comes to us without condition or limit. We, in turn, send it forth with greater force by our conscious use and qualification. When we come from love, we express great heights of attainment.

Unconditional love is the force that evolves and expands all things in life. Through conscious energetic radiation we can transform anything into a higher form of reality. Since it is the central core of all existence, when we radiate love it adds to the inherent qualities that already exist within form. At the same time, we are like a magnet, as our love attracts the love held within any expression. This is the same principle that reveals how our sun radiates energy while magnetically attracting the forces of life on our planet to respond in kind. This is easily seen in the example of the flower as it grows and blooms in response to the energy of the sun and then follows its path during the day as the sun moves gently across the sky.

We are an energy source too, when we engage love. As we expand the love in our heart, we become a bright light and beacon of this potential to others. It is as simple to be this living example as we wish to make it. Each thought can rest upon the notion of love as easily as our feelings can vibrate this emotion. There is nothing difficult about the process of loving unconditionally. We just consciously raise our attention upon the loving qualities in each of our experiences.

The only challenge we encounter in this process is when we try holding on to limitation. The personality/ego constantly attempts to preserve, control and sustain habits hoping to uphold a perception of security and stability. As humans, we like to maintain a sense of certainty and order in our experiences. Things already known to us are seemingly comfortable and easy to understand. However, in this artificial belief in safety of the known, we forget our potential to evolve and grow. This focus on constancy can cause apathy and idleness that allow our thoughts and feelings to wander about without direction. This creates a scattered reality that jumps from one experience to another seeking similarity. To keep this momentum of perceived permanence, we frequently take actions without understanding their consequence.

…We are at a point in our journey where it is time to accept our new role as empowered and loving beings. We no longer need to go along with the game of limitation because we now know our power and potential. Letting others control our reality is also rapidly fading away in this process. With the power of love to make dreams happen, we no longer require the destructive energies to teach us.

We are graduating from this school and moving to a new dimension and experience. Our final lesson is to learn how to create with love and become the law of cause alone. When love is our motivating and directing intent, only love can manifest. Generating love and sending it forth assures us only love can return. The circle of life is complete and negativity can no longer express through us. With no images or residue of discordant vibrations to entice our attention, we become free of these former shackles.

We are ascending the spiral into love. -Harold W. Becker

As this transformation completes itself, any remaining negativity must come forth. When it surfaces, we can easily release our attachment to it. These lower vibratory qualities have been around for a long time and letting them go allows us to be free of their discordant effects. Without negativity impinging on our attention, we can direct our awareness to love and express with this positive vibration.

When negativity or discord does come up, it is important to recognize it is actually leaving our world. This way we can forgive it and love it out of existence. Otherwise, we allow it back in our reality and will have to deal with it again at some future point. This is where we need to trust our power to love unconditionally and release the illusions of centuries. If it appears in our world and captures our attention, it is reflecting an image we have somewhere within. It does not matter when or how we originally acquired it, we can now let it go and choose a higher expression of love.

It is exciting to know that despite any previous limitations, we can go forward in this moment with the potential to change and grow. Through the infinite grace of the universe we have the ability to correct our actions and begin again. Without this grace, we would never evolve beyond our limited creation and with it we can restore our infinite capacity to build life with love and perfection.

By finding unconditional love for yourself, you set aside your limitations and allow the dormant qualities of love to blossom. As these higher frequencies saturate your being, you will find it easier to maintain your focus in every situation. When lower thoughts and feelings come up, you will recognize them and take them higher before they have a chance to express.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Women, Wisdom and Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted October 11, 2016

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Harold W. BeckerWithin each of us is the innate, natural balance of our feminine and masculine creative powers. Every person, regardless of their physical attribute of being male or female, man or woman, has these potent forces that are the very essence of our being. In the simplest example, we all have the gift of imagination (a feminine energy aspect) and willpower (a masculine energy aspect). Together they infuse through the feminine energy of feeling and the masculine energy of thought to manifest our reality. What we think and feel, we become. They are ultimately inseparable and necessary components for creation. However, when they are either willfully suppressed or allowed to dominate, they create an imbalance that distorts, and even destroys, the inherent sanctity and beauty of life.

Imagination is our way of formulating and exploring possibilities. It is the grander view that gathers, intuits, and incorporates a variety of facets that are interrelated and interconnected. These are inclusive considerations that, at their core, are nurturing, subjective, heart-felt, and holistic. We often witness these characteristics in women since they tend to embody these energies to a greater degree and are the ones that conceive, incubate and develop the very physical being we become.

Willpower allows us to bring our imagination to life. By thinking, focusing, using our instincts, and taking necessary action, we materialize matter and build our outer reality. Men have actively portrayed these qualities for a very long time. The masculine energy is skillful in many important ways that support and uphold the feminine energies. Yet, by design, the feminine and masculine energies are meant to combine seamlessly within us, as being and doing, to allow us to experience the very best of life on this exquisite planet.

For countless ages and innumerable reasons, we have allowed an increasingly imbalanced expression of our masculine energies to dominate, particularly through men. This exclusive imbalance, suppression and ignorance of our central feminine energetic qualities, has been used to subjugate women to a lesser role and steadily wreaked havoc throughout societies and our earth. This imbalance has allowed a singular intellectual pursuit and gratification of materialism without the finer inclusive senses of grace, nurture, benevolence, integrity and dignity to balance our creation. When truly balanced, the resulting wisdom of love naturally blends our creative energies for the greatest good and benefit for all.

We are finally becoming aware of this imbalance, and in particular, women of the world are awakening to their personal power and balanced ability to create. They are embracing their essential willpower, regaining their voice, and standing in unity to bring about the balance necessary now. The infusion that this realization provides is the rapid restoration of the vital feminine energies of imagination and imperative vision, where an empowered humanity nurtures life itself in all its various expressions. Women are reigniting the crucial need for compassion, kindness and unconditional love to be included in creation. As they join heart-to-heart, they are imagining and empowering a world for future generations that thrive through gentleness and wisdom. Interestingly, most indigenous cultures had these central, balanced energies in their societies. Women shared in the formation and leadership of their social structures and were respected for their wisdom and equally dynamic contribution.

Women are reigniting the crucial need  for compassion, kindness and unconditional love to be included in creation.-Harold W. Becker

It is important to understand that this balance must also come from the men of the world as they relearn and embrace their fundamental balance and reincorporate the powerful feminine aspects they have purposely repressed within themselves. The patriarchal imbalance that has been created by the masculine energy bias has usurped governments, religions and social structures around the globe and resulted in an unstable and unsustainable reality. All around us we clearly see now that this imbalance is detrimental in the sustaining and flourishing of life.

We are all so much grander than we have allowed ourselves to be and there is so much potential before us as we once again acknowledge our foremost creative capacity. Women of the world, reclaim your perfect blend of creative energies so that men may know firsthand that there is deep wisdom in love and a magnificent power beyond measure in graceful balance.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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America Loves

By Harold W. Becker - Posted September 28, 2016

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Harold W. BeckerThe United States of America has a relatively brief history as a nation and has clearly had a powerful impact upon the world at large. Our influence is felt globally in so many different ways and these effects run the full spectrum from empowering our humanity to utterly extinguishing the spark of life with our attempts at preeminence. We bring out the very best in the human spirit while equally leaving trails of unnecessary destruction in the wake of our unbridled determination. We often make grave mistakes in our approach to life while simultaneously initiating extraordinary leaps in conscious evolution. When we come from authentic inspiration, our mutual hearts have spurned astonishingly benevolent solutions, and when we have ignored our common connection to humanity and the earth, our efforts have likewise decimated populations and cultures and scarred the planet we depend upon for sustenance.

Individuals make up any nation and it is here that we turn and look within our own hearts. Like all nations around the world, we are at a crossroads of opportunity. For the health and vitality of our planet, there is an expanded path before us and it requires a broader understanding and maturing of our individual and united perspectives and choices. In America, the indigenous knew the connection to our true spirit and our founding fathers and mothers laid the groundwork for an enlightened fundamental idea – a nation, like all nations, made up of individuals, yet with an inspired vision for universal freedom of choice to bring about a greater good for all. For many reasons we have lamentably denigrated the wisdom that seeded our birth as a nation, along with our individual and combined destiny and purpose.

At our core, America is a nation like any other: a living anthology of beings with evolving stories of hopes, dreams, talents and infinite potentials. Like any society, we seek to fulfill the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, coupled with our soul desires of joy, laughter, peace, happiness and love. And like any culture, we are overwhelmingly comprised of good people with big hearts who naturally aspire to share kindness and compassion. We are neither special nor important, rather we are a nation filled with the same humanity that collectively calls earth their home.  As a part of the planetary family, each nation has a unique combination and capability of its citizenry, that when brought together in the spirit of love, ignites a greater potential for all humanity. Our essential contribution is no different.

Here in America, from our earliest indigenous beginnings to our present day amalgamation of global cultural heritage, our unfurling story blends a rich connection to the spirit of the land that our native ancestors understood, to the more recent hyper evolution into material pursuits and manifestations. It is a revealing journey filled with amazing and miraculous accomplishment and equally fraught with the devastating perils of ignorance, avarice, and painful attempts at conquest.

Like the citizens of any nation, individually and together, we aspire to not only satisfy our core necessities, we also seek experiences and a sense of connection to both our fellow human and the earth we walk upon. When we follow our deepest calling, we collaborate with the very forces of nature to advance our civilization. However, when we allow ourselves to be separate from the world within and around us, we become fearful and this leads to tragic outcomes. Without the guiding force of universal love, we inflict the worst upon ourselves, each other, and the earth, simply because we have forgotten our innate magnificence as creatively endowed humans.

Our diversity is the one unusual attribute that provides us with an element of experience not readily available in other nations. Since our formation, we have been a land of people that brings the cultures, beliefs, and rituals of the entire planet to one region. Despite the incredible challenges this generates and entails, miraculously we have found ways to somehow integrate and cooperate without utterly annihilating each other and our nation in the process. Of course we have had significant setbacks and suffered horrific situations, however we continuously find solutions and ways to unite, persevere and thrive together. This enduring involvement with a diverse populace is precisely what allows us to shine brighter as we embrace this unique characteristic of our land and nation.

We are a nation of many people among nations of many people. The beginning point of any sustainable and empowered change must, by necessity, begin with us individually. Each of us is gifted with infinite creative capacity and are the instigators of change by turning within and reflecting honestly and objectively, first and foremost, on our own lives. It is through the release of our personal fears, doubts, worries, habits, guilt, shame and outmoded, limiting beliefs, that we inaugurate change for the rest of our human family.

Americans have enjoyed describing ourselves as the land of the brave. Are we brave enough to really open our hearts to release our fears and willingly love without judgement or condition? Are we brave enough to come from compassion and take the very best of our ingenuity and mindfulness to benefit not only the people of our nation, yet go beyond our supposed borders to include the wellbeing of all humanity and the earth herself? Are we brave enough to sit side-by-side with our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity and listen with dignity and integrity to learn from their journey? Are we brave enough to encourage our children to develop their own perspectives, talents and dreams and allow them to teach us? Are we brave enough and humble enough to admit to our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves and others, and make the appropriate restitution? Are we brave enough to change and evolve into more than we currently perceive ourselves to be?

It is time America. We are the people of this nation. And in our heart-of-hearts, America Loves.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Rainbow Souls: Beyond Black and White

By Harold W. Becker - Posted August 6, 2016

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Harold W. BeckerWe are at a brilliant crossroad on our earthly journey. With each passing moment, individually and collectively, we are steadily awakening and rapidly remembering our deeper truth of the universal love that unites and connects us all. For some it is a gentle nudge stirring us from our long slumber, while for others it may be more like an abrupt alarm sounding all around them. Each path is unique and all of us are being granted the opportunity to recall and realize our innermost essence as a precious being of infinite love and compassion. Although eons in the making, the awakening is as normal a cycle as the rhythm of the sun that brings each new day filled with fresh potential.

Embodying on this planet allows us to interact with the elements of nature and, of course, each other. Learning and growing from our experiences, we add to and evolve our personal and shared adventure in countless ways. When we come from our heart and make our choices with conscious benevolence and wisdom, we expand the very nature of life itself. We express ourselves as a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors and possibilities, allowing each element to blend and change appropriately in the moment effortlessly benefiting the whole.

However, when we feel separated from our heart-centered core, for whatever reasons we conclude and deem absolute, we permit our mind to take over and be the singular communicator and decider. Wholly linear, logical and devoid of the necessary compassion so vital and intrinsic to life, we develop an artificial response to reality which, over time, through repetition and reinforcement, we come to believe as reality. This incomplete and prejudiced approach executes a faux reality that accepts only contrasts of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. In its extremes, it becomes a fanatical approach to life where even its perceived righteousness is exaggerated to a point of eventual compulsory destruction of itself. With no fundamental energy of its own, it is only fed by the basic irrational fears of professed separation conjured by the mind and only for as long as we allow this to continue.

We express ourselves as a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors and possibilities.-Harold W. Becker

Knowing the splendor of each distinctive band of color in a rainbow readily mixing with the next, comprising something even grander than itself, reminds us of our celestial and eternal heritage. When the ever-present light shines from beyond the cloud, the reflection of our rainbow colors emerge. Symbolically this is the awakening we are all undergoing.

Where some presently see only rigid and structured contrast of black and white, us and them, others are becoming keenly aware that a new dawn is prompting us to arise and walk consciously together in our world once again. By noticing the interconnected and multidimensional magnificence all around us, we are allowing the spark of light within to shine through us as joy and compassion, kindness and integrity. It is our unconditional spirit that seamlessly blends with our reality and brings the full spectrum of color into our experience.

As we venture forth, do we continue to prolong our slumber under the sense of separation or choose to fully awaken to our heart's calling? The choice is as simple as we make it and unfolds moment-by-moment with our intention. Let's stand up and be an active participant embracing our rainbow colors letting them shine, rather than lingering for a while longer in the duality of contrast as the alarms get louder. The call of unconditional love is beckoning us forward in our full creative capacity dreaming new worlds into existence. Future generations are counting on your dazzling courage to fully awaken now.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Our Earth Journey

By Harold W. Becker - Posted June 28, 2016

Harold W. Becker 2016Each of us is an extraordinary and miraculous living entity with infinite potential. It has always been this way. Our core essence is a divine spark of universal love that animates us and illumines our consciousness with insight and awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. These fundamental underlying aspects are innate in every human.

The intricacy of possibilities that had to formulate from throughout the cosmos, arrive and coalesce in careful order upon our planet, and then percolate and integrate together to bring life and breath to our present moment, is utterly astounding. We can scarcely fathom the complexity and sophistication that occurs throughout our body each moment granting us life, much less the eternities it took to gather stardust and deliver it to our precise location in this particular galaxy so that we have a planet to call home.

How does such an incredible foundation of marvelous and awe-inspiring possibilities bring us to a world where seeming chaos and destruction are the order of the day, especially coming from the very humanity that this precious planet formed to birth, nurture and support, all those countless millennia ago? Would such a spectacular beginning be destined for a dismal and disparaging conclusion? Or is it possible that we have been on a very long journey that is finally coming full circle and delivering us back to our origin – only now we have amazing wisdom, experience and understanding that such an adventure provides.

This apparent chaos, and the fear that it engenders, is the very mechanism of awakening that we placed in our path to remind us to wake up and remember. Remember that we are more. More than a corporeal body in survival mode and more than our collected and collective, perceived, and accepted identities. The extremes of this chaotic time period are so completely contrary to our inner feelings that by their very expression, we are remembering something that has always been with us. We are more than all of this, infinitely more.

We are swiftly arousing from a perception of separation that we allowed to envelop us slowly and steadily over innumerable incarnations, generations and moments. How else does one find themselves in this adventure seemingly separated from the very love and compassion that it intuitively knows it is made from? Beings so filled with loving potential would never knowingly create devastation, annihilation and obliteration with one another – it is neither rational nor logical. Unless of course, over time we simply forgot who we are.

Deep within the very heart of our being, the spark of love is growing brighter and it is calling out to us. One by one, we are steadily emerging into the realization that our very essence is divine in nature and that our creative potential has always been one of compassion, kindness, generosity, dignity and grace. This is our heritage and our eternal soul center.

Deep within the very heart of our being, the spark of love is growing brighter.-Harold W. Becker

The workings of our lives, the daily dramas and traumas, laughter, joys and tears, are very real to us in our immediate perception and experience. Yet, with just a simple deep breath, we are able to unite our many fragmented perspectives and move from our mind to our heart, from our intellect to our feeling world. Even if for just a brief moment, we instantly touch the eternal love that is ever present and in doing so, we step out of the immediacy of our time-born thoughts and emotions and converge with our greater knowing that there is more than our perceptions and senses report. In these moments we give ourselves the gift of reuniting with the love that we are.

The bigger our perspective, the grander our view of life will be. In the modern age, we readily see this whether through a telescope or a microscope while the indigenous of ages past have known the same thing by retaining many of the faculties of their inner connection. The timeless story remains; life is expanding in all directions and appearances are never what they appear to be. The narrative of life is far too grand to be contained in a singular perspective, ideal or belief. It is the diversity that unites the common with the uncommon and bears witness to the interconnection of all things, real and imaginable, throughout eternity. Made up fact blurs with fantasy and imagination. All of which create outcomes.

So perhaps it is time to begin asking the bigger questions and move beyond the limited tale of us and them. For in the end, we will find the beginning. The earth journey continues. Only this time we will write it from our heart since we have learned what fear and separation do. Remember, you are more, infinitely more, than you can possibly and presently imagine.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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A Loving Group Effect

By Philip Snow - Posted June 16, 2016

Philip Snow - The Love FoundationEveryone who is connected with The Love Foundation, whether having 'Liked' or joined one of our social media pages, or having enjoyed our YouTube videos or our websites, or is one of our coordinators or ambassadors or board members, can consider themselves part of The Love Foundation's global family.

They're extremely welcome to be part of our family. YOU are extremely welcome to be part of our family.

And it's important that we recognize ourselves to be family, or part of our group, if you like, because there's a subtle power in a group which should not be underestimated.

We may all, individually, wonder whether we can do anything to help inspire more unconditional love in the world, and the peace and harmony and positive actions it would promote.

The fact is, that the subtle power lies not in doing, but in being, love. When we be love, we serve as a beneficent contributor to the overall, ambient energy of the whole human family. And the more of us there are, the more beneficent our contribution becomes.

Scientific studies have shown that the collective consciousness of people is powerful. It can be a powerful influence in a positive or negative direction.

In the 1980s, studies were carried out using groups of several thousand meditators practising together over a few days. The studies, which included statistical research into trends in the areas where they were meditating, showed conclusively that they were having a beneficial effect on the quality of life in the area – fewer accidents, fewer crimes, fewer hospital admissions, more positive statements by civic and national leaders, more positive headlines in the media, etc.

It was concluded that when 1% of the population in an area meditates in a particular way, the quality of life in that area is significantly improved; or, in effect, if 1% of the world's population of 7 billion were to meditate, it would have a greatly beneficial effect throughout the world.

Further, when a specific, more powerful meditation technique is employed by a group, far fewer meditators are needed to have the same effect, that is, only 10,000 meditators practising together day-by-day in one place would be enough to transform the whole world beneficially.

I personally participated in some of those large-scale studies, and was also a full-time member of a group of around 150 meditators practising that more powerful meditation twice daily, throughout the 1980s.

Those scientific studies suggest to us that when globally synchronized meditations are carried out, such as the well-known Harmonic Convergence global meditation 2-day event which took place in 1987, a significant beneficial effect is created globally. For the Harmonic Convergence, it was believed that if 144,000 people assembled at particular places, a breakthrough would occur, and there are people who claim that such a breakthrough, or a phase transition, did begin at that time.

Equally, when there is a national event of some sort taking place, it can have an effect on the national psyche, for example at the time of elections, or when a notable person passes away, when a natural disaster strikes, or some national celebration takes place, and so on.

And further, we believe it is fair to conjecture, even when people are not meditating and are not together as a group, but are individually radiating a beneficent energy such as love, they have a beneficial effect in their environment.

More so, when people who are radiating love also recognise themselves to be part of a group, such as the TLF family, they can have a more powerful effect on the national psyche than they can individually.

And that is why we are encouraging you to recognize yourself to be part of the TLF family. As part of our family you have that greater beneficent effect in the world that the group generates. The group magnifies the energy. We may not be as powerful as the group of 10,000 meditators who can transform the world when they're practising as a group twice a day, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of members of the TLF family, when we add together the nearly 600,000 people who have 'Liked' the main TLF Facebook page, over 1.3 million views on our videos on our TLF YouTube Channel, the over 2 million people who have viewed our main website, and thousands more who have engaged with us through our other media.

As a family, as a group, we can definitely have a profoundly beneficial effect in the world, just by each member of our family being love in our own individual way. We don't have to do anything in particular, we contribute to this beneficial effect just by being who we are, that is, loving beings, and recognizing ourselves to be contributing to the magnifying group energy by knowing ourselves to be part of the TLF family.

We can have confidence that we are playing an important part in the transformation of the collective human consciousness at this time. There is no doubt that the world is going through a transition. We can have confidence that there are enough people radiating the energy of love into the world, that love will prevail. Love is the most powerful energy in the world. No other energy can prevail over it.

When we look at the world today we can see the process of transition towards love, peace and harmony occurring, and the old energy struggling to maintain its influence, flaring from time to time like the dying embers of a fire.

We can have confidence that in our own lifetimes we will see this transition accelerating and a new, more loving world being born.

If we wish to see this transition accelerating even more rapidly, we can play our part in this by magnifying the effects of our individual loving energy through recognizing ourselves to be part of a group, a family – The Love Foundation family.

We honor you, we recognize you, love you, respect you and are grateful to you as part of our global family.

Philip Snow
Board Member
The Love Foundation

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Ascending in Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted June 11, 2016

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. Becker

With fascinating awareness and dreams of marvelous accomplishment, we set forth ages ago on a journey to comprehend love in its every form. Knowing the light we held within would always remain, we folded our divine wings and descended the grand stairway to this physical planet. Taking one step at a time, we immersed ourselves into the density of this sphere and like an oncoming fog, the world of form became heavier and more physically real while the light in our heart seemed to dim.

Playing in this reality for eons of time, we have been using every game and possibility to deny our true existence. Alternating roles and trying different costumes, we let ourselves experience the many facets of life. Entangling our awareness in the illusions of limitation, we came to believe the duality of negative and positive forces. In a grand paradox, by believing our physical expressions, we had full freedom to express our limitation while forever being free of it all at our core.

This physical reality is a unique experiment and earth is our laboratory. Now the time to conclude this part of our endeavors is upon us and we are ready to graduate into a higher expression and begin a new adventure. The flicker of light within our heart is calling us back to our home. We are angels in training and the next level of our development exists in a dimension of unconditional love.

We are here to celebrate life. Every step we take upon this magical journey is ours to enjoy. Embracing our potential and using this power to let go of limitation, we experience a new level of our true self. As we continue to expand in love, the heart blazes brighter with the light of our unlimited divine being. This spiritual essence encased within our form is breaking free and expressing its loving nature.

We have a presence about us everywhere we go and in all we do. This presence is so much more than we currently perceive ourselves to be. It is our higher nature, the angel within. It is our individual divine expression of the Universe. To the degree we choose to align with these higher expressions, our energy conveys love, wisdom, and power. This is our real heritage and truth.

Remembering the nature of our existence allows us to tap this mighty reservoir and use its limitless supply of energy to create our dreams. Awakening to the original plan we are choosing once again the expression of love to guide us on our path. The only thing really changing is the focus of our attention. Yet, by this choice, everything we experience will change.

It is time to ascend in love. -Harold W. Becker

This spectacular world is our classroom of physical expression. Each time we transcend and overcome a limitation, we ascend another level higher. This ongoing mastery is our personal ascension into unconditional love. We evolve our world by conscious effort and create a new reality through our imagination. Holding to the vision of a world with peace, plenty, and love is how we make it physically real. The imaginative thought and the heartfelt desire provide the channel for the manifestation to occur. Starting in our world first, we mold and shape the images and focus the light to create our reality. We then affect those around us with our light and love. This goes on exponentially, touching the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Embracing Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted February 14, 2016

Harold W. BeckerFor many people, the key missing ingredient to their lives is the simple experience of unconditional love. Beyond our material possessions, families, relationships, and careers, each of us quietly seeks the feeling and embodiment of love.

As we move about in our daily routines, faced with ever-increasing issues of stress and challenge, fear and doubt, a soft inner voice is speaking to us. This is the voice of deeper truth and reason.

There is another way, another path. It is a path paved with the conscious use of love. It is going beyond personal love into the realm of unconditional love. It is the recognition that all life deserves love regardless of its appearance or actions. All life is sacred despite any illusion to the contrary.

It is with this recognition that we can affect amazing change in our lives, both personal and global. In fact, right this moment you are affecting life just by your current attitudes, perspectives, thoughts, and feelings. What if you decided to view life with love?

Let's make love a choice and let's make it popular by our word, deed and action. Begin with yourself by loving yourself and then share it with everyone and everything around you. Sound simple? It is.

Love requires no special talent, skill or knowledge. It is held within each of us every moment. We need only realize it is ever present and available to invoke its gift. When we choose love, we receive and share in the beauty of life itself.

Love is the universal power that connects us all - Harold W. Becker

Love is the universal power that connects us all together and brings meaning to life. Yet, how many of us experience this love in our daily lives? Who among us can consciously focus and become this love each moment? The answer is simple: anyone and everyone.

We are all capable of experiencing love all the time because love is contained in all experiences. There is never a time when love is unavailable. It is always there. Love is the creative force within all things. We are the only ones who forget this truth.

The key to experiencing love more frequently is to seek it out and become it. Wherever there is fear, doubt, anger, hatred, resentment, or judgment, we have an opportunity to find love. We do this by first invoking forgiveness. To forgive ourselves and others is the beginning step to realizing the love held within life.

Every amount of effort we can place in this process is worth it. By using forgiveness and invoking compassion we transform our world. It is the only way to free ourselves and others of limitation and negative experiences.

Decide today to make love a priority. Do what comes naturally and follow your heart. Listen within, forgive yourself and others, and ask for the truth of love to become your experience. Make it your intent and it shall become your experience.

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The Magnificence of Love

By Harold W. Becker - Posted November 1, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerThere is an energy that permeates our existence. It transcends all experiences and encases all form. Although it is formless itself, it molds and creates itself according to our direction. It is intelligent substance and it inhabits all that is. For within the center of all creation is light and that light is love.

There are many names for this intelligent substance that directs, guides, and produces the reality we experience. This universal force has various cultural designations: God, Goddess, Spirit, I Am, Buddha, Christ, Allah, Source, or any number of descriptive terms that describes this energy. It is not however, an action or energy outside ourselves. Nor is it definable in words. It is everywhere present and always acting.

This energy is neither masculine nor feminine for it contains both energies. It is the spiritual essence and energy of Life itself. As self-conscious beings, we are the directors of this intelligent substance and energy at our point in the universe. This is the practical understanding so many have searched for throughout the centuries of time. We are not humans seeking a spiritual connection. We are spirit having a human experience. We are the intelligence and acting participator in our reality. Each of us is the center of our universe and we mesh with the universes of those around us. Like character actors in a wonderful play, we are angels disguised as humans.

We are a living presence and we affect all creation throughout time and space. Every word, deed, action and feeling we engage uses the energy of life. The perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs we hold become our experience and reality. We create according to our focus of attention and the desire to manifest a physical reality a certain way. When we send out love, we expand the universal sea of love. When we use the energy to destroy, control, or limit life, we experience the contraction of energy. When we believe in hate, for example, we color our reality by this activity and experience it in our lives.

Light is love and we are the light of our own world. We burn brightest through loving acts to our fellow persons and the kingdoms of life upon earth. Are we presently using our highest potential to blaze our light to all? The truth is we can love ourselves and all else without conditions or limitation. It is up to us individually to choose this higher expression.

Harold W. Becker

Enlightenment is the pursuit and recognition of light within ourselves. This light, being love, is the active use of our own ability to share the highest qualities of life with each other. Of course, sharing requires already having it first and we all have this universal loving energy supplied to us every moment. It is the cultivation and proper use of this universal energy that brings the rewards. Each of us carries our own scepter of dominion in using this infinite intelligent energy.

Ultimately, it is not the physical reality that is important; it is our personal intent that decides the outcome. We can create reality in either loving or less than loving ways. Beauty and ugliness are both formed with the same energy, and either can prevail. Where there is love there will always be beauty beyond description. In either case, it is our conscious (or unconscious) use of our thoughts and feelings that determine the reality we experience. The energy is universal, it does not discriminate. We do.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Human Power/Love Power

By Harold W. Becker - Posted October 8, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerThe human self, as the personality/ego, has used its perceived power to control and protect its outer creations. Through the belief in fear, doubt, lack and scarcity, the human ego experienced the ultimate separation from the universe. In response, it claimed power and attempted to wield this power over anyone and everything that would seek to interfere or take away the physical creation. This limited way of experiencing life on this planet has occurred for many millennia. This cycle of understanding is now finding the light of a new dawn, the dawn of unconditional love.

We are all connected to one another and our actions affect the entire planet. Every thought, feeling, and activity we engage in affects the world and beyond. Our planet connects with the rest of our galaxy, which connects to systems of galaxies and the universe itself. Never for one instance has it been otherwise, we just forgot the connection.

It does not matter what our physical appearance may be, our size, shape, sex, or color; each of us is a definite and important part of the universe. On an atomic level, each of us contains the identical building blocks. The atom is the same throughout our world and makes up our physical reality. It is only in the vibration or frequency of the spinning electrons that decides the outer appearance of the physical object or being. There is not one atom out of order anywhere in our universe. If this was not true, the entire system would collapse. So what is the binding ingredient that appears to keep us together? Could it be unconditional love?

When we use qualities of unconditional love, such as peace, kindness, joy, or trust, we expand our reality. These qualities, which are our thoughts and feelings, are limitless in their expression and naturally radiate out to the world. Unconditional love is an energy that vibrates without limitation and therefore is fastest of all known energy. All contacted by thoughts and deeds of love literally lift up to a higher vibration.

In comparison, when we allow limiting and negative qualities to work through our world, these qualities have the lowest frequencies and constrict and destroy what they contact. Such qualities like hate, anger, doubt, greed or shame all share this lower vibration of limitation. This slower frequency changes the orbit of the electrons and may cause the natural pattern to eventually disintegrate. In this way, our lower thoughts and deeds seek to bring us down and bind us in the human sense of limited experience.

Love is always present. -Harold W. Becker

We cease to control and manipulate one another when we realize we suffer personally. The energy of our misguided thoughts and feelings revolves in our world and eventually produces discord, dis-ease, and eventually death. We are the creators of our experiences and we receive back the energy we put out. If we seek to break free of any limiting cycle, we need only turn our attention to the power of unconditional love.

The difference between human power and love power is like night and day. If we seek to control or be controlled, we allow human power to rule the reality. When we go beyond our self-imposed boundaries, we experience the natural rhythm of life and flow like a river with grace and ease. When we seek the very best out of life, we experience all life can offer. By our choice, the human power of the personality/ego can transform into the higher expression of love power.

Consider in each moment what truly motivates you and why. Do you stop to become conscious of your deepest intent in each thought, feeling and action? Are you motivated from love or fear, limitation or limitless understanding? Realizing how much you may currently believe is actually a result of other people?s perspectives and limited beliefs, what is your personal truth and what do you believe to be true about life?

Each of us has our own unique life to evolve and experience. This is a sacred unfolding journey. The wisdom and power of love is within us and quietly encourages us to move on, expanding our realities. We are learning to radiate our personal power of love, becoming beacons of light so others may journey in safety and comfort.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Love, Wisdom and Power

By Harold W. Becker - Posted August 6, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

The true power in life is the power we give ourselves through love. Each of us carries a truth and for us that truth is completely real and tangible at any moment. It is our understanding of life at any particular moment. New wisdom can come along and change this truth in another moment. Our adventure is to flow through this journey and allow our version of truth to expand. When we do this, we tap into the magnificent power of the inner self: the expression of light and love within us all.

Love, wisdom, and power, in perfect balance and harmony, are the triune nature of our real self and higher understanding. These three components work together to express a limitless reality and potential. As we fully embrace and integrate these individual components, our very being emanates the majesty these energies represent.

Most people focus upon one or two parts without the complement of the others. For example, power wielded without the fullness of love and wisdom can produce tragic results. This power may seek to control while ignoring the beauty of love and understanding. Certain civilizations of the past have grown to wondrous heights through love and wisdom, yet were ultimately destroyed by the misuse of power.

Similarly, wisdom without power leaves the wisdom quiescent and unused. When we know solutions and ideas that can truly benefit us and humankind and are afraid to use our power to manifest, the opportunity is frequently lost. We need to know when to act and be willing to take the action necessary to achieve results. Each of us has the inherent wisdom to make changes in our life and must lovingly use our power to exert ourselves to this end.

Love without the inner wisdom and power of truth, is empty and contradicts the effort of love. We may make attempts at love; however, without understanding the real nature of love, we fail to express it with conviction. We must use love to experience its gifts. Without applying it, we miss the many opportunities to experience the circular flow of love in its dynamic expression.

Our goal is to balance love, wisdom and power. -Harold W. Becker

Since the dawn of humanity upon this planet, we have been learning how to maintain the natural balance of these three universal powers. When we use love, wisdom, and power correctly, it blesses everyone. For example, wise people learned how to accept their power and coupling it with their natural love developed incredible inventions for humanity. These inventions came about because people balanced these forces within themselves to create something for everyone's benefit and use.

Each of us can bring love, wisdom, and power into our daily activities by learning to blend these three actions. We need to know what each of these aspects means to us personally and how best to apply them. By focusing on our thoughts and feelings, we can decide what combination we use more frequently and components we lack understanding in. In this way, we learn to evolve our conscious expression and expand our reality with balance. ?

When we use our love, wisdom and power, we grow beyond our preconceived limits. We allow new ideas and possibilities to test our strength and abilities to expand. When we own our power, engage our wisdom, and fill our lives with love, we expand our experience of reality. Honor yourself by finding your power and integrating it with your wisdom. Then you can add your unconditional love to complete the recipe for personal success and happiness. This leads to a happier and more successful society.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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You Have the Power

By Harold W. Becker - Posted August 6, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerYou have the power to change your life according to your dreams and desires. The people, places, and things, are all there to support your endeavors. Dig deep within your inner self and root out anything that holds you back. You have an important role to play for all humanity and only you can fulfill this destiny. Your piece of the puzzle completes the picture for everyone else.

The talents, skills, ideas, and pure potential all combine to make you who you are. Each of these components comes together in unique and wonderful ways to allow your individual expression. Your strengths and weakness are the opportunities for growth and expansion. When you act from the wisdom in your heart, you place yourself in the perfect situations to help this growth and evolution process. Your active involvement allows others to participate in the gifts you present. Without your willingness these interactions cannot occur.

Never underestimate your power and the love you supply to the world around you. You contribute marvelous energy to the people and things in life; without your energy, they would not have the same qualities. Like a tapestry of grand design, each thread comprises the final picture. The picture cannot be complete without the thread of color that you provide.

The more you can find love for yourself, the greater your capacity to share this love to everyone and everything else. Life responds to this higher frequency since it is part of the same energy. Loving yourself first is an act of selflessness. When you turn to your inner being and connect with the spiritual side of you as your Higher Self and greatest insight, you tap the grand plan of life. You set aside your personality/ego wants and desires and make yourself a willing server of love. There is no selfishness in one who wants to bless life with self generated love.

This is the power and potential before you. There is no need to fear this fantastic influence of love, because it cannot harm anything. Love only knows how to lift, correct, and expand life to higher dimensions. On the contrary, suffering and pain is found in the remnants of a life lived in guilt, doubt, fear, hate, and anger. These are qualities of separation and judgment. They are also a belief in self loathing and a lack of self worth. They are found within the weak and unwilling, despite position or status in life.

You have the power to change the world.

True joy comes from experiencing the present moment with unconditional love. Maintaining full conscious awareness and the capacity to grow beyond limitation, you return to the original plan of your journey. You came into this world with limitless potential, and now you have the opportunity to realize it again. Step upon the path paved by your dreams and fulfill the destiny that is calling to you. Make love your priority and only genuine success will manifest in each endeavor. Expand this love and you expand the possibilities.

Inspire yourself to be the best you can be in any moment. Let the experiences of life show you the way to love and you will receive its bountiful gifts. Expect good things to happen by making them happen in your daily activities. Never let opportunities to love pass you by. It never takes more than a loving thought and feeling to make a difference. This powerful and often silent action keeps the heart flame blazing bright as you move through your reality.

Like the angels that sweep through your experience and dust you with their love, you can sprinkle love everywhere you go. Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and all humanity laughs too. Cry a tear of joy and oceans of love will surround you. Call out for help and the universe rushes forth to support you. Be the peace you seek and you become peaceful. This is the power found in one who knows they are part of it all.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Freedom of Choice

By Harold W. Becker - posted July 1, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerGoing within has the most fantastic rewards life can present us with. Our inner world of unconditional love is the only permanent and stable place in our existence. The outer physical world changes every moment of every day. Its fleeting experiences can leave us in a daze as the sands of time shift on. In the inner experience of ourselves, though, we can find the eternal possibilities of peace, love, and joy. Our angelic selves are the true reflection of this inner bliss.

When we go within we recognize our strengths and weaknesses, limitations and unlimited possibilities, and we find the love for ourselves. With this inner love for self, the outer experiences and drama begin to rapidly fall away. At any moment, it is our choice to engage this process. In the present moment, we can choose to liberate the divine angel within and experience life to the fullest.

As our understanding about life evolves, we expand our consciousness and start to experience happier inner states of thought and feeling. Placing our attention within and getting to know ourselves on a deep intimate level allows the connection to grow beyond limits. The process begins with our thoughts and feelings and the release of the limiting versions that no longer serve us or represents our unique personal nature. ...

When we seek to change our world through love and pursue our dreams without limits, we have the resources of the universe at our command. Consciously choosing our thoughts allows us to use our imagination and inner creative resources. Through thoughts and feelings we are directed to the appropriate people, books, experiences, and information to get us closer to our desired goal. When we depart from this course of action or allow our unconscious thought process to introduce doubt, fear, or another limitation, we find ourselves falling short of our dreams. Once we realize this occurred, we can immediately evaluate the situation and get back on our appointed course.

Freedom of choice is a wonderful gift each of us carries in our hearts. - Harold W. Becker

Nothing in life is static; everything changes and evolves every moment. Most of what we concern ourselves in any given day is yesterday's limiting experience. We carry this old bag of beliefs around as if it were a prize possession while most of us would be delighted to let go of this limitation, moving forward totally free and with full use of all our potential. We can learn how to distinguish between our many beliefs and release those that no longer serve us. It is our choice.

When we stay consciously aware of our thoughts, we update our visions and desires as we go along. Paying attentions to our feelings, we can adjust our desires to align with the positive thoughts we hold. Ultimately, nothing can stand in our way of success except ourselves. It is only through our limited thinking and feeling that we perceive failure. Success and failure are the two extremes. How about choosing to simply "be" for a change?

Freedom of choice is a wonderful gift each of us carries in our hearts. This choice is the truth we hold about life at any moment. It is the attention of our thoughts and feelings and the ability to choose new thoughts and feelings that is at our discretion. We no longer need to be the image others wish to place upon us, we can now be the full image of who we are within. We can let go of blame and limitation and accept responsibility for our lives. When we honor ourselves, we honor those around us. Let the angel that beats your heart take wing and fly to the heights of creation. You know, of course, it is your choice.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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The Call of Our Heart

By Harold W. Becker - posted June 11, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerTo know life is to experience it firsthand. This corporeal existence provides the most precious opportunities to create with exquisite power and imagination. The physical world around us provides the means and potential, and through our thoughts and feelings, we are capable of incredible manifestations filled with beauty and perfection that touch the lives of everyone.

Without our conscious involvement however, we often founder in a sea of our own misguided energy. We may think we are living, yet we have forgotten how to navigate our vessels clear of the storms and turbulence. In the wake of destruction, we find ourselves forever rebuilding our forms and setting out again.

Hopefully, we awaken from the perpetual illusion of cause and effect and decide to take charge of our reality. Forging an alliance with our Higher Self, which simply symbolizes our grander wisdom, we combine the forces of inspiration, will power and unconditional love, and master the oceans of energy. We learn to steer clear of agitated waters and keep our sights firm upon our destination. The sun directs our course during the day while we allow the stars to guide us through the nighttime. As commander of our world, we maneuver into placid and calm seas. Our journey comes to a conclusion as we gaze upon the horizon and recognize our true home - the home within our heart.

Individually and collectively, we have been wandering a long time in search of purpose and meaning in life. We move from one experience to another and interact with an infinite variety of forms expecting to feel a deeper connection. Yet, for every experience we have and form we encounter, countless more exist ready for us to explore. Through the pursuit of outer material experience we continue to misplace our attention from the finer existence of life. We make the physical world the sole object of our affection instead of acknowledging our creative power within. In this current moment all we need and require already exists inside us. Imagination and fulfillment are always present through the power of unconditional love and our conscious awareness of it.

The purpose of our lives is to express from the center of our being in every moment and, although the husks of former physical pursuits may lie around us, the wisdom of our Higher Self is always ready to unveil the truth. No matter the circumstance or situation before us, love is the only real answer. It is also the question that each person asks from deep within. Every illusion instantly dissolves when we embrace this unlimited energy of love and put it into service.

In the heart of each of us is the solution to every trouble and difficulty that ever plagued humanity. Think upon this incredible statement. In you and in me, is the power to forever change the way we live upon this planet. The answers to life's most challenging problems already exist right now. Every person has a piece of the puzzle and when put together it spells love.

Our individual path either adds or detracts from the power of love. When we hold our consciousness on love, we fill our experience with this wondrous energy. Without love, we continue a never ending journey of discord and inharmonious expression. The focus of our thoughts and feelings decides the outcome. This is the power of our intent and each of us holds the key to unlock our personal potential and that of the entire world.

When we take action from selfish motivation for example, we draw the energy away from good and place it in the realm of limiting experiences. These forces then keep us hooked into the limitation which controls our existence. We literally recycle through the mental and emotional surges of yesterday's fear and doubt. Every moment we remain in this process keeps us from expressing new ideas and possibilities. When we are consciously looking in the past or future and ignoring the present we are unable to connect with our wisdom. We are lost in the illusion of another time and experience.

Only when we choose to break free and let our heart guide us can we progress and evolve beyond our limited existence. This requires strength, courage, and persistence. We need to be willing to face our creations of the past and release them through forgiveness. When we do it for ourselves, we automatically add this resolve to the rest of humanity. Releasing our own limitation helps every person upon this globe.

This spinning world of energy we call home is no longer a battleground of us and them. We now realize we are all in it together. There is no separation and never has been, except in the mind and feelings of the limited human. What we do in our reality, affects everybody and everything in some way. This is why the power is so potent. The energy acts according to our direction and all life feels the effect. When energy is sent with love, everyone experiences this gracious power and when it is conveyed as less than loving, each person must swim through a greater density of negativity.

All hearts know truth. - Harold W. Becker

It is time to awaken to the call of our heart. The flame of unconditional love burns bright in each of us; it is simply awaiting our recognition and use. With the power of love, we will lift this planet to heights never known before. Freedom, honesty, kindness, and gratitude, all add to our planetary evolution and experience and by paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, we will make the necessary adjustments and expand our limiting views into unlimited perspectives. Listening and acting upon the loving wisdom in each of us also ensures we will succeed. This new home will be one of peace, plenty, joy and opportunity, of the most divine kind. It begins when we are ready to accept and use these qualities in our personal lives. From our point of existence our love spirals out in waves touching and raising all it contacts. Such is the potential we wield each moment.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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The Emerging New Earth

By Harold W. Becker - posted May 15, 2015

Our precious planet has been on a journey longer than our minds can rationally grasp, yet surprisingly our heart instinctively understands. In a dance of the elements, infinite transitions and transformations are always underway. Intrinsically designed to continue a natural and sustainable evolution, these countless interactions are forever providing sustenance and opportunity for innumerable emergent life forms. And in some extraordinary way, we find ourselves immersed and exploring an infinitesimally brief moment of this grand planetary adventure.

Amidst this vast, organic and evolving factory of life, we discover ourselves walking upon the lands as both witness and participant of a remarkable collaboration where consciousness finds manifestation in a human vehicle. In a synergy of multidimensional and miraculous proportions, we are gifted with a rare opportunity to grow together for a time, through both trial and triumph. Along the way, we blend mutual seeds of potential that are either nurtured or destroyed.

On our multi-layered journey, we utilize the core elements of earth as building blocks for our human body. In our own way, we evolve ourselves within this incredible orb of precise and calculated perfection that is exquisitely designed for consciousness to interact with matter. This is where it becomes ever more interesting.

Are we simply unwitting guests in an organic and unconscious experience, or do we perhaps have a distinct role to play in concert with our planetary host that is actually self aware and thriving? Has this manifestation of the four basic elements been preparing for our arrival in great anticipation? Given the unique and unimaginably impossible, immense number of factors and perfect conditions necessary to sustain this type of life, perhaps we are here by purpose.

Historically, we seemingly trace our experience upon this planet according to our own shared narrative of stories that are then handed down, coupled with the appearance of evidence that we unearth and interpret at times to implicate our human presence in the world of form. However, we also know that we have far more awareness and expertise in every age that indicates a much larger orchestration unfolding. Each generation and age expands in various ways creating a cornucopia of ever-increasing possibilities that build upon each other.

All of this brings us to a focal point of our experience right now; this particular juncture of potentials and possibilities playing together in harmony and at times, seemingly great discord. At first glance, it appears there is massive confusion as to our presence and participation on this globe. Without ever remembering why and over eons of time, we have become accustomed to perceiving ourselves as being separate from this world and in this professed division, we have rationalized and committed our actions accordingly.

All of this is suddenly changing. Something has awakened within us that is both primal and other-worldly. We are beginning to remember our own divine, loving inner nature and the innate correlated science that simultaneously connects us to this physical world. For many, this startling new awareness is a revelation of confirmation felt deep within; while for others, it is the death knell of a world that can no longer be considered separate and disconnected. As our wise planet knows, and has participated in numerous times before, we have reached a critical mass that allows life to take a quantum leap in understanding and experience. Here we are, over 7 billion humans right in the midst of a magnificent universal, life-altering transformation occurring in and all around us.

In the cosmic timeline it is a mere twinkle of an eye, while for us humans it moves at a pace that unfolds moment to moment. We are literally walking through a dimension shift from a long and arduous assumption that life is something we can ignore, to a realization that life is what we create, thought-by-thought and feeling-to-feeling. We are becoming aware of our own presence in ways we have never encountered or imagined. It should be no surprise that such a radical transformation might come with a few challenges along the way.

The world, built on a platform of assumed separation, leads to generations upon generations that develop their actions in response to a world that they are estranged from. With this new earth emerging, the paradigm is immeasurably different. The very basis is one of recognition of our interconnection and interdependence. We are an integral aspect of life here on this earth, as well as, the distant stars.

It doesn't take much to instantly comprehend that such a simple shift in perspective begins to alter the actions within our own lifetime. We are now consciously building a foundation that will flourish and nourish potentials we cannot even begin to fathom through generations millennia in the making. This really is an amazing time to be alive.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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The Power of Unconditional Love

By Harold W. Becker - posted February 13, 2015

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W. BeckerLove is the natural and divine part in each of us and resides within the heart. With love, we flourish, prosper and unfold our unlimited potential. When we know and understand love, we share this energy with every particle of life. It gives purpose and meaning to our existence and provides the foundation for every thought, feeling, and action. It is always within us whether we recognize it or not.

Without love we cease to function and exist on this physical plane. The weight of doubt and negativity weigh heavily upon us, often backing us into perceived corners where we lash out with destructive energy. Over time, the absence of love causes us to slowly wither away as we feel further removed from our light and sustenance. The illusion of life without love often becomes the excuse to dismiss love even more. Only when suffering becomes too great, do we rise up and call to be released. This call, once made, is our decree to return to the reality of love. It never needs to come to this level of extreme suffering since we have the choice to cultivate and use love here and now.

Love in its higher expressions goes beyond the common ideas of being involved in romance, desires, sexual gratification, friendship and other physical pursuits. Real love is within these and all other experiences and also transcends the momentary physical reality with an eternal connection to the pure spirit of love itself. This true spirit of love involves qualities that are ceaseless and ever available within.

Unconditional love begins with loving ourselves unconditionally. - Harold W. Becker

To help us come to a closer understanding and useful definition, we will look at the two words unconditional and love. Let us begin with love. When we say love, we are using more than a descriptive word to characterize our experience of life. Love is energy. It is a power that permeates the universe and at times, we glimpse its immense nature through an experience in our world. Love is a process and way of living life. It is an expansion of certain qualities we can feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we engage love, our experience of life expands and evolves.

Love is a sense of personal peace and joy. It is an expression of kindness, compassion, and understanding. When we comfort and support ourselves and our world, we are tapping into love. To invoke the use of love is to forgive and release the appearances of our experiences. Love trusts, is patient and does not judge or hate.

When we love, we do not fear or doubt. Similarly, we do not blame, shame, use aggression, control or manipulate. Criticism and condemnation dissolve by this infinite power. Love is freedom from the limiting beliefs that encourage our inner hatred, prejudice, anger, and frustration.

Love releases the need to be in control. We allow lack and limitation, guilt and worry to go free into higher expressions of dreams and possibilities. The simple stillness of love washes over our concerns and sweeps them away, providing new opportunities to experience life in joyous ways. Love is a thought and feeling we hold within.

Love is an attitude we have about life. When we love, we are allowing the highest level of our awareness to permeate the experience of the moment. We are literally vibrating to a higher frequency of energy and allowing that energy to move forth into our world, where it changes and lifts everything it contacts. It is an ever-evolving journey. Love is truly a way of being.

Now that we have defined some aspects of love, let us turn to our other word, unconditional. To be unconditional, is to be without condition - or limit. To be unconditional is to be unlimited. This means no strings attached, no stipulations, and no expectations.

Simply stated; unconditional love is an unlimited way of being. We are without any limit to our thoughts and feelings in life and can create any reality we choose to focus our attention upon. There are infinite imaginative possibilities when we allow the freedom to go beyond our perceived limits. If we can dream it, we can manifest it. Life, through unconditional love, is a wondrous adventure that excites the very core of our being and lights our path with delight.

When we unconditionally love ourselves and everyone around us, we experience the freedom of creativity. We turn within to our imagination and design the constructive lives and experiences we desire and dream of. We allow others to seek their own dreams and fulfill their personal destinies. Listening to our inner guidance and wisdom, we act upon our highest aspirations without hesitation or limitation.

Unconditional love is a process, not a goal. Each of us experiences a unique understanding as we encounter new ways of applying love. We change and grow every moment through unconditional love. When we love ourselves without any limit, we release the old beliefs and ideas of life that no longer work. We seek our truth and become it. We honor the truth of others and allow each person the same freedoms we aspire to. As we expand, the world expands.

Unconditional love is no longer to be limited as an act of divine province. It is the practical and inherent way to approach and live life. This form of love is the natural expression of our inner divine nature. It is an impersonal love that cares deeply while being detached from the form expressed in the moment. If we desire to live freely, joyfully and in peace, we need only love ourselves and others unconditionally. In this way, we experience it firsthand.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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Unconditional love is an unlimited way of being. - Harold W. Becker

Lovingly Serene in 2015

By Harold W. Becker - posted December 31, 2014

Harold W. BeckerThere is a brilliance and magnificence to life that transcends our daily focus of narrowly defined sensory and memory interactivity. Beyond the realm of our physical, emotional and mental efforts, there is a sublime aspect of our being that is intricately woven into the very heart of our journey. When we tune inward and upward, we seamlessly merge into this expanded awareness and instantly feel the peace that this eternal connection emanates. This is our true nature born of love and filled with very essence of life itself.

Alas, our human nature has long forgotten this universal connection to all that is. Ages ago we began to drift into a perception that what was material was real and tangible and more important than our imagination, interconnection and creative capacity. We allowed ourselves to slowly and steadily accept the notion that outer things have a form and thus an identity that we can prescribe ownership and labels to accordingly. We allowed the objects of our lives to become the objective of our pursuits and protections.

Despite our constant interest in matter and substance, a deeper sense of knowing that there is more, and that we are more, has quietly pervaded our individual and collective psyche. It is as if we have always remembered something, yet like a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of our eyes, we could never quite be sure what this was. Again and again we cast off the metaphysical and embraced only the physical before us.

All of that is changing. As if awakening from a long and onerous slumber, we are feeling our connection to life once more. Our inner insights and intuition are coming online and we are noticing that the world that was is no longer, and in its place a more vibrant world filled with unlimited potential is emerging. We are rapidly sensing that we are connected to each other, the earth and beyond, while losing the hard lines of black and white, good or bad, that had defined our reality. We are opening up to a spectrum of possibilities that are filled with diversity and color beyond conception.

Whereas sleep can feel like an eternity, we actually awaken quite quickly. During the transition however, it can be one of momentary confusion and even chaos as we release ourselves from one state of comprehension and arrive in a new perspective of an awakened state. We are experiencing various stages of awakening right now on our precious planet. The heart of humanity is beginning to stir.

The beauty of this moment is that life, as we have known it through separation, is finally coming back together. The pieces and parts that we identified as disconnected from us are now merging back into a unified whole. We are waking up one-by-one and reconnecting heart-to-heart.

Love is the catalyst of this metamorphosis that is well underway. It calls to us in each moment and encourages us in ways that nothing else can. It fills us with grace, dignity and integrity and shows us that all else is an illusion of separation which we perceive as fear. Unlike love, fear has no power of its own and is fed solely by our attention. As we return to love, fear instantly disappears. Such is the power of transformation as we arouse.

Invoking our innate wisdom and maintaining harmony is how we navigate these oft-tumultuous moments as we overcome the inertia of our previous outlook and understanding. We do this by cultivating calmness, gratitude, and composure through ongoing forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and, of course, unconditional love. In response to our efforts, we open a vast new world before us that is created with these same qualities, ensuring we never again doze into a dreamless sleep.

Allow yourself to breathe fully into this new awakened state and you will be lovingly serene in 2015.

Love and hugs,
Harold W Becker
Founder and President

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The Gift of Unconditional Love

Harold W. Becker - The Love Foundation - Unconditional LoveThere is a wonderful transformation underway upon our beautiful planet right now. With each passing day, a new reality is rapidly unfolding and brimming with the exquisite energy of love. This awakening is calling to our deepest soul desires to connect with this love and radiate its essence in all we do. In these amazing moments, we find ourselves taking a quantum leap in consciousness and returning to our divine fundamental nature as beings of unconditional love.

Long ago we drifted into a slumber of separation that over eons of time eventually suppressed this ever present gift of life. The beauty of love is its eternal and expansive spirit which can never be hidden for too long. Love, being the cohesive language of the cosmos, knows how to whisper in our ear and touch our heart as it gently nudges us in our evolution.

The time has finally arrived for love to find its way back into our individual and collective consciousness with each breath we take. Everywhere we turn we are glimpsing the phenomenal and powerful influence of love as it reveals itself in a myriad of ways. At first, we may miss its subtle revelations. From our human perspective, we tend to identify with the physical form as the concrete conclusion and absolute expression of reality since it is still at the forefront of our thinking. Just beyond this form, however, is the love that transforms our lives.

This love, being unconditional, is without limit or true definition and is both boundless and formless. More than a feeling and a thought, it is part of all creation and transcends our physical existence. Thankfully, this extraordinary spark of life in the center of our being is once again speaking through our hearts.

That which beats our hearts and inspires our fondest whim is the same energy that animates us and all creation with this love. We are steadily remembering that our life essence is an innate part of all existence and without it, we simply cease to exist. How could something this immense and integral to living seemingly have been concealed from us? It never really was; we essentially turned our attention upon our outer reality and began believing that it held our treasure. All the while, life was sublimely waiting for the day that we turned within and heard its quiet call.

As we awaken out of this dreamy sleep, we begin a new day and a new moment where everything is possible and everyone recognizes their divine essence. With love as our guide, what precious potential awaits? What new forms will we create that expands life itself - bringing joy and wonder to all? This new reality poses questions and opportunities that we can scarcely imagine as we step boldly forth as explorers of a new dimension.

These early moments are often the most difficult as we move out of a limited perspective of life and into a realm of infinite potential. Again, the potential always existed; we merely have lived for so long with a belief that separation and limitation are real. The key to unlocking the possibilities is our willingness to let go of what we think we know to be true and explore the infinite realms of love.

As we take our initial steps, we are not to be fooled by the temporary human masks. Appearances that seem to spell chaos, strife, struggle and strain are really just an indication that love is at work as their only purpose is to beckon us to look deeper within to the very core of reality itself. Below this surface tension is the love we all crave and it is expanding as a new potential unlike anything we have ever experienced. Indeed, in order to fully realize this awareness, we must first be willing to release our outmoded beliefs and limited perspectives that produced the world we presently find ourselves in. The only way we can achieve this new perspective is through embracing our creations and allowing their transformation as we call the love forth.

Unconditional love, when rightly understood, is a symbolic pathway that leads us home to ourselves. It is through contemplating these two simple words that we invoke their meaning and understanding. Alone each carries a certain connotation; when combined, however, these two words touch our soul with their eternal truth. This knowing leads to a very practical and simple way to unfold our journey and align our path with this precious gift.

Let us look at each word for a moment. Love is easily recognized in our everyday language. We use it in various grammatical ways whether describing a physiological act, a moment of emotional or romantic passion, or just to enhance a common expression like, "I love my job." We like to use the word in our daily conversations, our music, writings and poetry, for example. It has become such an ordinary word that we have forgotten how extraordinary it really is. Love, when deeply realized, is purely a way of being. Couple it with unconditional, which is something without condition, and we find ourselves with a new definition and foundational understanding that unconditional love is an unlimited way of being.

To approach life without limitations, judgments, or restrictions certainly changes the game we have been engaging. We can no longer play victim to our circumstances. Blame and judgment instantly cease. Hatred and condemnation become actions we do to ourselves. Guilt and worry disappear when all is possible. Shame and sorrow appear as self-created concepts that keep us mired in our own limiting beliefs. Fear and doubt are realized as the same expressions of separation that no longer exists when we know ourselves to be whole and complete. To live in the ever present moment with unconditional love reveals that all things are possible.

In the light of love, each of us becomes a reflection of one another and eternity becomes a grand adventure of infinite potential as we allow our presence to be fully present right now. What we choose becomes the reality we experience. We place constraint upon our forms when we persist with limited thoughts and feelings. When we express with love however, we imbue each creation with this extraordinary quality and it continues its journey long after the form has fulfilled its purpose.

Approaching life through love is very practical. It requires no faith or scientific calculation and can be applied in all circumstances we may find ourselves in. Unconditional love will never be measured or proven, it simply exists. The way we experience it is by our conscious acknowledgement, recognition and use. In this way, it becomes as natural as breathing. We allow this limitless love to flow through us in a never ending stream and circulate throughout creation touching each atom with its potential.

It has been said that we ultimately fear our innate potential. Could it be that we really fear our ability to love so completely and infinitely? Such fear only occurs when we hold back and remain in a world of limitation. In the unknown there is truly nothing to be afraid of and the warm embrace of love insures that all is eternally well.

We make a difference in our world just by being who we are. When we choose consciously and of our own free will to be an unlimited being of love, we make a profound difference. It is not always the easiest initial response, or the one that breaks us free from our hardened habits, yet it is the one we can take by our own choice to explore the potential. And for each moment we remember to choose love, we grant ourselves and those around us an opportunity to expand beyond self-created limitation. This is the gift love offers.

The present moment is our point of real power. We do not need to change the world or even ourselves; we just accept, embrace and share the love that is already within us. Each choice then radiates outward in ever widening ripples. That which we have within, we give out. That which we give out will return to us in greater measure. When love is in our heart then love is our experience. What will you choose?

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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We do not need to change the world or even ourselves; we just accept, embrace and share the love that is already within us. -Harold W. Becker


By Harold W. Becker - November 26, 2014

(Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being)

Harold W Becker The Love FoundationThe unending qualities of life constantly surround us with natural beauty of unbelievable proportions. The wind plays upon the waves of water while the rose releases its fragrance of joy. As the rain splashes, a wondrous rainbow appears upon the sky while the ground anchors the living monument of a mighty tree which in turn, transforms energy so that we may breathe oxygen. All these natural experiences abound in limitless expression everywhere upon this globe. How many times do we stop and take notice?

Each moment of life we use physical objects and resources to provide nourishment, comfort, and convenience for our lives. We bathe, feed, and clothe our bodies with the treasures of this planet. We adorn ourselves in the minerals and metals of the earth. Our physical homes, places of employment, and means of conveyance all come from the physical riches of this world. All four elements provide the life sustaining qualities we require to move our bodies about and experience this corporeal reality.

Besides the physical relationship with this grand school, there are the metaphysical or transcendent qualities that go beyond the physical sensory capacity. This is our spiritual connection to life and the Universe, and this life force energy provides us with intelligence, imagination, wisdom, and love. More importantly, without this direct line of life-giving energy, we cease to exist as a physical being. Our Higher Self is our conscious link to all potential, including our ability to exist and function upon this planet.

The dimensions and possibilities of life astound the normal capacity of human thinking. We dream, feel, think, imagine, and experience our reality in a totally individual and unique way. No other being can see and experience life the same way we do. We have the full creative power to mold and evolve energy to manifest a reality that blesses and uplifts all. This amazing power stands quiescent within our world until we acknowledge, unfold and use its potential.

The only thing the universe ever asks for in return is love. Within this love is the quality of gratitude. All energy comes to us unqualified and without limit. We are the ones that stipulate and clothe it with either beauty or limitation. In every thought, condition, feeling, or experience, there is an opportunity to express gratitude to life for the bounty made available.

Each moment we breathe we use energy. Every drop of water, meal we ingest, and physical movement we take, comes from this incredible energy. The things we use for convenience, comfort, and work, also find expression from this power source. Our lives are simply on loan to us. It all comes to us naturally with just our love in return as caretakers of the physical forms in our reality.

Life is this simple. We, as limited human beings, make it hard and difficult. We place judgments, opinions, and criticism where there is no need. We hate, become angry, and suffer pain unnecessarily. The limited personality/ego constantly hoards and wastes this energy. In its wisdom, the universe never identifies with our suffering, instead it points the way to graceful perfection and allows us to accept and claim this potential.

Life responds to gratitude. -Harold W. Becker

Gratitude is a wonderful way to experience this world through peace, freedom, and joy. When we recognize the limitless good contained in every moment, we begin to know the grace that flows through life. Acknowledging all experiences as being helpful in some way, does immeasurable good to correcting wayward thoughts and feelings. Thankfulness helps release our hold upon old energy that limits and binds us.

Awareness in life expands when we embrace the fact that everything happens for a reason and we admit responsibility for our part. In every condition, event, situation, and problem, there is a true and underlying cause. The outer world is only a reflection of energy set into motion. When we gratefully welcome responsibility for the role we play, the correction and solution automatically come forth. Then it is up to us to insure that we do not repeat this activity. ...

The process of gratitude includes accepting and honoring our self. The power we use is available to us because of our magnificent ability as spiritual beings. We learn this through our efforts of conscious expansion. We are angels playing in the field of all physical and nonphysical possibilities. When we are grateful to ourselves for our personal efforts, strength, perseverance, and courage, we automatically share this with the rest of creation. ...

Honor the people, places, and things in your life. Observe the many intricate aspects that comprise the physical experiences we have. Realize that the earth nourishes your body and provides for your material existence while the sun provides the possibilities. As a self conscious being, you get to influence this action by loving it with all of your heart. When you do, gratitude will be your tribute to this marvelous existence.

Take loving care of everyone and everything and you will live like an angel. Graciously accept the good that permeates your reality. Let your angel friends help you share in this experience. Thank your Higher Self and all of Creation for the opportunity to be here. Once you feel this in your heart, you will fly free forever.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Gratitude is more than an attitude; it is knowing that love is always flowing. -Harold W. Becker The Love Foundation

Being Authentic and Empowered through Love

By Harold W. Becker - November 11, 2014

Authentic Power...

In these extraordinary times of grand change, it is important to find your inner balance and center point: wisdom is found in the heart, not just the intellect. Tapping your source of genuine strength is knowing and accepting the potential held within yourself every moment. That potential is love.

Like each new moment and each new day, we have the opportunity to put our past experiences behind us and begin anew. It is our creation and we have the power and ability to make the most out of our life. What we choose today becomes our reality of tomorrow, so it is important to choose wisely.

Every moment we have the choice to either live in fear and doubt or in love. Through recognizing our thoughts and feelings and knowing our point of power, we can turn our lives around and begin to live in greater love, wisdom and authentic power.

As humans, we like a certain sense of routine and often find comfort and safety in the known while usually fearing the unknown. Ironically, when really understood, we actually fear the known not the unknown.

Whenever we encounter a new experience or a moment of concern, we tend to immediately recall past experiences and assume that how they affected us before is what we will experience again. We take on the perspective that every similar circumstance must be met and resolved in the same way we have in the past. This severely limits our potential to create new opportunities and ways of approaching life. By evoking our past fearful or negative memories as the only potential, we stifle our creativity in the present moment where all things are possible.

The reverse is actually true. The unknown holds real potential and possibility. Inspiration, courage and strength come from one who recognizes and can embrace the possibilities of a yet unformulated potential. Being present in the moment and opening up to the wisdom of our heart brings genuine manifestation that benefits all.

Being Empowered Now...

Now is a good time for us to consider paying attention to our inner journey and begin to clear out old, outmoded and stale views of life. It is becoming more important every day to practice living in the present moment.

Each of us is driven by numerous beliefs, ideas, notions, and understandings of life which make up our personal story. The challenge is we are much more than our present story, and in most cases, our script of life is out of date and unproductive. It no longer serves us.

We finally comprehend the difficulty and futility in using our time to dwell on past negative experiences or likewise assume future negative potentials. The more we tune in to our inner realm of consciousness, the more we become aware of who we are and our infinite potential. We realize our personal experience can be one of empowerment and understanding.

It is vital these days to retain a balanced perspective on life. Although we have a tendency to believe all we see and hear, we are forgetting we are the ones who can and do qualify the energy of life. We qualify it by our thoughts and feelings, perceptions and beliefs. The beauty in this realization is that we can affect personal change to our thoughts and feelings.

Bringing our conscious awareness into each moment affords us the opportunity to be fully present. In this moment we are whole and complete and create our world based on how we choose to perceive ourselves right now. Choosing a loving and affirming perspective manifests this as our reality.

When we become fully present, we can step back and see the bigger picture of how and why things happen. We are able to respond to life issues with wisdom rather than react from fear and ignorance. This creates a more loving and balanced approach to life.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Creating with Love by Harold W. Becker

Creating with Love

By Harold W. Becker - October 1, 2014

There is yesterday and then there is today. How many of us fall into the trap of what we experienced in the past repeating itself and thus destined to be our future? Which of us realizes that in any moment we have the power, ability and imagination to create from a different perspective?

Life is an unfolding process of our own making. What we think, feel and believe, becomes our experience. Where we see lack and limitation, we create the same in our lives. Likewise, when we see abundance, caring and sharing, we experience this as our reality too.

It takes enormous courage to go within and question our personal views on life and endeavor to embrace, correct and/or release that which no longer serves us. It also takes strength and determination to stop blaming others and accept the responsibility of our own creation. When we recognize and accept that the battle rages on in our mind and nowhere else, we are well on our way to positive change.

What is the reward for such effort? A more peaceful, balanced and loving life. Isn't that what we all strive for in our constant pursuit of our daily interactions, relationships and material possessions? We seek a sense of joy and fulfillment in all that we do and all that we are.

With so many different views and perspectives, challenges and difficulties facing us these days, perhaps it is time to return within and find our own voice and ideas about life.

Heart and Soul in Everyday Living

Finding your heart and soul on a daily, moment-to-moment basis is a process of going within and realizing the power you have to create every moment. When you come from balance and understanding, wisdom becomes your true power and your decisions begin to reflect a new way of thinking and feeling.

To restore our health, wealth and well-being we must come from our personal center and balance - our heart. From this perspective we can base our daily decisions with inner peace, harmony, clarity and wisdom and thereby affect positive change.

This is the inside-out approach to living. Going within first to determine what is best for us by listening to our heart rather than reacting to life as we observe and witness it from the outside.

Our individual thoughts and feelings are the underpinning of our reality. What we think and feel is what we create. Unfortunately, most have forgotten this simple truth and we have become lost creators that merely react to events and situations, fears and suggestions, which run rampant in the world around us. We have been adding our own energy to this scenario by believing the outer instead of our inner world.

It is time to reverse this tragic and often painful reality by simply and consciously shifting our perspective. We CAN move from a fear-based world and reality to a love-based world if we so choose. It is up to each of us to undertake this responsibility and start the journey. So create a new you and experience the peace and joy you crave deep within. We are already creating our life whether we are aware of it or not, so why not choose the life your heart dances to?

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Change is Good

By Harold W. Becker - September 10, 2014

Change is Good. And... Inevitable!

It is funny that we tend to avoid and often fear change, even though it is the one constant and guaranteed aspect of life. Change is happening every moment both within and around us. From the atomic structure of the cells of our bodies to the celestial heavens of galaxies spiraling through galaxies, change is forever an aspect of energy in motion.

Yet, how do we view personal change, as positive growth or negative setbacks? Do we embrace change with open arms or fear the loss of control, routine, and sense of security we perceive in the status quo?

We can turn within and allow ourselves to go-with-the-flow and make true inner changes and choices in our personal understanding for a more enjoyable and easier navigation of our everyday lives. Embracing change with conscious awareness of change itself rewards us with new ideas, potentials and experiences. It is the shift of awareness from reactive to active (and conscious) participation.

In these days of rapidly evolving information, technology and global interaction, for example, we outwardly face a continuous stream of external change. It seems to be happening in all areas of our lives, like changes in health, career, spouses, friends, environment, geographic location, finances, cultural and political shifts, along with lifestyle concerns like nutrition, diet and exercise, and even our unspoken beliefs about death.

It is vital to retain a balanced perspective on life and to willingly embrace change. Although we have a tendency to believe all we see and hear, we are forgetting we are the ones who can and do qualify the energy of life. We qualify it by our thoughts and feelings, perceptions and beliefs. The significance in this realization is that we can affect personal change within our thoughts and feelings and we can also have a more positive impact on the world around us.

Life's long and winding road can be stunningly beautiful and filled with joyful adventures. It can also be filled with drama, trauma and pain. We hold the key to experiencing either joy or struggle through our choice of intention. Which do you prefer?

Change Allows Us to Evolve...

Consciously embracing change is how we evolve. It begins when we start the process of going within and recognizing who we are at a deep level. Rather than solely pursuing our daily outer activities, maintaining stagnant routines, or perpetuating habits of generations, we can learn to tap our highest inner desires and manifest the things that bring us the greatest joy, individually and collectively.

Our unrealized potential is often limited by the beliefs we hold about life. We engage our grandest potential when we empower our thoughts and feelings by living from our heart. We still participate in our daily routine; however we begin to create all new perspectives and understandings. This is simply a matter of becoming aware of where we are placing our attention, and then learning how to change the focus of our attention when we wish to take on a different perspective. We can become solution oriented rather than problem centered. It is our choice.

Ultimately, our life journey is a personal one. Of course we share in our experiences with those around us like a spouse, partner, children, family, friends, co-workers and even strangers that help us to learn about our personal issues and beliefs. We also interact with our pets, environment, careers, culture and many other things in our daily experiences. Each encounter mirrors aspects of our consciousness, whether we are conscious of this or not. The journey can be as easy or as difficult as we desire: the solution is in our willingness to let go, embrace change and evolve our attitudes and perspectives.

The beauty is that our effort to grow and change is often met with new vistas of opportunities presently undreamed of. Things we never considered are now possible and even desirable. As we evolve our consciousness, the old ways of thinking and feeling actually become more dense and difficult to maintain and easier to release. Everything becomes lighter and brighter through a simple act of personal growth, acceptance and self awareness... and of course, unconditional love.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Why Unconditional Love

By Harold W. Becker - August 1, 2014

Unconditional love. It is the most creative expression known to man. Through each age and era of civilization, human history records it as the highest attainment of any spiritual journey. Often relegated to the honorable elite of saints, mystics, angels and world teachers, unconditional love is considered by most of us as the ultimate ideal. However, except for a notable few who achieved this precious understanding, it is frequently regarded as an unattainable goal of our earthly journey. What if this perspective is incorrect? What if each of us is capable of embodying this same level of unconditional love?

Think for a moment, these emissaries of love were common people who attained profound results in their lives. By going within to understand their potential, they achieved a level of personal consciousness that was worthy enough to stand against all time and leave a lasting note upon the pages of our past. They left a marker in chronological time of something more. Each of them reminded us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and are already fully capable of love. Their message and actions were always that of peace, equality, and brotherhood: truly they became a living expression of unconditional love.

You may ask, "Why should I pursue unconditional love?" The answer is simple. Why not? Look around your daily life and you will quickly realize that to live in fear, hate, doubt, lack, greed, lust, anger and the like, creates a very different world than one filled with love. The people and the planet are suffering greatly from a lack of understanding of unconditional love. Respect, forgiveness, wisdom, compassion and peace have generally become idealistic concepts rather than be put into daily practice. Understandably, when fear and doubt catch our attention and the illusion becomes more real than a thought or feeling of love, we experience chaos as we see today. The world could use a few more unconditionally loving people like you, wouldn't you agree?

Many years ago I began following a deep inner prompting to study and experience this notion of unconditional love. I realized early on if the various messengers of the past had only one universal message of love, there must be a truth to pursuing it. Through ongoing research, contemplation and application of the highest and best understandings, and by learning to cultivate and generate love personally, I have come to realize unconditional love is truly within each of us all the time. No longer just a utopian fantasy or act of divine providence, unconditional love is real and tangible and can be brought into our daily lives. It does not matter how old or young you are, whether male or female, rich or poor, intellectual or artist, theologian or scientist, or any other label you may associate with, each of us has the ability to express unconditional love.

Now here comes the part that usually causes the greatest consternation and why most do not even begin to attempt to understand this universal love: unconditional love is the most simple and difficult experience to achieve. Simple in that we all have the ability to change our perspectives on life, difficult because we usually resist making change. It is our resistance to any form of change that creates the greatest roadblock to embracing unconditional love. It appears easier to hold on to the security of yesterday than to embrace the potential of tomorrow. Why? Because in the current moment we have to make a choice as to which world we want to believe and experience. Most people take the path of least resistance and remain in the limited and false security of old ways rather than make any effort to create a new perspective and a new experience. In other words, we usually succumb to fear and doubt instead of embracing unconditional love. Not surprisingly, embracing change through love is the easier way in the long run.

Our limited view on reality is the pivotal aspect as to whether we live each day in love or in fear. Both are merely personal perspectives, yet each invokes a different experience of reality and stems from our narrow or broader understanding of the moment. We see examples of this every day in our lives and of those around us. Choices made, or not made, resulting in different consequences. All the while, the true underlying issue is how do we view each moment in our thoughts and feeling? What beliefs do we hold on to and how do they color our perspective. Ironically, our actual daily experiences are of less consequence than the judgments, opinions or beliefs we hold about them. These limiting and "conditional" perspectives are what cause our greatest challenges.

Unconditional love is a journey of grand potential. When we choose to become ever more present in each moment and consider the perspective of love in each thought and feeling, everything changes. We become inclusive rather than exclusive, collaborative instead of competitive and we release doubt and fear and replace it with joy and compassion. Unconditional love will always have its unique meaning and experience to us personally, while simultaneously creating a universal connection to each other. Life itself continues on whether we choose to love with or without condition, yet when we invoke unconditional love, the experience of life becomes exquisite, elegant, enjoyable and full of meaning.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Our Global Family

By Harold W. Becker - July 10, 2014

Our cherished world is filled with countless amazing examples of unconditional love ever-present in every community and nation. Here at The Love Foundation, it is our privilege and honor to share this journey with so many courageous and inspiring individuals who care deeply about humanity and our precious planet. These extraordinary people give of themselves in remarkable ways, constantly striving to help bring about a more peaceful and loving world right where they are.

Since the inception of The Love Foundation in 2000, our mission to "inspire people to love unconditionally" continues to blossom by the efforts of our ever-expanding family of global volunteers. Each has found their way to us and offered their kind assistance to carry this vision of love into their family, community and nation. Through them we are constantly inspired by their creative and empowering approach to share their love and compassion to the very best of their ability.

In these current times of seemingly chaotic change, we are so conditioned and polarized to stories of fear and lack, indifference and apathy, that are constantly perpetuated around us, that we forget to look beyond and realize the magnificence and potential within each of us. When we open our hearts, the beauty of love is obvious and together we amplify this profound energy that heals and restores the good in life.

Because of the unique vantage point with The Love Foundation, it is my pleasure to share some of these experiences to encourage you to know that hope and goodwill are truly present and flourishing. It continues to be my greatest joy to connect with so many around the world that embody love, wisdom, and power in action.

Below we share one such example with our dear young friend from Zimbabwe. I continue to be humbled by this fine young man and his sincere, genuine and authentic zeal for life.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Highlighting TLF-Zimbabwe

Kelvin Lloyd - Zimbabwe Coordinator and The Love Foundation-Zimbabwe

Kelvin Lloyd The Love Foundation - Zimbabwe Kelvin first came to us in May of 2008 offering to be our volunteer Zimbabwe Country Coordinator. He was clearly an unusual and youthful example of determination to make a difference in his community and nation. As our Zimbabwe Coordinator, Kelvin so embraced the vision of The Love Foundation, that he took it upon himself to formally establish The Love Foundation-Zimbabwe solely as its own local nonprofit entity (our role as primary TLF is simply an advisory capacity). He initiated this idea with other local volunteers and perseveres in the face of often exceedingly challenging social and economic hardships.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activity in fashion and design, he is also in Sustainable Community Development & Humanitarian Project Management in assisting young people and youth orphans through self-esteem, self-sustainable & self-continuous improvement livelihoods on practical projects. He is also a Board Member of Advisory Committee for People Living with HIV Stigma Index of Zimbabwe, Board Member of Civil Society Organizations for UNAIDS Zimbabwe representing youths.

Kelvin's overall goal is to strengthen sustainable livelihoods for children, pre-youths and youths, by reducing poverty, vulnerability, risk to exploitation, violence and crime, through encouraging entrepreneurship support and the awareness of love. (More on TLF-Zimbabwe Page)

Kelvin was recently featured in the SOS Children's Villages - Zimbabwe Newsletter June 2014

The Evolution of Lloyd
Written by Zvikomborero Zimunya, Fund Development Officer
SOS Children's Villages - Zimbabwe

Kelvin Lloyd As Lloyd recounts his life, one sees a 31-year-old man who is undaunted by his past and with a great vision for his future. Since leaving SOS Children's Village Bindura 11 years ago, Lloyd has evolved from young manufacturing entrepreneur to social entrepreneur. Lloyd's own experience made him sensitive to the needs of young people who had the same struggle to adjust as he did. Lloyd is now in the process of setting up the Zimbabwean office of The Love Foundation, a non-profit organization (NPO).

"Only a few years ago did I find out that my mother left me at the corner of Harare Street and Samora Machel Avenue in Harare, Zimbabwe, still with the peg clipped to my umbilical cord. I was taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare where two doctors named Lloyd and Kelvin cared for me. I was named after those two doctors."

Four days after his birth, Lloyd was transferred to Chinyaradzo Children's Home in Harare where he stayed until he was a toddler. At the age of three he was transferred to SOS Children's Village Bindura, and as Lloyd puts it, "That is where I consider my home to be." At SOS Children's Villages Bindura, Lloyd was given a loving family with a mother, brothers and sisters in their own home. Lloyd was also educated at SOS Kindergarten, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary, and SOS Hermann Gmeiner Secondary School.

Lloyd's experience made him sensitive to the needs of other young people who had the same struggle to adjust as he did. Since 2008, Lloyd has been in the process of setting up the Zimbabwean office of The Love Foundation. The Love Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within society. He is currently the co-founder and regional director/country coordinator of the Zimbabwe chapter.

After his secondary school education, SOS Children's Villages Zimbabwe supported Lloyd to undertake vocational training courses in dressmaking, pattern-making and crafting. In 2001, Lloyd graduated from Danhiko College with a national diploma in garment-making, business studies, textile technology and fabrics. The following year, he obtained a national diploma in soft-furnishing and interior decoration from the same college.

"When I left the village at 19, SOS Children's Villages Zimbabwe helped me to get on my feet. I was then invited to move into my friend's home where he lived with his parents and siblings," explained Lloyd, a soft-spoken and reserved man.

Though Lloyd was grateful for his new adoptive family, he sometimes struggled with the stigma of orphan hood and the need to belong. He wondered how long his adoptive family would accept him despite his background. "It was hard for my friend to tell me that his parents now wanted me to leave," he says.

However, Lloyd was continuously supported by his SOS mother and the then Bindura village director, Mrs Ellen Ncube. "Mrs Ncube made me strong. Before she passed away a year ago, we were always in touch. She would call me, mentor me and motivate me. That's how I got through my first years outside the village."

Lloyd's intent with The Love Foundation is to offer empowerment and psycho-social support programmes for marginalised youth such as the orphaned and vulnerable. He is already receiving technical assistance from three local organisations and hopes to complete the registration process this year. NPO registration in Zimbabwe is a highly bureaucratic process and Lloyd has had to summon all his determination and perseverance in ensuring he achieves his life's dream.

In order to support himself and fund The Love Foundation, Lloyd stills runs his own dressmaking business. Currently, he specialises in the design and manufacture of bridal clothing, not that he has any plans to marry in the near future. "I want to make sure that I can share the same love and opportunities I got - my life has to be about giving back to others less fortunate than me," said the pensive man.

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Love Thyself

By Harold W. Becker - July 1, 2014

There is a great wisdom in the idea to "know thyself." There is an even more amazing truth to "love thyself." This is not love in a selfish sense, rather to fully accept ourselves just for who we are here and now without condition or limitation. The better we begin to know, understand and love ourselves, the greater we develop love for others and together, the more compassionate world we create.

The process of loving unconditionally begins by turning within and acknowledging our potential to love - even if we do not currently believe it is possible. We have to clear away our thick layers of old worn out and limiting beliefs that hide our light. We also need to look in the mirror of life and realize our current state of personal affairs. How much do we love? Where do we give in to fear and doubt? Why are we afraid to accept and love our self? What keeps us from loving all others? Do we even know what love really means to us?

In every moment we have the opportunity to embrace our natural ability to love unconditionally and to share this love to all others. Thankfully, we are not alone in this endeavor. We have our Higher Self, our indwelling higher nature that knows how to guide us personally through the maze of illusion and into our unconditionally loving selves. In contrast to our human side and focus, this is the spiritual part of us that understands and embodies love and knows the big picture. It brings to us the right ideas, impulses, people, lessons, and experiences that best encourages us how to love more deeply and release the judgments and opinions that bind us. It is ever ready to help us realize and use the higher response of love. We need only acknowledge this guiding force and potential within ourselves to reap the gifts.

Pursuing a life of unconditional love is an incredible journey of ever expanding freedom and joy, peace and harmony. The more we engage in it, the more our lives become enriched by this energy. Willingness is the key that unlocks our potential. Without our willingness to go beyond current understandings of personal and societal beliefs and to even try it out, unconditional love remains little more than a pair of words. It is especially during challenging experiences and events that touch us at our very core, that our readiness to find and use the qualities of forgiveness and love become vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. Without this willingness, we often shut the door to a loving response that could change generations of lives in a single moment.

The journey is as simple as embracing the love we already have within. We are the only ones that make it difficult or delay its attainment in our life. Experiencing and sharing love is the intention; patience and practice are how we get there. Whether we accept it or not, love is the only force that resolves the issues of life. It is the energy that dissolves the limitations of hatred, separation, anger, greed, ignorance and the many other negative and destructive forces that pass through and around us each moment. It is up to us to integrate and use the energy of love to transform the limitations into unlimited possibilities that benefit all.

It is our ultimate destiny to love unconditionally. It is also our freedom, right, privilege, and our gift to ourselves and life around us. Not only does it generate harmony and joy, wisdom and understanding, it brings reason and purpose to life. Be inspired to seek love for yourself and your neighbor and make this a better world for all. We have much to gain and nothing to lose in accepting and using unconditional love. So give it a try, you may never experience life the same way again.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Global Friendship

By Harold W. Becker - June 10, 2014

YouTube version of Global Friendship

At what point do we determine a stranger has become our friend? How would life be different if our perspective was to naturally see each fellow human as a friend first? For me, a fundamental change in my perspective has led to some truly astounding interactions with countless individuals worldwide - none of which could have happened without a change in my prevailing belief to this simple attitude... at heart we are all true friends.

For most of us, we are taught at an early age to be wary of strangers and anyone unfamiliar to us. Perhaps it is a sincere attempt by those wishing to ensure a sense of protection and safety that such a social structure even exists. However, could this ultimately be a false perception based on unrealistic logic that has been perpetuated through eons of time, passing from generation to generation? At a core level of understanding, can we really be strangers to one another?

My personal unfolding journey of self discovery has led me to a vast new awareness that is far beyond the scope of the education and life skills I was initially taught to believe in my early years. When I think back on the many different concepts and suggestions that were shared through numerous channels, I now see how they were often an attempt at conformity and compliance to social and behavioral standards of the day. Personal doubts, challenges and fears of others were disguised as appropriate teachings to somehow (hopefully) ensure a more stable social order. Yet, the fundamental challenge remained, anyone outside the structure was considered a stranger and this view on life instantly creates separation. Separation is the pain we all suffer from and it is really an illusion. We are all interconnected and interdependent on this beautiful blue orb we call earth.

When we return to the bigger picture of life, we instantly connect to the deepest aspect of our kindred being. This connection sees the oneness in each other and, from this angle, only kindness prevails. Kindness certainly knows no borders and flows with ease and grace when we allow it to express itself through us. I have come to know this first hand as thousands around the world have shared their kindness towards me and our nonprofit organization, The Love Foundation, in the past few years. Our mission, "to inspire people to love unconditionally," has been the focus of our organization's intention. However, little did we comprehend in the beginning, how many would share the journey and inspire us in return.

Our main program, Global Love Day, celebrates our collective humanity each May 1st. This unique idea and presentation is also the very thing that has catapulted us into a globally recognized organization as a family of volunteers that live to love. Where do you start to express the joy that a simple idea, born in a momentary spark of creative illumination, becomes the catalyst to bring together people from around the world, each finding their own unique way to this vision? One by one they present themselves as friends with big hearts. Some offer their genuine appreciation, others their desire to participate by bringing it to their community, and a certain few take the vision on as their own and dedicate their lives to embody it for their nation. There are also the ones who quietly participate without ever revealing themselves personally. A true collective consciousness since each person is free to participate in the ways they are inspired.

Moving beyond my own limiting beliefs and choosing to see everyone as a friend, I opened up to a global diversity beyond comprehension. By trusting myself, I allow myself to be intimate, natural and vulnerable with each new person in my life and choose to see life from the viewpoint of unity. In return, I am blessed with daily interactions from many others around the world that feel the same connection. The ongoing dialogue I have with people in dozens of countries makes me keenly aware of the incredible and miraculous experience we all share as fellow humans.

Cultures, rituals, customs and social perceptions give way to soul expressions when we allow our heart to guide our destiny. This quiet voice of wisdom understands the connection that is ever present and seeks to encourage us to remember our universal heartbeat. When we approach each other as a friend, we set the stage for grand potential. The word "stranger" ceases to exist in this context and disappears from our vocabulary completely.

The gratitude I feel with an innumerable number of people, known and unknown to me, who willingly join together to share a global vision of oneness and love, is beyond words. What can you say or do to convey the thankfulness you have for each individual who has come forth from near and distant lands to participate with heartfelt intention and become part of something you started, yet is greater than all of us combined? Such is the beauty of kindness, it is universal and unconditional. It happens in ways you cannot anticipate and leaves you knowing that love is always present.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Evolving Through Love

By Harold Becker - April 1, 2014

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being

Unconditional love is a magnificent energy when unleashed and used, yet it is often hidden within the confines of our innermost self. Few have cultivated this enormous power and used it for universal good. Such love when thought, felt and expressed by any person, automatically raises the experience for the whole of this planet and beyond. This power of love is always constructive and can harm no one, so why are we afraid of this magical power?

We are living in a time where the greatest changes known to man are occurring throughout the planet. Never before in recorded time has so much opportunity availed itself directly to us as we have before us now. Change is happening at an exponential rate through things like information and technology that outpace our ability to grasp and place it in use. These days are critical to our evolutionary process.

The old traditions and ways of living are giving way to the new. Where we attempt to hold on, pain, suffering, and fear, become the experience. When we choose not to listen to the inner voice of change, we reap the results of our stubbornness. Ignorance can never be true bliss as all life evolves and we are a part of this evolution. Either through fear or love, we must move forward in life.

Where we choose to grow through love, we experience the beauty of life fulfilled and any energy less than love is also felt with extraordinary impact. It is up to each of us to make the most of our time. The physical world as we know it is progressing at a rate only love can comprehend. If we wish to survive [and thrive] upon this planet in peace and joy, we must first accept and cultivate these qualities in our personal worlds.

Each moment we get to choose how we wish to perceive and experience our reality. In the countless daily decisions, we cast our energy forth to create according to our innermost pictures. The hopes, dreams, fears and doubts, all go on their way to form the parameters and manifestations of their creator. We literally walk through the illusion and expression of our own creation.

To us, the outer world appears incredibly real and tangible. It seems so real in fact, as to make us believe it is permanent and complete. Just a brief moment of reflection though reminds us this is really not true. Although the form is before us, it can be destroyed, changed, or removed instantly. Similarly, new forms can come into use at the speed of light. By its very nature, the physical world is a temporary manifestation. Physical life is ever changing and responds to the energy directed to it and through it.

Whether we consider our careers, relationships, homes, governments, or environment, nothing is static. Each daily encounter with people or things is an opportunity to choose the quality of energy we wish to send forth. These are simply our experiences and they provide the lessons and teachings to help us go higher and understand our ability to create. How we act and react in every now moment determines what direction our lives are taking.

When we stay attached and focused on the outer world of form, we feel the struggle and strain as change occurs. We hold on to these old beliefs and perspectives to maintain security and stability even though this also impedes our awakening to new ideas, possibilities, decisions and therefore, new realities. When we eventually decide to detach, we learn to listen to the wisdom of our Higher Self and flow with the steps necessary to pursue our dreams.

Through consistent and direct effort on our part, we can learn how to bring the very best of ourselves to the surface. We can become the limitless potential that resides within our heart. As we get to know ourselves, the strengths and weakness become the possibilities in life. The struggles of yesterday become the opportunities of today. With our scepter of love, wisdom, and power, we go forth conquering our limitations in a steady rhythmic fashion. Transcending our lives through unconditional love, we lift ourselves and our world into the highest expressions of delight.

By contemplating our divine nature and the qualities inherent within our being, we contact and draw these vibrant expressions forth. As we focus on the angels that we are, we become this wondrous energy in action. This energy then reminds us of the life force and beauty within everyone and everything. When we see no more separation, then the boundless quality of unconditional love becomes our sole expression.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Loving Ourselves

By Harold Becker - February 13, 2014

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being

The most courageous act we can ever undertake is to love ourselves and life unconditionally. Each moment we have the opportunity to accept love and its perfection as our expression. Shedding the limitations of the ages, we can free ourselves to experience life as it was designed to be lived and by listening within and allowing our love to express naturally, we can claim our heritage and unfold our potential. We literally become a blazing light of truth radiating our inner strength and beauty.

Love from an unconditional standpoint, ensures the energy of life flows through us uninhibited and free of judgment and misqualification. We are the source of our joy, which reminds us we must cultivate the qualities of love to experience them. Each quality of love, like peace, harmony, trust, or wisdom, for example, comes from our inner awareness and is then expressed in our outer conscious activities. It is a focus of our attention upon the higher and more positive attributes that then become a part of who we are.

Loving ourselves is a continuous process, not a goal. Each day we can find greater ways to share the natural love that abides within our hearts. The momentary obstacles we encounter provide the opportunities to reach deeper and surge forth with the grace of love. Traumatic or delightful, each situation is for our growth and is there for our lesson and personal expansion of love.

For many people, the experiences of life consist of moments of joy coupled with waves of despair. The peaks and valleys form the terrain of their existence. They roll along one curve only to encounter another challenge around the bend. What would happen if we could smooth out some extremes and eventually remove them?

Life does not have to continue the way it has been in the past. We do not need to remain limited and filled with problems while simultaneously fearing and secretly hoping for an end to the process. Living a lie will always be more challenging than revealing the truth. The truth about life is we can fill it continuously with joy, happiness, harmony and love.

Unconditional love seeks to comfort, nurture, and enfold us with its mantle of peace. It wants to smooth out the bumps and even eliminate them when possible. The simple energy of love provides the majestic opportunity within. Accepting our divine nature, the angelic self, affords the transcendent view unto the heart of all creation. Our spiritual aspect, the Higher Self, knows and loves us unconditionally every moment and when we think and feel like our Higher Self, we mirror the reflection of love. Aligning ourselves to this truth, we capture the spirit of unconditional love.

The personality/ego tries to make the process of self love complicated. It continuously seeks examples of love in the outer world of form. It pursues and accumulates material things and experiences looking for some type of love to be engaged. These relationships with people or things are momentary meetings with aspects and reflections of the self. When they are agreeable, we perceive a closer experience of love. When difficulties arise, we tend to then question and judge the encounters and eventually attempt to discard them in order to avoid the pain associated with them.

The true self image is of unconditional love, yet we have believed the outer reality for so long we no longer embody the original spirit of love. The spark still remains as basic qualities of love that are the essential elements to all life. Kindness, honor, respect, faith, compassion, and service, are some examples of these qualities that often remain quiescent in the recesses of our heart. Surprisingly, every kingdom upon this planet upholds these virtues except humankind.

We, as the race of humanity, lost sight of the inherent good in each other and ourselves. Instead, we replaced our faith in love with fear, doubt, hatred, frustration, and anger. Of course, there is a reason for this shift. With the continued accumulation of human mistakes, generation upon generation, centuries passed with this discordant energy building. It should come as no surprise that without release through forgiveness, such an accumulation would be challenging for anyone to rise above. ...

... We are now in a generation and time where this process is changing. Many people are awakening to their greater powers of creation. We are witnessing the release of old beliefs and thought forms. The fantastic adventure upon this planet is tuning up to higher vibrations of love and self responsibility. Our Higher Self is guiding each of us to the power of unconditional love. Through conscious forgiveness and release, we are recognizing the limitations of the past and releasing them. In their place, we are filling ourselves with love of the highest nature. ...

... Loving ourselves begins with accepting ourselves right now. We must look at every vestige of limitation as a creation of past thoughts and feelings. As examples, whether it is a personal weight problem, inflated ego, mistaken activities, or engaging in angry and hateful events, we can release all of them. When we are ready and willing to do the work, release the baggage, and move on with life, we leap into the arms of our divine angelic selves. ...

... No one can ever do it for you. Loving the self is a personal commitment and a lifelong journey. Personal honesty is the foundation and patience is the primer. Believe in yourself enough to listen to your inner wisdom. Know what you know and be who you are. There are many who will come to your side and walk with you during times of need. Lovingly release anyone who discounts or attempts to stifle your growth and expansion. Sift through the old timeworn images and beliefs; retain the ones that still work for you and let go of the rest.

Always remember, your Higher Self is guiding and waiting patiently. This angel self, the true you, will illumine the dark passages and remind you what unconditional love really is. Turn to your inner self and ask questions. Pay attention and listen carefully to what comes to you upon your path. Use forgiveness and release the past to its own time and experience. Love with all of your energy and it will shine back upon you with its radiant splendor.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Sharing Love

By Harold Becker - January 24, 2014

There is an instinctive expansion occurring in our individual and collective awareness that is rapidly restoring our right relationship with life. The very nature of life is to give of itself in order to expand more life. From the smallest particle to a cosmic spiral of galaxies, this fundamental exchange of energy and form plays out in a continuous rhythm in which the universe creates, evolves and recycles the building blocks of material reality. In these universal realms, energy is endlessly abundant and available to become any form, eventually returning to its native energy to be born anew in another form. Sharing is simply an aspect of creation where the whole benefits from this dynamic and unconditional exchange.

Our precious earth is a living example of this exquisite and creative exchange. Whether plant, animal or mineral, each requires elements of the other to sustain and evolve life. Life also integrates elements from beyond our planet, like sunlight and electromagnetic influences for example, to ensure the balance of energy is maintained to develop more life. As our orb travels through space, it too has an effect on the celestial bodies it passes by with gravitational forces that nudge and pull upon its neighbors.

We humans are equally and intrinsically a part of this same process. Our bodies come from the ingredients provided by our planet and likewise return to become potentials for another expression, another day. Our very existence relies on the precise flow and interaction of energies that is inherent to this universal blueprint. Perhaps over time we have forgotten our own role in this grand scheme of infinite potential.

We bring one unique element to creation - our conscious awareness of love. Each of us has the ability to think and feel, dream and imagine. Yet beyond even these amazing attributes, we interrelate with all the elements in a distinctive cognizant fashion by understanding that love unites it all. As we interconnect with the countless aspects of energy that make up our existence, we have the extraordinary opportunity to give of ourselves like nothing else can.

When we fully comprehend the limitless abundance we have, given our knowledge, experiences, and ideas, in addition to all the material creations we enjoy, it is obvious that we have much to share. However, knowing who we are is not enough if we do not remember that we are a part of it all. Our love is the component that gives deeper meaning to sharing and makes it easy, joyful and unconditional.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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The Angel Within

By Harold Becker - December 10, 2013

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being

We are here to celebrate life. Every step we take upon this magical journey is ours to enjoy. Embracing our potential and using this power to let go of limitation, we experience a new level of our true self. As we continue to expand in love, the heart blazes brighter with the light of our unlimited divine being. This spiritual essence encased within our form is breaking free and expressing its loving nature.

We have a presence about us everywhere we go and in all we do. This presence is so much more than we currently perceive ourselves to be. It is our higher nature, the angel within. It is our individual divine expression of the Universe. To the degree we choose to align with these higher expressions, our energy conveys love, wisdom, and power. This is our real heritage and truth.

Remembering the nature of our existence allows us to tap this mighty reservoir and use its limitless supply of energy to create our dreams. Awakening to the original plan we are choosing once again the expression of love to guide us on our path. The only thing really changing is the focus of our attention. Yet, by this choice, everything we experience will change. ...

...The power of our attention is our key to the future. We are self-conscious creative beings and with that we have a responsibility for our creation. What we do and experience is a result of our thoughts and feelings sent into motion to manifest in the physical world and we are their creator. Every limitation in life is a balancing of cause and effect from another time since energy must seek balance to evolve and expand. Each unlimited expression is our acknowledgement of being free from these limiting forces. ...

...People everywhere in the world are taking steps to reclaim the peace and opulence that are their right and privilege. Many are dismantling old structures that confine and limit the citizens of their country while installing methods that are inclusive and universally empowering. This tremendous change in focus from a limited and fear based approach to a loving one is causing much to come to the surface to be loved and released.

Although many images and reflections would like us to believe the world is in chaos and collapsing, the reverse is true. Yes, there is a release of discordant images and a balancing of energy is occurring since it is a necessary part of the process. However, it is symbolic of the new reality of love that is rapidly raising our individual and collective experience while releasing the old, limited ways. ...

...If you never considered yourself an angel or find it difficult to embrace, I would like to suggest you contemplate the idea. It may not be as far from the truth as you originally thought. Besides, accepting your divinity could be the best thing you ever do and there is no way it can hurt you. Like me, you will find it answers the questions that plagued humanity for a very long time. It also fills in the last piece of a puzzle that is complete with this understanding. When you see yourself as an angel, you also see an angel in everyone else.

Despite anything your personality/ego may believe or try to convince you of, it will never deny your heritage as a divine being. Your heart always knows the truth and when you listen within, you will feel the resonance of love guiding your reality. Deep in the center of your consciousness beats the wisdom, love and power of an eternal spirit. Grasp this awareness and you claim your dominion of infinite potential.

Never underestimate your power or that of the universe to transform the most challenging situation into a miraculous blessing of love. Call this light into every condition and watch the experience evolve. By your own use of love, you set into motion this powerful action that dissolves the negativity and changes it into a higher expression. You are an angel and you have the power to do it creatively. ...

...You have all the inspiration you require right within your heart. Use it and make this a better world for everyone. The universe is full of possibilities and has the substance necessary to make them a reality with its limitless supply of imagination and ideas to take care of every problem and condition. Build like the universe does through unconditional love.

Always remember your Higher Self loves you unconditionally. You are a divine spark of creation and have the love of the universe at your service. Many beings of this world also love you. Open up to the love within and around you and you will receive these gifts of exquisite energy.

Spread your wings and ascend back into your rightful station as a creator being. Stand strong and free and accept the accolades of a job well done. You set about to know separation and succeeded beyond belief. Now you can reunite with your whole and complete Higher Self and the collective universe again. You can create like an angel through the power of unconditional love.

As a master angel in training, you are ready to embark upon a new journey of love. Let the light of your heart illumine the path before you and walk in joy. Show the earth your gratitude and love and she will honor your every step. Hold hands with your fellow angels in human clothes and you will always have company. Keep your attention upon your Higher Self and you will have a friend for eternity. Live free in the present moment and you free the world. Share your joy with others and they will dance with you. Love unconditionally and you will know and become love itself. Unconditional love truly is an unlimited way of being.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Heaven on Earth

By Harold Becker - November 6, 2013

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being

There is a paradigm shift underway upon the earth and in its wake we shall know a new reality. The days of discord and negative expression are rapidly dissolving despite the appearance otherwise. In their place, we are coming to know and experience a love of such unbelievable magnitude as to scarcely recognize the old ways of living through fear and doubt. The polarization of negative and positive forces, and their respective expressions, are blending and balancing into a new awareness of unconditional love.

Throughout the ages many have sought or assumed an afterlife of perfection and termed this reality a form of heaven. Individuals of every period have been exploring the meaning and purpose of life hoping this illumination will release them from the difficulties seemingly encountered here. Some civilizations have even come forth in an attempt to perfect their existence to reach this type of destiny. Yet, all the while we have chased after an external heaven or sense of personal redemption; we have forgotten the truth within our being.

Heaven has never been a place or condition outside us. In the continuous pursuit to reach some glorious attainment, we miss the glory and beauty of the moment. This present moment has always been the destiny and reward for a life lived in love. Every Master Teacher of any age or civilization spoke this truth. Still, for the limited human, the reality of such a simple possibility is often elusive and confusing.

In our ever evolving journey we have been in a game of separation. This illusion has its premise in that we can disconnect our consciousness from the Source of life. Although we assume this possibility to make it work, we can never be separate from creation since it exists everywhere around and in us. We constantly create our reality with the power of our thoughts and feelings according to where we focus our attention.

We draw the wondrous loving qualities to us by our attention and contemplation upon our higher nature and Higher Self. Our true understanding of this limitless universal energy is through our expression and use of these qualities. To focus on love without using love is only a partial experience of life. To focus and allow love in every moment is to know life as an unlimited experience. ...

... It is time to let go of the old ways and habits of living life and begin expressing our higher potential. Unconditional love has always been an option available to us even though we have usually chosen to ignore it. We are at a point in our evolution when the mass conscious awareness allows us to take a quantum leap in this loving expression. This is occurring because we are remembering the mechanics of creation and therefore, have no reason to maintain the illusion of separation.

The entire universe always operates with unconditional love. The planets, stars, and life forms of other worlds and dimensions all abide by this understanding. The light and love within the atom is the same energy that sustains galaxies along with you and me. It is the cohesive element that keeps the spiral of life ever expanding and going higher and this connection to all life is love.

Heaven manifests on earth when you choose peace, harmony, and joy as your only expression. Using integrity, grace, compassion, honesty and generosity, you make a difference in this world and each quality of unconditional love goes forth and expands everything throughout infinity. It is your self-conscious direction that sends it on its journey and brings heaven into focus right here and now.

Turn to your heart and listen intently to the voice of your own love. It cannot and never will lead you in error. Choose love of your own free will and you will know what love is. Ignore it and you continue upon a path of limitation. The power is yours to command, so choose wisely.

It is time for those that love to help those that seek love. This service to life is the cornerstone of all existence. We simply turn to life through our Higher Self and accept the light and love that we already are. In return for this wonderful energy, we share it unceasingly to those around us. We expand according to our desire and willingness and the pace is ours to decide. The quicker we accept love however, the faster we experience it in our world.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Forgiveness - The Exquisite Healer

By Harold Becker - October 4, 2013

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being

The most magical power we have is our ability to forgive. It is the exquisite healer in all of us. Forgiveness is the key to releasing any emotional baggage we have continued to carry, our outdated and outmoded perspectives, and any other attachment that keeps us bound to the past. It is the only way to really let go of negative energy we haves stored within us. This form of release has no comparison and by using it, we unleash the power of unconditional love. When we say "yes!" to forgiving ourselves, another person, place, condition or experience, we are accepting love to guide and fill our lives with infinite joy.

No situation in life is beyond the act of forgiveness. Many people think they want to hold on to their traumas and pain to remind them of the past mistaken experiences. They assume that by keeping these memories alive they can somehow insure not to repeat them in the future. This is an unfortunate reasoning process. When we keep negative energy alive within us, we fill our now moment with this energy and create a future moment for the same type of energy to return. The very desire to avoid more hurt by holding on to the past causes us to experience the pain repeatedly. Only forgiveness and release can stop this process permanently.

The mistakes of the past are just that, an opportunity that we experienced to learn something about our use of universal energy. When we identify and associate pain, suffering or limitation with a particular experience, we add this negative energy to our mental and emotional memories and carry it within our consciousness. Each time we encounter a similar situation it triggers this energy to come forth and influences our present expression with whatever we are feeling. In reality, whatever is before us is simply a reflection of energy we sent out in our past and if it is less than loving, it is our opportunity to forgive and release the appearance. Only through a complete release can we move forward in freedom. ...

...The beauty of forgiveness is that we are the ones who can take charge and make the necessary changes in our lives. From the grandest perspective, there really is no one to blame or even to forgive. We use the act of forgiveness to release our hold upon the limitations and painful memories, both personal and societal, that we have become attached to. Forgiveness allows us to release these obsolete and limiting perspectives of past experiences and permits freedom to take their place.

When we remember that each of us does the very best we can at any particular moment, we are well on our way to forgiving everyone and everything. If we have anger for example, and lash out at another, it is all we can do at that moment. Hopefully, the next moment the anger will have passed and we can come from a more loving position. We must accept both scenarios as valid even if they produced different reactions. By acknowledging our behaviors, we instantly see how and why others behave the way they do.

Forgiveness is not just a statement of release from our actions; it must be understood and felt as well. We cannot shirk or circumvent our responsibility with a casual glance and vague apology. We are striving for greater personal understanding and healing of our thoughts and feelings that have bound us to a past expression. Forgiveness is a gracious tool when used with genuine intent.

Forgiveness is only effective when we feel it within our hearts as we thoughtfully release the experience, condition, person or event. Our motivation must be true and sincere. Equally, we must be willing to take corrective measures to insure we do not engage this type of energy again. It may take several attempts at forgiveness to thoroughly release the negative limitation and emotional bond. Eventually, hurts and traumas of the past become the learned lessons and joys of self discovery in the present.

No circumstance, perceived hurt, or challenge will ever be outside the act of our personal forgiveness. The pain may run deep and the suffering may be severe, yet now we know the key to change. The greater we hold on, the more we need to let go and forgive. The challenge and the opportunity are both ours, which do you prefer? It is your creation and your experience.

When we seek to be divine, we act with angelic wisdom. Forgiveness is truly divine. It is also infinitely practical. To err is only the momentary human aspect of our selves. Forgiveness is the magical quality of love that can never fail and it is only a thought and feeling away. Never end a day without completely forgiving everyone and everything, including yourself, and soon you will find you are soaring free to the heavens within.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Illuminating Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - July 4, 2013

To help us come to a better understanding and practical realization of unconditional love in our everyday life, let's reflect on both words unconditional and love. Most of us believe we understand or at least acknowledge what we think love is. Yet when we add the unconditional aspect to love, it takes on a new connotation and dimension. This combination of words forces us to dig deeper and search out the true meaning for ourselves in each moment. Nothing in life is black and white anymore when unconditional love is applied. Instead, we rise above duality and appreciate the supreme wisdom and opportunity held in the experience. We see and understand how unconditional love is behind and within all we experience.

To begin: love is energy. When we say love, we are using more than a descriptive word to characterize our experience of life. It is a power that permeates the universe. At times, we glimpse its immense nature through an intuitive moment. Love is a process and way of living life. It is an expansion of certain qualities we feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our experience of life expands and evolves when we engage love.

Love is an expression of kindness, compassion, and understanding. It is a sense of personal peace and joy. When tapping into love we feel comfort and support for ourselves and our world. When we invoke love, we forgive and release the appearances of our experiences. Love trusts, is patient and does not judge or hate. When we allow love to flow, we do not fear or doubt. Similarly, we do not blame, use aggression, manipulate or control. Criticism and condemnation dissolve by this amazing power. Love is freedom from the limiting beliefs that encourage our inner hatred, prejudice, frustration, anger, and separation.

Love releases the need to be in control and always right. Lack, limitation, guilt and worry go free into higher expressions of dreams and possibilities through love. The stillness of love washes over our concerns and sweeps them away, providing new opportunities to experience life in joyous ways. Love is a thought and feeling we hold within, a perception, an understanding and a knowing.

Love is an attitude we have about life. When love is expressed, we are allowing the highest level of our awareness to permeate the moment. We are literally vibrating to a higher frequency of energy and allowing this energy to move forth into our world, where it changes and lifts everything it contacts. It is an ever expanding and evolving journey. Love is truly a way of being.

Now, let us turn to our other word, unconditional. Unconditional is to be without condition or limit. This means no strings attached, no stipulations, and no expectations. To be unconditional is to be unlimited.

Putting the words together with this expanded understanding, it can be simply stated; unconditional love is an unlimited way of being. We are whole and complete in every moment and all we need do is realize and reveal this truth. We are loved and lovable and can share and radiate this love by our own command. We have a choice and can choose to love unconditionally. We are unlimited as to our potential to love in each and every moment.

Although we do not usually comprehend it, we are without limit to our thoughts and feelings in life and can create any reality we choose to focus our attention upon. So it is up to us to allow this love to permeate our existence. There are infinite imaginative possibilities when we are free to go beyond our perceived limits. If we can dream it, we can build it, and if we use love, all life will benefit.

When we approach each moment with love of a higher nature, we experience the freedom of life itself. We are free to share life's gift of love to everything and everyone around us and we are no longer bound by our own limited thoughts and perceptions. The more we place our attention on unconditional love, the more we become this energy in action.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
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Being Divine Love

By Harold Becker - June 5, 2013

Unconditional love is a power so universally recognized that we all aspire to its realization whether we are conscious of it or not. We yearn for it, pray for it and, at times, even fight for it. Throughout time great master teachers have come forth to remind us of it. On a deep inner level, we seem to know and understand that unconditional love does exist and we eventually - or hopefully - will touch its vibration once again. There is no person, place or thing outside of us that will bring us the experience of unconditional love, and yet it is everywhere. How can this be? Because love already exists within our consciousness, it is a part of each of us. Deep within our true nature lies our divinity and in that divine essence is where we find and express love. Regardless of any name or label we may try to impose upon this divine nature, it is the experience of love that matters. Love is. How can such a power be all pervading and at the same time so elusive?

Maybe we are the ones keeping it out of our lives. Could it be that simple? Are we personally capable of loving unconditionally? Are we actually afraid of embracing and experiencing love of an unconditional nature? Could such a love be recalled, cultivated and brought back into daily use? Absolutely!

You are divine. I am divine. All are divine. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all connected in the web of life. Your ability to create reality is the same as mine. The same spark of life that animates life in you is also the one that brings life to me. That spark is love. It is consciousness itself. It is found within the heart center of our being and transcends our ego and intellectual definition.

Ultimately, there is nothing to seek or become, rather a truth to unfold. Through this conscious recognition of the love we have within, we can realize dreams of a brighter world filled with what our heart craves. Love is who we really are. It is what each of us secretly searches for in the deepest reaches of our psyche. Love is the power source of our very being and brings reason to an otherwise chaotic creation born as the result of the separation from love.

Simple idea, yet who of us remembers this in our daily routine? When the challenges and problems seem insurmountable and obstacles appear at every turn, how easy is it to think of the bigger picture of love? When fear and doubt has us in its grip, how do we recall that it is just an illusion and that only love is real? This is the duality we create every day through our thoughts and feelings. We allow our mind to focus on the outer appearance rather than the inner love and guidance that already exists. Yet, there it is, waiting to be recognized and released. It is time to bring this love to the surface of our own awareness and realize its potential to transform our lives.

Love is experienced when it is shared with others unconditionally. We know love when we give love, not the other way around. Approaching life in this fashion places us back on the right side of life. Rather than expecting something to come to us, we recognize our divine right to express the love we are. This is the way we come to know and experience unconditional love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Vibrant Love

By Harold Becker - April 1, 2013

Beauty, harmony, joy, peace, wisdom, compassion - what makes these words stand out? They are a resonance, a frequency and a vibration that lift us up. They are qualities of love. They are what we truly yearn for in life. These words are more than the qualities they represent; they symbolize a feeling that resonates deep within and bring us a sense of completion and oneness. From our outer personality standpoint, we often think in terms of happiness, personal success and accomplishment. Yet as a result of our best efforts we may feel only a moment of peace and contentment. However, we rarely feel complete in these areas or remain content. What we desire is a deeper sense of knowing that all is well and that we are loved. We look endlessly to the outer world of our daily experiences hoping for some glimmer of this feeling of love.

It is from this point we begin. The outer focus can and needs to be turned inward. We can start the process of becoming consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings, motives and intent. This inner awareness is our point of power. It is also where we find the love we seek and the opportunity to share it with others. It is right here and available in this current moment.

Have you ever stopped long enough to question your reality or that of the world around you? Think for a moment: is what you are experiencing real or just a limited view of a much larger picture? How do you act and react to daily situations? What limiting thoughts or negative emotions do you carry that create the difficulties you experience each day? How many times do you listen within to your own thoughts and feelings about life rather than reacting or responding to outer suggestions and conditions?

These questions all point to a realization that we have become so focused on the outer world we have forgotten we are the creators of it. Each of us uses the energy of our mind and feelings to generate our outer experiences. Wherever we place our attention that is what we become. It is time to turn this process around and begin paying attention to how we view life and ask ourselves what we really believe or truly desire out of life.

Let us start with a simple universal truth. What we have within, we give out. What we give out, we receive back in full measure. We live by this circular flow of life every moment of every day, yet who of us realizes it? We are creating our lives every moment by the choices we make and the beliefs we accept. Each moment we send out either love and harmony or fear and doubt. Whatever we hold in our consciousness becomes our reality. We are the only ones who can invoke or deny the power of love through our attention.

Through our willingness and determination we can reconsider our limiting beliefs. We simply go within to realize why we feel, act, think and often react the way we do. We can then choose to change our perspectives if need be and take action accordingly. In this process of getting to know ourselves for ourselves, we also start to understand others and why they are the way they are. This is unconditional love in action. The more we understand ourselves and acknowledge love, the more we naturally love our neighbors and the world around us. We, too, can become a living example of unconditional love in action

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Bringing Meaning to Life

By John Goltz - April 1, 2013

John T. GoltzFor eons, people have asked themselves the question “what is the meaning of life?” For me, the simplest answer is “unconditional love.” But what does that really mean and how does that help in day-to-day existence? How can we apply that understanding to our present state of living on this planet?

First of all, I found that by bringing my awareness to the recognition of unconditional love for "self" as the beginning point, I can actively observe and comprehend how love is a natural part of my life. The declaration that "I love myself unconditionally" is life-changing and transformative in its own right. However, getting to that understanding, let alone applying it in the midst of chaos, stress, and fear, can seem like a monumental task. Just for fun, and as way to explore love, let's set aside the common sentiments that loving yourself is a "task" for some future accomplishment or "hard" or even "impossible" and allow the possibility to enter your being.

Second, let's take a moment to consider what unconditional love means. Of course it will be interpreted and understood on an individual basis; personally, I like Harold Becker's contemporary definition that "unconditional love is an unlimited way of being." To me that means that love exists as an energy and ever-present experience in all levels of physical, emotional, mental and etheric life. By embracing that stream of energy and removing our self-imposed restrictions, belief systems, etc, we become more unlimited and more capable of handling life in its myriad of expressions. When we are willing to forgive, release, change, grow, and explore who we really are, we become more than we thought we were and have more love to offer the world.

By taking unconditional love down from its lofty perch and perceived state of unachievable perfection, we can make it a foundation from which to build our life. Once we do this, we can expand and work with this influential energy in practical and applicable ways and our lives will transform. For example, forgiveness, an aspect of unconditional love, is a powerful and dramatic healer, especially when applied to yourself. We can restore our relationships, our health and our lives through the forgiveness and release of things that no longer serve us like guilt, shame and resentment. When we, as individuals, find balance in our personal sense of love, wisdom and power, we literally change the world simply by being a presence and channel of unconditional love.

And finally, where "unconditional love" may provide a basis of meaning in this earthly realm, it brings up another question for me, "what is important in life?" I've determined that being happy is the thing that matters most in our moment-by-moment existence. By definition, happiness is "a state of well-being and contentment" or "a pleasurable or satisfying experience." I'm not talking about ego gratification and superficial whims of the personality; I'm referring to a deeper state of quiet joy that comes from being at peace with ourselves and the process of life.

So, all that said, I encourage you to love yourself unconditionally and follow your heart to experience happiness and joy in the present moment as you continue to grow, expand and learn on the journey of life. You are a masterful, sovereign, creative being and can enjoy all the riches and freedoms that life has to offer. You are a shining light in this world and the more you forgive, let go, open up, give and allow, the more you will have. I love you unconditionally.

Love, light and joy,
John T. Goltz
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Bring Your Joy to the World

By Harold Becker - December 19, 2012

This has been an amazing time for all of us. As we close out a powerful year of change, we look forward to even greater opportunities to embrace love and peace within ourselves and upon this planet.

The holidays are our reminder of the power of love that ever resides within us each moment. We celebrate and give to one another in the spirit of the season. It is the time of year we share the common theme of unconditional love and empower ourselves to go beyond our normal limitations. This particular year also marks a special cycle of rebirth on a celestial scale.

Now we find ourselves at a crossroad upon this beautiful earth. We are realizing that love desires to express itself all through the year and not be contained or limited by time, borders, or worn out structures and old ideas.

Moving from a fear-based reality into one of love does not always come easy. Forgiveness and compassion are some of the most challenging qualities to undertake and embody, especially when we are conditioned to the notion of separation, doubt and fear.

This process begins with forgiveness and compassion to our own self. Without this first step of personal acceptance, it is virtually impossible to understand and accept another. For what we have within, we give out. What we give out, we get back in full measure.

Where we have love in our heart, we are able to spread love to all those around us. When we ignore this power, we engage fear and allow it to rule our actions. The choice is always ours as to which experience we desire.

As we celebrate, let us keep our awareness that this process happens every moment of every day and is not relegated to just a few days a year or specific cosmic cycle. Open up to the goodness and you will experience goodness. See, know, and share your love and surely you will experience its grace in your life. Stay in the present moment and be filled with joy - for in this way you bring joy to the world.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Unconditional Gratitude

By Harold Becker - November 22, 2012

Dear Friends,

Every moment is a precious, unique and incredible gift of life. A magnificent sunset, a cool morning breeze, the laughter of a child, the warm embrace of a friend - these are the real treasures that require nothing more than our recognition of them. When we are fully present, our love and gratitude is as natural as breathing.

This time of year tends to find us experiencing a great number of festivals, holidays, gatherings and a wide variety of traditions around the world. Many of these observances have as their focus the understanding of thankfulness and gratitude and at their core, a deep meaning of love. Gratitude and unconditional love, they go hand in hand, yet how well do we truly understand their importance and affect on our lives?

Giving thanks is universal across all cultures and is expressed in a myriad of ways depending on beliefs, rituals and social norms of the day. Some see it as reaping an abundant harvest, others as acknowledgement for the blessings of the good that has happened personally, in the family and perhaps in the community or nation. Each is a recognition that we have been taken care of in some acceptable or exceptional way. In essence, it is our formal way of taking time to recognize the beauty and bounty held in every moment and the amazing way that the whole of life is woven in a grand design to provide for our existence and joy.

The wonder of our very life depends on an amazingly intricate and complex combination of interactions that are continuously underway. From our breath and incredible functioning body to the daily encounters with nature, humanity and beyond, each moment is filled with an infinite number of facets we could single out to be grateful for. However, in our oft unbalanced outer pursuit of worldly things we forget or ignore our "precious moments" and instead ponder what is missing or how things have not gone or are going our way. Only occasionally do we stop to give thanks for a notable or obligatory reason.

Gratitude for a harvest gone well is certainly important, however if we are not aware that our body is our temple for example, and necessary to actually experience the harvest, we have missed the real moment of understanding gratitude. It all works together. And... it is easy to express our gratitude when things are going well, however what happens when the harvest falls short or we have challenges and difficulties in our personal and collective lives? If relationships, finances or health are in jeopardy, are we still grateful? How do we accept life and still be thankful when at times appearances seem to say our lives are falling apart? True gratitude, like true love, is unconditional.

Unconditional gratitude is unconditional love in action. It is our innate willingness to accept every step of our path no matter what and still maintain a sense of thankfulness. When we remain present in the moment and embrace the good with the less than good, we are coming from our heart that knows all is in order. In these moments, we notice the truly important things and allow our journey to be one of experiences without the judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. This automatically places us in a higher understanding of life that incorporates the big picture. Gratitude is actually how we remind ourselves of the real reason for being on this beautiful orb we call home; that it is ultimately about loving all life unconditionally.

As you celebrate each moment with friends and family or just in the company of yourself and a gorgeous sunrise, consider allowing unconditional gratitude to be your view on life. Let thankfulness come from the depths of your heart and watch what happens.

From my heart to yours, I wish you joy, much laughter and an abundance of love.

Harold W. Becker
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Love is a Choice

By Harold Becker - November 11, 2012

In these amazing times of great change, we are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices on all levels of significance. In order to make clear decisions in line with our personal goals and highest good, it is important to maintain our inner balance and harmonious center point. That source of genuine strength, wisdom and ultimate potential is held within us every moment as unconditional love.

Bringing our conscious awareness into each "now" moment affords us the opportunity to be fully present and to realize we are whole, complete and capable of creating a more joyful life. Our personal perspective is the key and when we choose a loving perspective we create a love-filled reality.

However, as we move forward in life, one of the greatest obstacles we often face is fear. It influences our choices and decisions and usually keeps us from our natural success. In fact, it seems these days that fear has a hold on our collective reality. Don't believe it. Fear itself is not real.

Fear is nothing more than a notion, idea, concept, thought and feeling. It is ultimately an acceptance of self doubt. We give birth and life to these thoughts by empowering them with our attention. The more we focus upon suggestions and ideas of fear, the more prominent they become in our awareness.

Historically, fear has been a powerful motivator and stimulated great change. Yet it has often come at very great cost. When fearful thoughts are misunderstood and their positive influence and opportunity to rise above a situation through love is ignored, death and destruction are the result.

There is another way to experience life and that is with love. When we begin to understand that ALL life is interconnected we start to realize the true power we wield each moment. Only love expands our reality through joyful and positive solutions. Fear cannot.

Once thought to be weak and inconsequential, we now realize that love is a dynamic and transforming energy that brings balance and harmony to all it touches. It takes great courage and personal strength to choose love and allow it to expand our consciousness. We already know the consequences of allowing fear, doubt and negativity to rule our reality. What would our lives and the world be like if we gave love a chance?

The exact moment we acknowledge love is the same moment we experience love. We have the power within our thoughts and feelings to decide what type of life we desire to live. We can succumb to the tired illusion of doubt and fear, or rise above and claim a life of joy and prosperity through love. The choice to love is the greatest power we have and it remains ours each moment.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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You Are Loved

By Harold Becker - September 11, 2012

Dear Friends,

I come to you today with a reflection and reminder of how special, important and loved you are. I also come with encouragement and knowing that one by one and day by day we are building a new world together based on peace and love. Despite all outer appearances to the contrary, each of us is steadily remembering how to come from our heart with unconditional love which is altering the very course of humanity.

Funny thing about appearances, they are rarely what they appear to be. Our hearts and minds are opening and we are beginning to see beyond the immediate physical reality and world of effects only. We are realizing the causal nature of our thoughts and feelings as a manifestation of a long curious journey based on separation, lack, fear and doubt. Each limited personal thought and feeling we held in the past has added to the present conditions surrounding us. This also means that for each thought and feeling we presently hold in peace and unconditional love, we are creating a new journey and future filled with these qualities.

Amidst the seeming chaos, strife, arrogance and ignorance being played out locally and globally, we are coming face to face with perhaps the greatest opportunity ever presented to choose unconditional love as our personal and collective view and to finally recognize the entire human earth family as one. Never before have so many beings resided at one time on this planet with such diverse personal and cultural beliefs, understandings, conditioning, heritage, and.... potential.

Some 20 years ago I developed a rather different and perhaps unconventional definition for unconditional love and shared it in my first book, Internal Power - Seven Doorways to Self Discovery. Seeking a practical definition, I chose to understand and evolve each of the two words "unconditional" and "love" to their core essence of meaning. Then combining them into one idea I realized a useful insight for applying this profound perspective found in this unique combination of two words. My definition simply stated - "unconditional love is an unlimited way of being".

This definition doesn't necessarily speak to the typical expected response or popular collective understanding of most cultures. Instead it reveals something more important - the individual potential that resides within each of us every moment. It merely asks that we approach each moment with clarity and right perspective and recognize the vast unlimited possibilities to choose a new way of thinking and feeling.

Such a sense of profound love comes when we first forgive and accept ourselves for all our limiting beliefs, mistakes, judgments and misunderstandings and apply the "unconditional" to us personally. We recognize our self worth, value our talents, and allow ourselves to be who we are rather than what we think others wish us to be. In turn, we naturally understand those around us and extend our helping hand without condition, judgment or expectation. We see ourselves in the reflection of another and know that everyone deserves to love and be loved without condition.

By embracing the present moment with openness we realize and know we have the solutions and answers already within us. We begin building a reality that is based on love, wisdom and power in perfect balance. For each step we take personally, we impact the world with this amazing energy of love.

Unconditional love turns hope into knowing in a collective reality that is often seen as hopeless or seemingly impossible to overcome. When you know something is possible you empower this to manifest with your very being. So know from now on that you are loved and loving and see how the world responds to your light and knowing. Watch how your peace and strength is sought out by others and how the limitless love you have to share is the love you receive in return.

You are all so amazing... thank you for your compassion, courage and vision to make this a better world for all of us.

Harold W. Becker
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Love and Freedom

By Harold Becker - August 11, 2012

What we do each moment has a powerful impact on life. Each choice we make, and each we ignore, adds to the collective experience. Where we place our attention and what we contemplate becomes our reality. The power of our mind is amazing, yet nothing compares to what we can do when we come from our heart. Coming from love makes the real difference.

True freedom is found in the giving and receiving of love. It is in the unconditional acts of kindness we choose to share with others and also receive from one another. Such is the experience of love: a balance of giving and receiving from the heart. No thing compares to the beauty and expression of this dynamic energy.

We carry this potential every moment. Every step we take and thought we engage holds the potential to love. It is as simple as breathing - we merely hold the intent of love in our consciousness and love takes care of the rest. Knowing love is possible, regardless of the appearance, places the choice before us.

Kindness, forgiveness and compassion are easy when we understand the gift of love. It begins with the self. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more we understand others. When we see our limitations and can change our beliefs and perspectives, we begin to realize our reflection in others. In the same way, when we extend a helping hand, a smile, or a comforting word to another, these acts of love heal all involved.

This is not a difficult journey, yet it requires our willingness to go beyond our personal limitations and trust that love prevails. Realize today that love is possible and you begin the journey of a lifetime filled with this radiant energy. Everywhere you go and all you touch will be filled with its essence. Be love and you will surely experience the freedom of love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Ever Expanding Love

By Harold Becker - June 6, 2012

Love is such an amazingly simple, elegant and universal expression of the very nature of life itself. It is present in every life-giving heartbeat and intrinsic in nebulas swirling with potential in far distant galaxies. It is felt in the beauty of each sunrise and in the gentle embrace of a smile. It is the sublime connection that does more than connect. It is the essence of all that we experience and in that which we have yet to imagine. Love knows no bounds and creates no conditions. It is what it is.

From a very narrow perspective, it would appear that somewhere along the way we may have forgotten (or ignored) this innate wisdom and awareness of love. Our present world is seemingly filled with an absence of love when viewed from a singular perception that we are somehow separate from love. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, for reasons we don't even remember, we strive to maintain this well established stance and continue to find or invent ample evidence to excuse our disconnection from that which we ultimately are.

Is such a love that permeates our very existence, truly destined to remain elusive to our individual and collective expression? Quite the contrary, love is such an essential part of our lives that it is impossible to separate ourselves from it; we only create the illusion that we do. And like fleeting dreams as we stir from a prolonged slumber, the sense of separation is rapidly departing as we are all (re)awakening to our fundamental loving spirit. One by one and around the globe we are turning within and comprehending just how magnificent each and every one of us is at the core of our being.

The more we embody this love right where we are, the greater our capacity to encourage and inspire love in those around us. This accelerates the recollection and cultivation of our universal love and restores our collective potential that has always been rooted in this same love. Individually and together we are acknowledging the reality of love and know that each perspective and experience is an opportunity to ever expand more love.

Love never left us, nor did we ever really leave love. We are the love we seek in the darkest night of our journey just as we are the reflection of love to others that encounter us in our brightest moments. Love awaits us long before we arrive and remains with us in every step we take. It asks for nothing and provides everything. This is the unconditional nature and eternal presence of love. It is who we are and through our expression of it, love continues to expand.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Roland - A Guardian Angel to the Mayans of Guatemala

By Harold Becker - November 5, 2011

A few years ago, as I read through my morning group of incoming emails, I came upon a simple, yet unusual inquiry from a man in Guatemala. His name was Roland and he was from Sweden. He was seeking potential assistance from our organization, The Love Foundation, for a Mayan village that had been relocated because of a very destructive hurricane. He was endeavoring to help them with their basic needs as they settled near another village. I was intrigued; not just by the curious fact that a man from Sweden was in Guatemala trying to help some indigenous Mayans, there was something about the genuine tone and straightforward plea that captured my attention. I responded to Roland, and over the coming years, he would prove to be no ordinary man.

Even though we are a nonprofit, Roland's request was outside our scope and mission to provide direct financial assistance. Nevertheless, I felt an immediate sense of gratitude for this man's willingness to help these people and a heartfelt connection to his authentic presentation. I decided I would offer whatever other assistance I could. His subsequent reply began a journey of correspondence that continues today. In the wake of these ongoing emails between us, I have learned more about the plight - and the beauty - of this indigenous Mayan culture than I could have ever imagined. Roland is truly their guardian angel and at the same time, an amazing teacher and friend to me.

In that initial email proposal, Roland described the challenges a little village named Pacutama Dos, had endured. Clinging to the side of a mountain in Guatemala, this village was literally washed away as a hurricane-induced mud slide took what few resources these people had and sent them cascading down to the bottom of the ravine. Not only were their homes destroyed, the livestock, gardens and meager possessions were all lost. This village was economically poor before this happened and now they had nothing. They had to relocate to higher ground and this is where Roland magically entered their world.

Through his eyes, camera lens, and firsthand experience, he would share with me how these incredible Mayan villagers started to rebuild their community and their lives. Starting from scratch, they were determined to begin again and Roland was there to help in any way he could. His next email inquiry to me was also the source and catalyst of our new found collaboration and budding friendship - would I be willing to edit his proposals so that he could send them out to potential sources for funding? He felt his English, although good, was still grammatically out of order for western audiences and wanted to make sure he was understood. Naturally and joyfully I agreed.

So, with little more than an internet cafe and new friend in America, he began to unfold his encounters with the Mayans of Guatemala seeking aid for their benefit. With each new email there came a large assortment of digital pictures attached. Roland was capturing the very essence of these people just as they were. Perhaps this is what endeared me more than anything else to him. His requests were always one of pure compassion and never that of sympathy or pity. He conveyed things as they were, without an attempt to make it an emotional appeal. He let the circumstances and the photos tell the story as it was, without a sense of duty, obligation or guilt. This was unconditional love in action.

He educated me, and those that would eventually receive these email requests, with the villagers' immediate needs like basic shelter, kitchens and saunas (traditional Mayan bathing huts). He explained each necessity and why it was important to provide them as it related to their culture. Roland also described how they required warmer clothing and medication as their new home was much higher in altitude, and hence colder, than their previous location and how this was adversely affecting their health, especially the children. These were practical issues and Roland was determined to solve each one as best he could.

Within just a few weeks, he began to find funding for these basic needs and with each new email he asked me to edit, I saw how the involvement of one man could change the lives of many. He did what others were unable or unwilling to do; he honored the dignity in these indigenous people and worked to help alleviate their challenges. One by one, he found solutions to each predicament. He wanted nothing more and nothing less than to see them happy and healthy. This was his reward.

Of course, as he worked with this particular village, he also encountered Mayans from other locations, and the needs began to multiply. Roland shared how, like many nations, the indigenous people have been displaced from their native ways and forced into extreme impoverished minority groups. The government offers very little assistance to the Mayans in relationship to the larger Spanish population and as a result, not much is known about these once proud and wise people. Even their native language, along with the many dialects, has become a barrier to them since only the (new) Spanish language is officially recognized.

From his initial help with this first village, Roland's journey has evolved and brought him into many new circumstances as he has helped countless lives. Whether scholarships to help children get essential education, to finding doctors for extreme and critical health issues, he has moved every obstacle until he could bring them the help they required. His courage and determination has led to incredible results like getting the funding to create a lifelike artificial glass eye for a young girl who lost her sight in an unexpected household accident. Traveling sometimes for hours by bus, he has escorted patients and their families to the larger cities so that medical and dental procedures could be performed. He has obtained wheelchairs, had prosthesis made, brought food, clothing and gifts to the many villages. He even helped coauthor and completely and beautifully illustrate a bilingual text book to help teach the Mayan children the equivalent Spanish language.

Over the years, with each proposal I edit, Roland also unknowingly provides me a window into a world filled with a rich culture and wondrous heritage. Without our mutual connection, the email text and narratives, and the countless pictures (many hundreds at this point) I would never have had the privilege to learn and comprehend the Mayan culture as I do today.

I have not asked Roland what brought him to Guatemala in the first place - the question always seems pointless. What is important is that he is there and the world is better for it. Unconditional kindness knows no borders or boundaries; it simply comes from the heart and lifts the spirit of others as it is expressed. I know I am a better person for having interacted with Roland, the man from Sweden. I can only tell you that when I see the eyes and smiles in the pictures he takes of his Mayan friends, they are happy he is in their life too.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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The Journey of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - June 11, 2011

The journey of life takes a new direction when we become aware of the power of unconditional love residing within our heart every moment. This awareness begins a new approach to life that leads to personal peace, natural harmony and genuine inner wealth. It also changes the very fabric of society as we begin to consciously express this unlimited love. Everything and everyone is noticeably affected by this energy as we move through our daily life with each step and encounter with one another.

Being conscious of love ignites the spark that makes all things new and restores the wholeness where we once thought we were incomplete. This is the energy and wisdom that bridges all the diverse worlds, thoughts and perspectives and restores our innate connection to all things. Love, and more appropriately, unconditional love is that which brings peace and understanding within where a moment before it seemed nonexistent and perhaps even impossible.

So how does one realize this simple change of attitude? It begins with a desire to know who we are as a being upon this earthly plane. It is a shift in perspective from seeking in desperation outside ourselves for fulfillment to turning our attention within. By beginning the process of conscious awakening, we start to notice and observe who we are in relation to who we think we are. This subtle shift brings enormous change in personal understanding. We see with new eyes, hear with new ears and perceive a parallel world that always existed yet was blocked out of our consciousness by our own limiting beliefs.

I am often asked, "How do we begin this process?" My response is that to ask this question means it has already started. Such is the nature of self conscious realization - we begin to ask new questions about life since we are no longer interested in the old habits we have been experiencing. For me, this is not necessarily a spiritual or philosophical journey; rather I liken it to a practical approach of common sense and deliberate effort to "know thyself" and with ever increasing self acceptance, to also "love thyself and all others without condition or limitation".

Each of us is a potent source of love when we allow this energy to express naturally. There is nothing we have to ultimately do, rather we allow ourselves to feel and be love. It is that simple. However, for so many, love is hidden under layers of hurt, trauma, drama, pain and suffering. Emotional memories, unspoken doubt, fear, resentment and a multitude of old beliefs often keep us from realizing that these thoughts and feelings have no real power over us. We give them power by living in the past and being afraid of the future. We ignore the love that is present every moment by embracing limitation. It is time to change that. It is time to release ourselves from our own self created bondage.

When we accept ourselves just for who we are we transform the moment into peace, security, harmony, joy and love. This process begins with releasing our limiting beliefs, past mistakes, lack of self worth, pride and ego through the conscious act of forgiveness. It is up to us as individuals to undertake this journey of healing and conscious awareness.

As we come to know who we are and why we act and react the way we do, we start to see ourselves in the faces of humanity. The reflection of hurt is our hurt, their pain is our pain, and another's anger is our anger, just as laughter and delight reflect our own heart. It is seen in the face of nature too. Her destruction is our destruction, her beauty is our beauty. Equally in our children we see our potential and in their smile we see our joy. These seemingly random expressions are our past thoughts seeking manifestation. It is our constant reminder that love is the answer and the question.

To see love in others, we must first know it in ourselves. We build a new reality in this present moment when we let go. We change the world when we change our personal perspective. When we choose love over fear, kindness over hate, integration over separation, and peace over war, we bring a new reflection to humanity... our loving selves.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
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Heaven in 2011

By Harold Becker - December 21, 2010

There is magnificent beauty all around us when we choose to observe life through love. There is also amazing wisdom right within us when we are patient and listen to our heart. These sublime qualities become a spontaneous part of our experience as we expand our awareness and go beyond our immediate reactions, preconceived expectations and limited notions. Some may call such a life of innate joy an unattainable heaven, where others realize it to be a natural way of living.

What we presently perceive as our reality, individually and collectively, is in fact a very limited perspective of a much grander adventure. The intricacy and magnitude of our combined thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and desires, is astounding. Our ability to imagine potentials, coupled with our capacity to manifest these ideas and make them tangible experiences, is nothing short of miraculous. The evidence is obvious in the intense diversity we find ourselves experiencing right now on our planet.

With this diversity comes incredible opportunity. Never before have we realized our creative capacity and simultaneously, the enormous responsibility held within each of our creations. We are rapidly becoming aware of our active participation in a shared reality that reaches far beyond us individually, our immediate family, friends or local community. The ideas we presently entertain in our own consciousness are the seeds of a future yet to be made, that literally affects the whole. What we are currently conceiving and imagining will eventually interact with others, either enhance or destroy our expressions, and ultimately influence our collective lives.

Whether we experience life as a form of heaven or something less than that is simply a matter of where we place our attention. If we continue to focus on things that are limited, destructive, based in lack or held in the past, we are destined to create more of the same. Yet, if we are bold and steadfast, we are able to recognize the splendor held within each moment. We understand the nature of our personal creative abilities through our thoughts and feelings, and we willingly intend and experience outcomes that benefit all.

These are not idle speculations, an ignoring of present circumstances, or intentions of false hopes. Quite the contrary, this is acknowledging and knowing that we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination and that we do in fact, have an effect on what happens next. Love is the key that unlocks our greatest possibilities. It is the presence of love that becomes increasingly obvious as we take time to notice it and integrate it into every experience. This is heaven and this is the potential that awaits you in 2011.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Oneness of Love

By Harold Becker - February 28, 2010
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Dear Friends,

There are moments when we reach beyond our daily affairs, hopes and concerns and unite with the very fabric of life. We may be enjoying a spectacular sunset and our awareness expands and merges into the colors of the sky itself. Or perhaps while quietly humming a sweet melody, we begin vibrating in complete harmony with our own being. Gazing into the eyes of another we witness eternity. These are the instances where we connect and remember the grandness of life and realize our deepest truth. We go past the physical form and touch the precious love that orchestrates universes, ignites our imagination and breathes life into our hearts. We become one with all that is.

The rest of our lives are often defined by routines, ingrained habits, known pathways and traditions. Even though we intuitively understand that there is more, our focus tends to remain on our external reality since it is the most familiar to us. Occasionally we consciously reconnect with our inner awareness and often only because circumstances align to capture our attention either through a dramatic experience or a sublime encounter.

We need not wait for such sporadic challenges or opportunities to stimulate and expand our consciousness. We can cultivate and sustain our connection to the totality of life by simply embracing our innate magnificence and maintaining a rhythmic heart-centered awareness. Allowing our love to flow naturally and unimpeded, we begin to experience the world from a unified perspective where love is always present. The more we do this, the easier it becomes. This is unconditional love in action and it is what brings true meaning to our existence.

The steps we take and the choices we make are up to us. We can continue to live in response to outer situations and conditions based on the narrow definitions and limitations we assembled from the past, or we can release our unlimited potential and express from our greatest vantage point by letting love be our guiding intention. Either way, the oneness of love is forever and in all aspects of life.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


A Presence of Love

By Harold Becker - January 28, 2010
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Dear Friends,

We are forever surrounded by love. From the rays of the sun that nurture and sustain life on our precious planet, to extending a helping hand to another in need, our existence is found within this unifying principle we know in our heart as love. Life itself is the expression of unconditional love and you are here right now simply because you are a magnificent presence of this same love.

The beauty of our journey is that we represent a full spectrum of sizes and shapes, colors and gender, beliefs and perspectives, while being ever connected in a common bond of unity through our heart. From the tiniest atomic particle to the brilliance of an imaginative idea that changes the world, it is love that guides our grand expedition in this experience of life.

We live to love just as we love to live. Each of us represents a wonderfully diverse and unique expression of our individual and collective potential to share love. This love animates and propels us forward to experience love in every aspect and facet of life. It is our deepest aspiration to embody this love since that is who we are at the core of our being.

Even when we choose to create the illusion that we are somehow separate from love, the potential to love remains in each moment. If we allow the perception of separation to last long enough so that we begin to doubt ourselves and this eternal connection, or even beyond to where the thought of fear intrudes, a simple recognition of our heartbeat is enough to remind us that love is right within our being.

You matter with each breath you breathe and step you take. Every action and interaction, thought, word and feeling makes a difference to everyone. No one could ever take your place and what you bring to this amazing tapestry of life is invaluable and cherished. This is the way of love. This is you... an amazing presence of love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Harmony and Love

By Harold Becker - November 21, 2009
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Dear Friends,

Maintaining harmony under all circumstances is the key to navigating through life. By remaining calm and composed in each moment, we keep life in perspective. We are able to connect with the bigger picture of potential while sorting out appropriate courses of action to address any situation before us. We can release our attachments and reactions knowing that they are only a small part of the experience. Harmony reveals the presence of love.

Life is an ever changing landscape of experiences and potential. Even the most seemingly static aspects of physical matter continue to shift, evolve and transform. Whether simply as the dance of sunlight as it travels across the earth, a boulder slowly becoming a pebble in a meandering creek, or a cell replicating itself, change is constant. Our awareness is ever changing and evolving too as we expand our mental and emotional capacity to incorporate broader understandings and perspectives.

As self conscious beings, we get to play within this entire context. Our ability to conceive of something new allows our creative nature to manifest and add a dimension of love and appreciation to life itself. When we are consciously aware of our creative ability, we can choose our perspectives and therefore qualify and infuse our thoughts and feelings with our greatest hopes and dreams. We realize with each breath we are connected to all of creation and proceed in a grand alignment of our heart and mind. We manifest the potentials that reflect our wisdom and deepest desires. We are in harmony with life because we know we are an integral part of it.

If we forget our creative capacity however, we become reactionary to the forces around us. We become singular and separate and begin to doubt our dreams. We replace our hopes and desires with feelings of fear and worry and start to see problems rather than opportunities. This disconnect is a result of relying on outer circumstances instead of our source of inner wisdom and imagination. The more we focus externally, the more challenging life becomes.

When we remain harmonious, wisdom flows in from the heart and dispels any doubt or fear. This allows us to come up with creative solutions and imaginative ways to expand beyond the perceived problem by embracing the opportunity with love. We give ourselves the chance to change our limited perspective and find new ways to express our unlimited potential. It is through harmony in our feelings and thoughts that we are able to experience unconditional love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Embracing the Divine Masculine

By Harold Becker - October 15, 2009
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Dear Friends,

Life is a beautiful interplay of imagination and manifestation. Known in other ways as feeling and thought, feminine and masculine, yin yang, each requires and adds to the other. In an amazing dance that allows us to create and recreate our world, these energies continuously merge into each other to form a union that brings wholeness to our expression. Inspiration held with determination is what creates our physical experience and when this process is conscious and balanced, great manifestations result that benefit all.

Identified simply as our feminine and masculine aspects, these forces combine to make up our innate creative potential. Although often exemplified by our gender, we must take care not to confuse this strictly with being male or female. Both of these potent energies are a natural part of each of us and provide the very mechanism for our ability to exist. They are our right and left brain functioning as one, with love and logic in perfect harmony.

For millennia, cultures have held a fundamental focus and tendency towards the masculine aspect having dominion, where physical manifestation is at the cost of suppressing our intuitive, holistic, and imaginative, feminine energy. This ongoing and increasing imbalance has formed a great rift from our once splendid ability to create with wisdom, universal vision and magnificence.

Thus we find many men using their will to make things materialize regardless of cost to the whole, while subordinating their feminine equal into roles that ignore and trivialize the nurturing and imaginative aspects so vital to life. Likewise, many women deny their ability to fully realize their creations in manifest form and perpetuate the dilemma of subservience to male domination.

In recent times, we have born witness to a re-awakening of the feminine energy. For many females, this has been a necessary reclaiming of their "goddess" energy or divine feminine, which in reality is their embracing the fullness of both aspects essential to manifest, including the masculine will. In men, however, we often find confusion and frustration as this loving energy begins to percolate throughout their existence. They are beginning to feel once again, and yet with so few examples as to what this means, there is a tendency to remain in the only perspective they have known for so long.

Life always seeks balance. With an increasing awareness of cause and effect, we are quickly seeing that what happens in one part of the world instantly affects the whole just as our thoughts and feelings work together in our personal experience. We are coming to realize that it is up to each of us to embrace our true creative potential and ensure that we balance the feminine with the masculine. Nowhere is this more evident than with the men who have been constantly using their unbridled will without regard to consequences.

It is time for the divine masculine to emerge through love. What does this mean? It is a wake up call for each to embody their highest potential of masculine energy. Rather than perpetuating an imbalanced approach to creation that ultimately leads to destruction and chaos, it is our distinct opportunity to embrace and express our integrity, honesty, dignity and compassion. It is allowing the rising feminine energy to blend with our masculine to make enlightened and loving choices. By consciously acknowledging and incorporating our imagination, intuition and feelings, with courage, strength, and an open heart, we birth a new world where love, wisdom and power are always in balance.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Loving Peace

By Harold Becker - September 21, 2009
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Dear Friends,

It is in the stillness of our heart that we find the peace we seek in the world. It is the connection deep within to the very source of our being where we recognize the oneness of life. It is here that we transcend the duality of perceived right and wrong thinking, judgment, control and attachment. In this awareness, we let go of the need to have the world behave according to our preconceived expectations and we dare to love unconditionally. We embrace love for love's sake and in doing so, we also experience peace.

To know unconditional love is to know peace. When we love without condition, we naturally engage the dynamic quality of peace and allow this energy to permeate our outer experience as well. We balance the inner and outer reflections with a grander perspective that sees beyond the obvious before us. We know we are simply experiencing life from our unique viewpoint in the moment and we have the power to choose love and peace.

Although many assume peace to be quiescent, idle and quiet, it is truly an energy that is vibrant and alive. It is colorful, engaging and encouraging. It is filled with potential and enhances our creativity. It calls to us to explore without limitation and to express ourselves with a distinct sense of freedom. Peace is also something we easily share as it is in limitless supply. We joyfully convey it to others and witness its expansion in ever growing waves.

Peace begins with us. It has always been this way. The more we express our love, the greater our sense of peace. The more peace we radiate, the more profoundly we comprehend the sublime beauty it reveals. Since love and peace already exist as a state of consciousness within us, it ensures that it will become our collective reality.

Peace prevails in you and in me. Together, we are the establishment of peace on earth.
Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Beautiful and Courageous You

By Harold Becker - September 1, 2009
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Dear Friends,

You are a wonderfully divine expression of all that is good. You are the hope of the world because you carry hope in your heart. You dream of a better life for yourself and others because you know that it is possible. You have come here for this very purpose - to add your distinctive thread to the tapestry of life. As you unfold your potential and weave your story into this intricate fabric, everything becomes more beautiful.

Your personal insight and wisdom is essential in determining the next step in our collective evolution. Each rhythmic heart beat sounds your unique tone of love just as every imaginative thought you have reveals your creative essence. With every breath, love itself is animated and made real through you. Your very presence makes a profound difference on this earth and is a gift beyond measure. Nothing would be the same without you.

As you generously share the love in your heart, you are naturally fulfilling your destiny. It is the unconditional kindness you show towards yourself and others that makes love tangible. Your smiles and laughter bring lightness to the journey that would never be possible without you being present within it. You add a dimension that can never be replaced by any other part of life.

Each step you take is a courageous choice to explore the unknown. Your strength to move forward and discover potentials yet to come is felt by everyone. Others follow your lead to realize their own abilities, and together new pathways of possibility are opened to benefit all. Your light shines the way.

Your genuine compassion is the signal that love is manifesting in great abundance and that an age of grand and delightful expression is here. The trust you have for this potential is the reason it is happening and even possible. Could you ever imagine that this age of beauty we are entering into is all because of you?

You are precious and the world rejoices knowing you have come to share your love at this most auspicious time.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

Valiente y bello eres

By Harold Becker

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Querido amigo,

Eres una maravillosa expresi?n divina de todo lo que es bueno. Eres la esperanza del mundo, porque llevas contigo la esperanza en tu coraz?n. Sue?as una vida mejor para ti y para los dem?s porque sabes que eso es posible. Has venido aqu? precisamente con este prop?sito - contribuir con tu hilo personal al tapiz de la vida. Al tiempo que vas descubriendo todo tu potencial y tejes tu historia en esta tupida tela, todo se vuelve m?s bello.

Tu intuici?n personal y tu sabidur?a son esenciales para determinar el siguiente paso en nuestra evoluci?n colectiva. Cada latido r?tmico de tu coraz?n emite tu tono ?nico del amor, as? como cada pensamiento imaginativo revela tu esencia creativa. Con cada inspiraci?n, el amor cobra vida y se hace realidad a trav?s de ti. Tu presencia marca una diferencia profunda en la Tierra y es un regalo inmenso. Nada ser?a lo mismo sin ti.

Compartiendo generosamente el amor en tu coraz?n, cumples naturalmente tu destino. Tu bondad incondicional hacia ti mismo y hacia los dem?s es la manifestaci?n tangible del amor. Tu sonrisa y tus risas aligeran este viaje, que no ser?a posible sin ti. Aportas una dimensi?n que ning?n otro aspecto de la vida podr?a nunca sustituir.

Cada paso que das es una decisi?n valiente para explorar lo desconocido. Todos sienten tu fuerza para avanzar y descubrir las posibilidades que llegar?n. Otros siguen tu ejemplo y toman conciencia de sus propias habilidades, y juntos, abr?s nuevas posibilidades en beneficio de todos. Tu luz ilumina el camino.

Tu genuina compasi?n es la se?al de que el amor se manifiesta en abundancia, y de que ya est? aqu? una era de maravillosa expresi?n. Tu confianza en todo este potencial es justamente lo que lo hace posible, la raz?n de que ya est? ocurriendo. ?Te das cuenta de que esta bella era en la que estamos entrando tambi?n nace de ti?

Eres lo m?s valios, y el mundo se regocija sabiendo que has venido a compartir tu amor en este maravilloso momento.

Amor, luz y paz,

Harold W. Becker


The Heart of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - August 14, 2009
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From the laughter of children at play to the golden rays of the sun beaming through the sky at sunset, the eternal song of love permeates all creation. Each beat of our heart pulses to this rhythm in a majestic and graceful dance connecting us to everyone and everything. Life is magnificent when we quiet our outer selves and become fully present and aware of our own loving essence.

To know this grander love is to go beyond the sensation of a first kiss or a mother's tender touch in time of need. Although these extraordinary expressions reveal the existence of love, there is so much more. This universal love is unconditional and its very presence ignites our passion and our compassion. It breathes life into our being and sustains us. It encourages and illuminates the infinite possibilities while simultaneously providing all that we require to be alive.

It is our heart center that gently nudges us to know and express love in all that we are. However this does not always come easily. Through eons of time, the conditioning by our mind to seek logic and reasoning in our daily affairs has left little trust in the wisdom of the heart. Learning to once again cultivate our intuition, be intimate with our own unique understanding of love, and to feel this love deeply, takes both courage and strength.

Unconditional love is our consistent source of nurturing, inspiration and potential. Interestingly, we often seek the beauty of nature for its extraordinary ability to be in constant change while ever expressing its interconnected uniqueness. This is what captivates and also reminds us of our own innate capacity to do the same. Nature has the ability to cycle, recycle, adapt, reclaim and reinvent itself over and over by simply fulfilling its distinctive purpose with love for all.

When we allow unconditional love to be our personal guiding intention, our energy flows in the same manner. We stay present in the moment and share our love without reservation or hesitation. We change, evolve, expand and express our creativity in new ways ensuring that it benefits the whole. In this way, life itself evolves through each of us.

You are the heart of unconditional love. What you choose, we all experience.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Trust Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - July 15, 2009
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Dear Friends,
We are at a wonderful crossroads of potential right now on our precious planet. For the first time in our collective history, we are capable and prepared to dream a different possibility for earth and all her many life forms. We have within us the balance of love, wisdom and power to bring forth a new reality filled with peace, health, harmony, abundance and genuine joy. Such is the influence we wield in our personal and shared lives.

The challenge we face is the inertia to the path of least resistance, otherwise known as giving in to fear. For millennia, we have chosen this easier route of succumbing to our fearful thoughts and feelings rather than embracing our ability to love unconditionally. Fear, being the mask we wear to cover our self-doubt as creative beings, has led us through innumerable difficulties, traumas and dramas. This seemingly simpler choice has also brought us to the apex of our adventure which is illustrated by our current outward global crisis and individual destructive chaos.

The present circumstances may appear to be dire and at times, almost impossible to overcome. That is what fear creates - the illusion that nothing is possible and that our ability to imagine a different outcome is of no consequence. Each time we embrace our doubt and step into fear, we strengthen its hold upon us and allow it to become our perspective of reality.

There is another choice that beckons to us in each moment too, and it is filled with infinite potential. It is a quieter and more subtle opportunity that is most often ignored because it necessitates being present in the moment with an acceptance of our true nature as self responsible creative beings. It requires courage, strength and determination to delve into our heart, know the divine bond that connects us to all sentient life, and allow our expression to be one of compassion and understanding.

In the beginning, it takes more effort to choose love over fear since we must first overcome our initial reaction to whatever is before us and release the doubt and fear we previously engaged and encouraged. With a deep breath and a sincere willingness, we then allow love to be our guiding intention through our thoughts and feelings. As we learn to trust unconditional love, we experience how this tangible, immutable power steadily brings all things into balance and harmony.
Ultimately, unconditional love becomes the natural path.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Allow Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - June 18, 2009
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Dear Friends,

There is such beauty and potential that surrounds us every moment. We can take notice of our rhythmic breathing and how this simple process nourishes every cell, gaze up at the sun and realize how it too is supporting our existence, or we can go within into our imagination and appreciate the power we wield to generate new tomorrows. Wherever we choose to put our attention, it is ultimately our perspective and personal interpretation that determines the nature of our experience.

Each of us is a marvelous being of immense creativity within a vibrant planet that sustains and provides for our every need. We have innate wisdom, unbridled courage, amazing strength, audacious faith, incredible bravery and astounding talents ever waiting to express in each moment. Yet, our greatest challenge is that we have forgotten the simplest of treasures - an open heart.

According to our unique circumstances and personal self awareness, we either ignore or ignite our compassionate understanding that all life is precious. We may be born into environments, accept beliefs, and experience conditions that easily limit our perspectives or even suppress our deepest truth; however nothing ultimately stands in our way to love unconditionally.

We can allow unconditional love to be our choice and personal perspective. Since it is already present in every moment, we merely place our attention on our heart and let the love flow. We can release the suggestions, layers and conditions that we have permitted to limit our reality. Whether we assume a grievance towards another for example, or generate criticism for self, we can let go through forgiveness and acceptance. It can be that easy and we do not need to wait for anyone else to do it for us.

Perhaps we have been expecting the world to change and somehow make our lives easier, never realizing that it simply reflects our individual and collective thoughts and feelings. If our world presently appears hardened and closed off, filled with strife, greed, fear, hatred, guilt, shame or doubt, let us be the first to share the love from our heart. Let us interpret our personal perspective from the bigger picture of unconditional love.

One person does make a difference and together we transform our planetary expression into the reflection of our divine birthright to live in peace, happiness, harmony and an abundance of love for all.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Freedom to Love

By Harold Becker - May 28, 2009
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Dear Friends,

We are born into this world with limitless potential, unbridled creativity and the capacity to love without measure. Long before our first breath we are a part of something grand and have an infinite array of options before us. Not only is our birth a miracle of amazing proportions, we continue to develop throughout life from that first cell with every option, path and possibility built right in. Who and what we become is up to the choices we make over the span of our lifetime.

The beauty of life is that we can always change our perspective. We are free to choose what we wish to believe, and with courage, we can chart our own course in life. It is true that many different ideas, circumstances and conditions can influence what direction we go in, yet none of them are absolute determiners of our journey - we are. Many may attempt to dictate what we should think and feel in the present moment or suggest their limited notions for our future. We know in the quiet recess of our inner sanctuary what we wish to create for ourselves.

Our incredible potential is in our ability to imagine a variety of different realities and our corresponding willpower to make them manifest for us. It is our personal thoughts and feelings that we need to pay attention to, not just our outer reality. Going within and connecting to our love and wisdom is how we learn to trust and believe in ourselves and our ability to create our dreams. It is our freedom to love that can never be taken away from us.

In each breath we begin again. Every moment we are capable of a new thought, a fresh feeling of joy and a world filled with opportunities that know no limit or bounds. These are the same choices we wish for everyone else as we understand the universal nature of our eternal bond with one another. We know we are but a cell in the body of humanity with the potential to fulfill a collective dream too. What we dream for ourselves we dream for our world.

Never underestimate your brilliance to make this a better world for yourself and all of us around you.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Intimate and Infinite Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - April 16, 2009
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Dear Friends,

Life is such a wonderful journey when we allow it to be filled with love. From the intimate focus within each breath to the infinite expansion of a starlit night, we are all part of this miraculous and magnificent adventure. Our bodies are the vehicle in which our senses experience the changes of the seasons and the rhythms of our heartbeat, while our greater consciousness allows us to connect to the universal love that weaves its way through all creation.

When we are fully present with ourselves and our surroundings, everything and everyone is precious and each experience is embraced as an expression of love. When we take life for granted however, and allow our traditions, attachments, habits and routines to establish themselves, we draw a veil of separation that cuts off our natural conscious connection to life. We begin to ignore the simplest treasures that abound all around us and instead seek to create a false sense of love in our attachments to outer things, people and circumstances. Eventually we doubt that love even exists and we begin to react to life with fear.

Yet, like a rainbow that appears during a storm to remind us that the sun is still shining above the clouds, love is eternally present and merely awaits our acknowledgement. We need only take a deep breath and realize that we are already a part of this enduring love. It instantly pervades our awareness, washes away any remnants of doubt and fear, and illuminates the possibilities and potentials right before us.

Life is grand when we desire to actively participate with it through unconditional love. When we are intimate with life, it becomes infinite in its expression. Even if the storms may come from time to time, it is only an indication that we momentarily forgot that love is present. They will soon pass and we can once again express the love in our heart and experience the beauty that is life.

In a world presently filled with many clouds and potential storms, thank you for being the rainbow to let others know that love is always here.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Embracing Change with Love

By Harold Becker - March 20, 2009
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Dear Friends,

We are such amazing beings of infinite capacity and potential. Our boundless imagination, coupled with our wondrous will, allows us to bring our ideas into outer reality. Through our thoughts and feelings, we can literally create and experience that which we dream of in our heart of hearts. With patience and trust we manifest whatever we truly seek to experience on this grand adventure.

Whether we realize it or not, we create this way every moment. Yet, so often we become mired in habit and routine and stop being present with our imagination and the wisdom of our heart. Instead, we allow outmoded and outdated beliefs to take over rather than being aware of our creative choice. The unquestioned stream of mental thoughts, subtle notions of our emotional disposition, and very often, the outer suggestions of others, begin to dictate our identity, our actions and reactions.

That is, until something comes along to awaken us. This is frequently in the form of an accident, illness, unexpected event or circumstances that instantly disrupts our routine. If we are deeply rooted in habit, mentally or emotionally focused in the past or future, or simply unaware of our own creative spirit, this experience is usually met with great resistance and defiance by our outer personality or ego. The defenses, justification, victimhood and righteousness are often our immediate reaction to the fear and doubt that comes instantly to the surface. We become afraid of the change that has already happened.

How would our lives be different if we chose to be present in each moment knowing that change is constant and the very nature of life itself? What would happen if we actually embraced change as a wonderful opportunity to restore our creative capacity and begin anew with love?

Life is fluid, expansive and recreating itself every moment; we need only pay attention to the natural world to realize this. From the cycle of the seasons to the ever flowing rivers, the ceaseless life giving energy of the sun, the acorn becoming the mighty oak, or the rhythmic pulse of our own heartbeat, nature understands and embraces change. No two moments are exactly the same and love is forever present.

Always remember who you are - a beautiful and outrageously creative being capable of manifesting a world filled with peace, joy and unconditional love. Now is the perfect moment to imagine a new potential and choose it for yourself and the world around you.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


The Renaissance of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - February 12, 2009
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Dear Friends,

In these amazing moments upon our planet something extraordinary is happening - we are once again awakening to unconditional love. This divine love is stirring in the very depths of our being and calling to us through our hearts. We are finally listening to these subtle whispers and paying attention to our intuitive wisdom. We are turning within and beginning to question our very notion of reality. These are the signs that unconditional love is returning rapidly to our conscious awareness.

Our ability to love and be loved has always been our natural state and eternal heritage. Yet through eons of time, we have drawn our attention away to the outer world of our experiences and gradually forgotten this love at the core of our being. By allowing our attention to become fixed upon outer conditions, circumstances and events, we separated ourselves from our own potential and source of life. In an attempt to understand this separation, and our newfound inability to experience the love that we knew we were, we gave rise to the notion of fear. This perception of fear was really our personal doubt that we could ever love unconditionally again.

The time has come to reclaim our innate love. It is our renaissance of unconditional love. This is who we are. We can love so absolutely and so unbelievably that anything less than love simply dissolves into more love. Oh yes, it is indeed possible. It has been a long time since we loved so beautifully, so gracefully and so powerfully that we may be surprised when our heart expands to encompass this rebirth of our own choosing.

Breathe it in and allow yourself to be who you are. Let go of all the limitations of the past, the outmoded and outdated memories of times gone by, and embrace the potential that you came here to express. Be the one who does it first. Show others that love was never meant to be limited to physiological, mental and emotional constraints, rather it is here to express boldly and without conditions. Take the first step today and create a new reality where unconditional love is the beginning, middle and end in all you do and the world will begin to reflect your love.

From my heart to yours, thank you for your courage to be the love that you are!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


The Divine in 2009

By Harold Becker - December 31, 2008
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Beloved Friends,
In every moment and with each breath we take we have choice. We can witness the beauty, grandness and perfection that always surround us, or we can identify with a perception that somehow things are not as they should be. Either way, we get to make the distinction personally. Such is the amazing power each of us wields.

When we choose from our heart and with loving, self conscious awareness of the oneness that connects us all, we fashion reality to its greatest heights. And when we forget this loving connection to ourselves and with each other, we filter and react to our world with anger, hatred, greed and contempt. Each is ultimately just a perspective of a greater whole and merely represents a momentary reflection of how we see ourselves.

Through the simple recognition that our thoughts and feelings are the key to what we choose, we instantly connect with our potential. When we are present in the moment, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects converge together into a single consciousness, and when we align our awareness with our innate wisdom and combine it with our deepest love, we are powerful beyond measure. This triune activity of love, wisdom and power, held in perfect balance, is what we have come here to express at this time on our wondrous planet - it is unconditional love in action.

Never before have so many people simultaneously awakened to realize and remember not only their heritage... but also their destiny. We are at a crossroads of reality and before us we have the opportunity to restore our own connection to the divine nature within; the boundless love that flows from our heart.

Against the present backdrop of a reality that appears to be in conflict and chaos, each of us can choose to see beyond the limitation and activate the splendor of love that connects us all. It is our collective moment to accept and be the expression of this love through its many qualities, and to joyfully come from our heart in each moment.

Humanity awaits your courage to be the first to forgive, the first to embody peace, and the first to reveal the potential of love in all things. With dignity, integrity and strength beyond measure, walk this year as if life itself depended upon your love and the divine in 2009 will become a reality for all.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

Boundless Appreciation

By Harold Becker - November 25, 2008
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Dear Friends,

We are extraordinary beings of immense and profound potential. The fact that we breathe and have life is the most amazing miracle in itself. We also have the intrinsic nature of conscious self awareness. We can think, feel and interact with our world with infinite creativity to expand our reality beyond belief. Through our imagination alone, we can perceive and conceive the most fascinating opportunities to experience the grandness of life. Such is our heritage and our destiny.

On a fundamental level, each moment is precious. Beginning with our bodies, every breath and heartbeat engages the process of countless physiological interactions with trillions of cells, each interacting with incredible accuracy and unbelievable wisdom with the whole. And with perhaps little more than a brief acknowledgement, this continues for a lifetime without much notice on our part.

The physical body allows us to move about our day, interacting with our world and creating through our many diverse choices. We can express the depths of our heart with unconditional love or feel the intense pain of separation through the allowance of fear and doubt. Each step and experience lets us know the exact reflection of our choices. Just as in the cells of our body, with every interaction we comprehend how our individual choices combine and affect the whole. It is in this awakening conscious recognition we realize the oneness that is ever present in our reality - we are all interconnected and interdependent and a part of all creation itself.

Being cognizant of the beauty and astonishing perfection within each moment restores our awareness on what is really important in life. When we come from the place of wholeness and wisdom, our choices reflect and create a world that embraces each diverse facet with unconditional equality. Beginning with our own contributions, we easily and joyfully acknowledge and encourage this unlimited potential in others as well.

Life is simple when we come from our heart with boundless appreciation for Life itself.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


The Grace of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - October 6, 2008
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It is usually during times where we face the greatest challenges in life that we also create the most beautiful opportunities. These are the moments where we often initially feel the intense sense of helplessness or hopelessness, fear and doubt. Yet, when we are fortunate to be aware of the present now moment, remember to take a deep breath, release our attachment to the challenge and the outcome, and allow unconditional love as our perspective - we experience grace.

When challenges loom large and threatening, our first response is typically one of a reactive role towards some outer condition, person or thing. We look at the screen of life and assume it as our true reality wholly forgetting our inner presence and creative potential in the moment. If we continue to remain in this narrow point of view, we take on the energy and become victims of circumstance.

These moments are the reminder that we can go within and realize what is really happening: we are facing our limited thoughts and feelings that at some point we allowed to become a part of our consciousness. Because we allowed these fractional notions in, they are adding to our limited view of life instead of understanding the bigger picture... and there is always a bigger picture.

Unconditional love is this grander reality. When we fully embrace and accept our selves and our choices, know our infinite ability to imagine something new, and give our heart a chance to express the wisdom of the ages, we invite the grace that is always present to be a part of our experience.

We are more than our material surroundings, things, beliefs, titles, relationships and communities. We are vast, creative multidimensional beings with enormous potential, deep compassion, and incredible courage and strength. Thinking with our heart, we bring hope, help, caring, knowing, unity and solutions. Sharing this journey with each other, we reveal a new potential that includes the best for all. This is the grace of unconditional love.

Embrace and celebrate the moments of challenge for they simply point the way to our heart, where a brighter future filled with unlimited possibility awaits.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Unconditional Love - The Simple Question

By Harold Becker - September 18, 2008
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In this present now moment there is a simple question each of us can quietly ask ourselves and by embracing its affirmative answer, we open a whole new reality of potential before us. This is most likely not a question you may have ever considered for yourself or one that you have heard discussed by others. It is perhaps even one that you may wish to ignore at this stage of your journey. Yet, this beautiful and amazing transformative power and potential remains ever present until such time you feel the strength and courage to ask and accept its reality in your heart.

Why ask ourselves this question? Long ago we drifted away from our innate loving wisdom and allowed our consciousness to embrace the notion that our outer reality of form was our source of life. We became mesmerized and subsequently reliant upon our creations and forgot the power within our own being. Over time, this separation led to a sense of self doubt and with it, the corresponding manifestation we call fear. Unaware of the ultimate effect of our ongoing outer focus, we handed down our beliefs, notions, perspectives and ideals from generation to generation, century after century, often without stopping once to go within and ask a single question as to whether what we believe or do is actually coming from our own personal truth.

We stand at the threshold of opportunity to reconnect with our heart and allow the fullness of our wisdom to once again guide us. In an instant, we reverse the ignorance of ages by a clear and genuine acknowledgement of ourselves. By our own choice, we release the boundless freedom and joy and accept the potential that heals not only ourselves, also each other and our wondrous planet we call home. Can such a simple question really make this profound a difference? Answer it honestly, willingly, with an open heart and without hesitation, and you may be surprised by your own undeniable conclusion.

Do I love myself unconditionally?

What could there possibly be not to love? Our size, shape, color, age, gender? Our supposed status and achievements in life or the lack thereof? Our choices, mistakes and behaviors from the past? Our lost hopes, dreams or physical connections with others? These outer conditions and garments are only the forms we use to experience and evolve through life - they are not who we really are. Long after the forms dissolve and the expressions disappear, there is one thing that will always remain - Love.

The unconditional acceptance you have for yourself right now is the unconditional love you naturally will have for all others and Life itself. Allow yourself to embrace the knowing of love held within your heart and you share it with the world.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

The Unlimited Abundance of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - July 25, 2008
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For eons of time we have played out the duality of wealth and poverty in this physical world. When we have felt opulence in our heart we have created a renaissance in our lives. In the moments where we have allowed our individual and collective fear to be our master, our reaction has typically been to destroy the things we hold most dear. Now we find ourselves at a critical juncture in our evolution. The extremes are obvious. Great material wealth is matched by unbelievable poverty. Will we go beyond this duality and embrace the potential of unconditional love where wealth and poverty merge into abundance for all? Can we allow the wisdom of our heart to decide the course of our collective humanity?

The outer world of physical form is our creative playground and allows us an infinite number of ways to express our potential. Yet, long ago we established a false premise that there is a limited amount of resources and that only by control and manipulation can we maintain an orderly reality. As a result, we have built our lives and civilizations to great heights and also destroyed them in the same breath because we have forgotten the innate and inexhaustible resource of unconditional love.

In many ways we have applied our outer pursuits of materialism to our expectation and experience of love and limited it as a simple commodity: either as an emotional sentiment, physiological expression or brokering tool for affection and acceptance. Yet real love encompasses every facet of our life and is an ever present potential in every moment of our existence. When we invoke unconditional love we instantly rise above the duality. From this expansive perspective we immediately see the intricate web and eternal design of a wise world already filled with love.

Unconditional love is the one resource that is always available to everyone in limitless supply. In this way we are all equal and infinitely abundant and when we give and receive from the heart, everyone benefits. If we are affluent yet hoard our resources for fear of loss, or feel impoverished and continue to accept poverty as our destiny, we deny the opulence that surrounds us right now. In reality, these are ultimately two sides of the same coin as neither embraces the unlimited potential that love creates.

We stand upon the crossroads of a new world where love dissolves the extremes and everyone shares the bounty of creative potential. Which path will you choose?

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Timeless Love

By Harold Becker - April 17, 2008
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Have you ever noticed that when you are fully present in your life, everything flows and the possibilities are endless? Thoughts of the past naturally conjure positive feelings and the future seems bright and filled with potential. These are the moments we flow with grace and ease and experience life as a beautiful expression. We notice the subtle perfection all around us and our hearts expand with a distinct knowing that all is well.

Then there are the moments when we pick up on a suggestion, whether from someone or something on our path or think about a past memory that stimulates a sense of hurt - these are the unresolved emotions in our consciousness that have crystallized in form. In a split second, we transport ourselves out of the present moment, via our thoughts and feelings, to a point where we start reliving this painful stuck emotional energy. It then begins to color our present and future experience with all of the unresolved emotions like anger, guilt, shame, worry, greed or fear.

What is the difference between these two realities? When we are aware of our thoughts and feelings and trust the process of life, we remain in an unconditional and timeless state of consciousness and act according to our heartfelt wisdom. Everything is interconnected and we empower our imagination with potential while we seek to fulfill our hopes and dreams. Obstacles and mistakes are recognized as serving to refine our goals rather than block our path and we allow them to be a part of the journey. Love is our guiding emotion.

To the contrary, when we react to a situation identifying with our fears and doubts, we give away our creative responsibility and attach ourselves to a moment in time and space. This incomplete perspective or emotional response is eventually accepted as truth simply because we did not know how to let go. From childhood on, these energetic limitations repeat themselves throughout our lives until we decide one day to release our attachment to them.

We can choose to detach from these distressing limited memories through forgiveness, both for ourselves and all the characters and circumstances that we once perceived to have caused us to feel hurt, harmed, violated or victimized. This is our key to personal freedom and our ability to flow with life once again. When we heal and release ourselves from our own limitations, we also heal and free the world around us.

Unconditional love is indeed timeless since it is impossible to ever attach ourselves to anything when we remain present and loving in our perspective.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

Unconditional Compassion

By Harold Becker - March 19, 2008
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Dear Friends

We are such amazing beings of potential. At our core center, we have a spark of life filled with infinite love. This love is pure, natural and unconditional. Like an endless reservoir, it flows without limit whenever we breathe into the moment and remember this love. We instantly radiate it into all of our experiences and create our lives with incomparable beauty, harmony, peace and joy. The wonder of this awareness is that when we recognize our own spark of divinity we behold this same essence in everyone around us.

Over eons of time and for countless reasons, we have forgotten the importance of being present in the moment and to stay connected with this limitless love. We have placed a symbolic wall around our hearts and blocked the light that seeks to flow as a boundless river of love. As we steadily continued to build this inner defense, so too have we separated ourselves from one another in the outer world of form. When the light eventually became very dim, we let fear and doubt become our motivating intent and as a result, we now find ourselves in a world of seeming chaos, darkness, struggle and strain - the likes of which we have never known.

These outer conditions are merely calling to us to take down our self created barriers and to love once more without reservation or hesitation. We are beginning to realize we have a choice and can make a difference by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and intimate both with ourselves and with each other. It is okay to accept that we are capable of loving unconditionally. We can also acknowledge that we are loveable and loved and that the walls we have built to protect us from potential hurt, shame, hate and all number of mental and emotional devices need no longer be a part of our world.

We take the first step by having unconditional compassion for our own journey. We may have built this fortification brick by brick with reasoning we thought justifiable at the time, yet now we are aware of our potential to embrace our love and no longer be afraid of it. By accepting ourselves without condition or judgment, we dissolve the walls that have kept this wondrous energy from flowing naturally. In turn, we share this unconditional compassion to those around us as we now understand how they have held back their love too. Compassion is the key that unlocks our collective potential to heal our world and restore the love that is at the heart of all creation.

When we know we have love in our heart, unconditional compassion becomes as natural as breathing.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


A Grander Love

By Harold Becker - February 12, 2008
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Love is such a beautiful expression. When we feel the passion of romance, the gentle touch of kindness, or the simple gaze of a willing smile, we are lifted into a higher awareness of life's potential. In these precious moments, the impossible melts into infinity itself where all things are possible. We instantly remember what matters most is this love that unites us and assures us that all is well.

At the core of our being, we intuitively know we are love. Not just an external expression of love that we equate or define as a loving act, rather the grander love that is unconditional. This love knows no bounds or limits, causes our heart to beat, our body to feel and our mind to think. It animates us and inspires us. Such boundless love literally gives us the freedom to explore the very depths of our reality. Without it, we cease to exist. With it, we soar to amazing heights of experience.

Love is silent, yet beckons each moment. This is not a paradox, it is an invitation. Love does not intrude since it is ever present. It merely calls to us and asks that it be included in our awareness through every thought, feeling, word, deed and action. What could be easier?

In this physical world we have become so far removed from this intrinsic aspect of our nature that we have forgotten its existence and importance. Instead, we frequently replace true love with our sensory notions and expectations and limit our expression to a few physiological, mental and emotional acrobatics. These demonstrations are an artificial version of love and are symbolic tokens at best. Naturally, they contain the seeds of a grander love; however we usually do not nurture or cultivate unconditional love long enough to experience its potential in us or our relationships.

Who among us is courageous enough to remember the truth of love? Shall we be so brave as to be the first to embrace and accept ourselves as potent beings of love? Are we willing to share this limitless expression to each and every one around us - without expectation of anything in return? Can we be so bold as to forgive? So outrageous as to accept and embrace the same potential of love in others?

As we grow through life, let us contemplate and invoke this grander love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


The Simplest Gift

By Harold Becker - December 20, 2007

Dear Friends,

This time of year often brings travel, traditions, family and unity to the center stage. For many, it is an opportunity to gather and share our symbolic gifts, stories and personal experiences. We come together to celebrate as one and connect with those near and dear to us. Goodwill is our theme as we more readily open our hearts and naturally embrace each other in mutual brother/sisterhood during this period.

Within these moments, remember that you carry a special and unique gift that has a wondrous and amazing quality; it is always available, has no cost, cannot be bought, stolen, bartered or lost, it replenishes itself without measure no matter how much of it you give away, and it seeks nothing in return. You can easily bestow it to yourself and everyone around you and, while doing so, the whole world simultaneously benefits. It is the simplest gift anyone can give that never needs to be wrapped or unwrapped. It is unconditional love.

When we come from our heart of hearts and share the boundless love for all life, we know that all is well and that our very existence is enough. We see the reflection of our own nature in the eyes of another and this timeless love instantly balances and heals our reality.

Consider bringing your special gift into all of your experiences. Share the love that you are without condition and witness the transformation in everyone and everything around you. Be the one who knows what the real secret is to life and let the twinkle in your eye be the ribbon of light that awakens another to their potential.

You are the light and love of the world, always have been and always will be. Shine your light this season, as well as all year long, and give the simplest gift of unconditional love to everyone you encounter.

From all of us at The Love Foundation, we wish you abundant joy, laughter and unconditional love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Unconditional Gratitude

By Harold Becker - November 15, 2007
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Dear Friends,

Every moment is a precious, unique and incredible gift of life. A magnificent sunset, a cool morning breeze, the laughter of a child, the warm embrace of a friend... these are the real treasures that require nothing more than our recognition of them. When we are fully present, our love and gratitude is as natural as breathing.

This time of year tends to find us experiencing a great number of festivals, holidays, gatherings and a wide variety of traditions around the world. Many of these observances have as their focus the understanding of thankfulness and gratitude and at their core, a deep meaning of love. Gratitude and unconditional love - they go hand in hand, yet how well do we truly understand their importance and affect on our lives?

Giving thanks is universal across all cultures and is expressed in a myriad of ways depending on beliefs, rituals and social norms of the day. Some see it as reaping an abundant harvest, others as acknowledgement for the blessings of the good that has happened personally, in the family and perhaps in the community or nation. Each is a recognition that we have been taken care of in some acceptable or exceptional way. In essence, it is our formal way of taking time to recognize the beauty and bounty held in every moment and the amazing way that the whole of life is woven in a grand design to provide for our existence and joy.

The wonder of our very life depends on an amazingly intricate and complex combination of interactions that are continuously underway. From our breath and incredible functioning body to the daily encounters with nature, humanity and beyond, each moment is filled with an infinite number of facets we could single out to be grateful for. However, in our oft unbalanced outer pursuit of worldly things we forget or ignore our "precious moments" and instead ponder what is missing or how things have not gone or are going our way. Only occasionally do we stop to give thanks for a notable or obligatory reason.

Gratitude for a harvest gone well is certainly important, however if we are not aware that our body is our temple for example, and necessary to actually experience the harvest, we have missed the real moment of understanding gratitude. It all works together. And... it is easy to express our gratitude when things are going well, however what happens when the harvest falls short or we have challenges and difficulties in our personal and collective lives? If relationships, finances or health are in jeopardy, are we still grateful? How do we accept life and still be thankful when at times appearances seem to say our lives are falling apart? True gratitude, like true love, is unconditional.

Unconditional gratitude is unconditional love in action. It is our innate willingness to accept every step of our path no matter what and still maintain a sense of thankfulness. When we remain present in the moment and embrace the good with the less than good, we are coming from our heart that knows all is in order. In these moments, we notice the truly important things and allow our journey to be one of experiences without the judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. This automatically places us in a higher understanding of life that incorporates the big picture. Gratitude is actually how we remind ourselves of the real reason for being on this beautiful orb we call home; that it is ultimately about loving all life unconditionally.

As you celebrate each moment with friends and family or just in the company of yourself and a gorgeous sunrise, consider allowing unconditional gratitude to be your view on life. Let thankfulness come from the depths of your heart and watch what happens.

From my heart to yours, I wish you joy, much laughter and an abundance of love.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - October 21, 2007
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Dear Friends,

Our world is always changing and even the most seemingly static physical forms eventually dissolve to be reborn in a new form another day. We, as self aware beings, have the attribute that allows us to interact and influence this process consciously. This is an incredible creative quality that lets us shift, shape and mold the world around us. We get to play with the very fabric of form which is an awesome opportunity with incredible responsibility.

As a result of this creative ability, we presently find ourselves in an era of change that is literally transforming every aspect of our lives. The past hundred years alone has been one of exponential expansion that is affecting every single atom on this beautiful orb we call home. For example, we have gone from experiences like the horse and buggy to interplanetary vehicles mapping the cosmos and from expressing ourselves with ink on paper to infinite forms of electronic communication being conveyed through the air. Even our beloved earth is reflecting resulting changes in the environment which we presently label as global warming.

So what is really driving this seemingly exponential shift in experiences in such a brief period of time? Could the big picture be that we are really opening our heart to allow a profound new way to experience life?

Looking around at the results of our human creative influence, it is clearer and more obvious each day that the thoughts and feelings we hold in our consciousness directly affect everything. The power we wield through our resulting actions is either life affirming or destructive. It is becoming painfully obvious that a logical, technical and mechanical world needs the wise balance of love, nurturing and harmony, otherwise we will destroy ourselves. Our masculine and feminine qualities must come into greater balance for our very survival and evolution.

We are allowing love to merge once again into the very essence of our consciousness. When love is present, outmoded, traditional forms do not fit in the same way they once did. For example, a whip will not motivate a car to move faster any more than a dictator can continue to force a population to be held in fear. These are no longer the way the world works when humanity begins to come from the heart and recognizes the unique equality held in all forms of life. Like with any change, there is a time of chaos as we move from one reality to another.

During this transformational time, we have to let go of things that no longer fit or vibrate with our new expression. We need to be flexible and open to new possibilities. We literally have to think outside the box since we can no longer be contained by limiting perspectives and beliefs. This can be challenging when we are accustomed to certain things being the way they were and attempt to maintain the false perception that things are static, safe and secure. Only by letting go and embracing our potential do we start to experience the manifestations of our new reality.

We are taking the first steps to reveal a world based on diversity, equality, harmony, dignity and respect. How? By each choice we make throughout the day. The world quickly adapts and reflects our individual and collective thoughts and feelings. When we intend to play the game in a new way through unconditional love, our choice not only affects our personal life along with those around us, it changes the world for generations.

When we accept ourselves without condition, forgive and release the many instances and emotional pains of the past, and choose to embrace each moment with full awareness, we return to our natural and true state of being. We build forms that are in harmony with our heart not just our minds. We simplify our approach and allow inspiration to take us to new heights. Fear no longer has hold over us and we walk in peace. Coming from love, we affect outcomes and potentials in a wholly different way. We become the example of a new way of living.

Unconditional love is the big picture. Patience and trust is how we traverse this time period. Be patient with the process. When you simply accept you for you, it is easy to allow those around you to be who they are. Trust that you have the strength and courage to live life your way. Allow the love to flow from your heart and witness the changes you begin to experience. The world awaits your creative and loving input.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Funny Thing About Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - September 20, 2007
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Dear Friends,

What is it about life that is so intriguing and at the same time, can be seemingly so difficult? One moment we appear to be happy and content and the next can bring utter chaos. We can move from joy to anger in a split second or find ourselves deeply mired in wallowing grief and despair for no apparent reason. Are we finally willing to understand what motivates these experiences at a causal level or are we content to react to every effect we encounter for the rest of our lives? Perhaps we can begin understanding the mechanism and driving motivation behind our personal and planetary story and re-member ourselves as part of a greater adventure and collective whole. Maybe it is time we embrace unconditional love at a causal level.

Most of us spend our day in some form of reaction to conditions, people, places, and things all processed through our thoughts and feelings. Thinking our way through each circumstance, we attempt to follow a logical pattern and draw a reasonable conclusion to make sense of life while our feelings flair up constantly and often unexpectedly, holding us emotionally hostage in ways we don't even realize. This continues until the next thing comes along and grabs our attention and we head off in another direction. Rather than being fully present in the moment, we compound this process by frequently looking to the past for a sense of direction and stability or daydream a future potential all in hopes that somehow the past or future will free us. When life becomes overwhelming, we combat the resulting chaotic and confusing series of ongoing reactions and unresolvable scenarios by trying to numb, medicate, stimulate or sedate ourselves with an infinite array of methods that further remove us from the reality of reality. Sound familiar?

Add to this mixture the rapidly changing dynamics of our increasing global awareness where we are no longer just dealing with our immediate lives and that of our community, we are faced with the daily issues that plague humanity on a scale far beyond our comprehension much less our conceivable ability to do anything about it. Or so it seems.

There is a different way to approach life that can make sense of it all and bring us the peace, harmony and unconditional love we all crave. What we are really looking for in every experience and encounter is the awareness of love. Not just ordinary love, romantic love, or a superficial validation of love, we are looking for the genuine expression of love without condition or limits. At a core level and at the very center of our being we know this to be true; unconditional love is what we are here to experience. Just hearing or reading the words together "unconditional love" you instantly know and feel the intuitive nudge that makes these two words something more than unconditional and love.

The funny thing about unconditional love is that it is already within us. It has never been anywhere else. Despite our life-long effort to find it outside ourselves in the people, places and things we continually run around creating, we can never "get" unconditional love from others. As children we expected our parents to be the examples of this type of love without conditions, yet it was never expressed or passed along to them either so they had no way of sharing this wisdom. Now as adults, we continue to search through our relationships with everything in the physical - whether person, place or thing, hoping beyond hope to find this limitless love. Simply look around and you will see ample evidence that humanity does not currently understand unconditional love, where it really is and how to express this amazing potential. Yet.

Consider opening your heart to allow unconditional love to flow once again from within you and experience love of a new magnitude. Become the cup that overflows with this vibrant energy and the world will respond in delight. Forgive and release your attachment to pain, suffering, fear, doubt and separation and take the first step to generate this boundless love. Radiate your love without condition and through you humanity will finally come to know and experience what unconditional love truly is.

Embrace yourself and you embrace the universe. Be the cause of unconditional love and you light the way!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Thinking With Our Heart

By Harold Becker - August 17, 2007
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Dear Friends,

We are at a beautiful moment on this planet where a new world is being birthed based on integrity, dignity, harmony, peace and love. The most obvious signs that this is well underway is that everything is changing and nothing seems to make sense. In fact, in many ways it appears to be the total opposite of an emerging new world. We are witnessing lies, deceit, greed, extreme wealth and poverty, sickness, destruction, dis-ease, dis-honor, addictions, abuse, and environmental chaos, along with countless other named and unnamed calamities and certainly little evidence of peace or love. Yet appearances can be deceiving in themselves and what we see and perceive is only a tiny fragment of the bigger picture.

Over the past several years, one of the regularly recurring themes we encounter with The Love Foundation is that so many people we connect with are hopeful of a better world and at the same time they are sincerely troubled by the one they appear to be presently experiencing. They know in their hearts that life is not meant to be a struggle filled with so much fear and doubt, yet they find it difficult at times to reconcile the seeming chaos and atrocities that are bombarding them from every seeming angle internally and externally. What if we stepped back and set aside our endless judgment for a moment and looked at the bigger picture? What if we stepped into the realm of our heart and began to listen to its wisdom?

When we stop and truly and genuinely look around, what do we see and what are we really experiencing? What is our mental and emotional filter of life and how is this affecting our current perspective? Do we perceive our reality as an observer or are we still allowing ourselves to be caught up in the drama like a character actor in a play? If it is the latter, do we know how to shift our perspective to see a larger view and a greater whole? Is there a way that we can connect with the real peace and love that already exists within? Is unconditional love a key that unlocks this potential?

Our mind has been the thinker for millennia and now it is time to move our energy into the heart and begin to think from this vantage point. By expressing from the heart, we can do something different in our own lives to shift our experience and in turn, the reality around us. Coming from unconditional love, we move out of the duality and polarity of right and wrong, good and bad, and begin to share that which we already are... powerful, wise, loving and lovable beings of immense talent, creativity, compassion and strength. Not to mention, individuals filled with integrity, dignity, harmony, peace, and love.

Shifting from one reality to another always includes a phase where the old gives way to the new and this often takes on the momentary appearance of chaos, strife, the need to let go of the known and a courageous willingness to allow the new to manifest. Underlying this or any transition is the loving intelligence that guides us between worlds and emanates from our own heart. No matter what the appearance, the heart knows the bigger picture and from this grander perspective we can make a profound difference.

Make a choice today to suspend judgment and relax into what simply is. Let go of what you mentally think is going on and center your awareness in the heart. Be present in the now and experience the only moment that is real and tangible. Breathe. Allow. Be at peace and you will know peace. Share your unconditional love and the world will know love.

You are the one birthing this new world and I am honored to be in your presence.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker


Loving Unconditionally

By Harold Becker - July 16, 2007
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Dear Friends,

Perhaps the greatest awareness we can focus upon in our life is the wisdom of unconditional love. It is a simple choice each of us can make that leads to profound change and births a new reality within our present moment, the only moment we ever truly have. It is also a personal choice that affects our collective world in amazing ways by restoring the natural balance inherent in all things. Yet, what does it mean to love unconditionally?

For many years I have marveled how people respond when I mention these two words together - surprisingly, often heard or considered for the very first time. There is a vibration and acknowledgement that reverberates through the person's being in that particular moment that the single word "love" never achieves. Uttering and contemplating these combined words invokes meaning that is felt at our deepest level. It is a universal understanding of our core essence that knows beyond knowing and fills us instantly with understanding, compassion, joy and harmony. It is the "unconditional" aspect of the phrase that leads us into new territory that we rarely, if ever, consciously travel in our daily life.

Ironically, loving unconditionally is nothing more than a shift in our perspective since it is already within us. We bring it to the forefront when we decide to release the layers of guilt, shame, judgement, hatred, anger, worry, fear, doubt and other similar limiting beliefs we have allowed to fill our daily thoughts, feelings and routines. These limiting perspectives have no power other than what we give them through our attention. If we believe them to be true, they take on that energy to validate our creative expression. What happens if we choose to forgive and release them and place our attention on unconditional love instead?

Letting go of our attachment to conditioned responses frees us from our past and allows us to dwell in the realm of unconditional love where all things are possible. When we come to love ourselves without limit or condition, we easily view the world from this compassionate foundation and joyfully share our love to others without condition. This gives freedom to everyone and everything around us as we cease placing our limitations on them too. Think of the layers of limitation we have accepted over our lifetime alone and in turn, how many people we have affected. We can end this cycle by choosing a new way through self acceptance and unconditional love.

Heart to heart a new world is emerging as we once again recognize our potential to love unconditionally. Oh, there are still plenty of examples that appear less than loving, yet they are only our past limiting thoughts and feelings revealing themselves from a former time when we believed in a conditional life. Now we can love them as aspects of ourselves that reflect who we once were when we believed in limitation in a similar way.

Never before have so many responded to their own inner urge to shift their awareness from a fear-based reality to one of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the most profound time ever known upon this planet - the moment where we return to unconditional love and become that which we always were, divine beings of exquisite creative potential.

What will you choose? Can you love yourself so deeply and so freely that you see yourself in the eyes of another? Will you remember in each moment of your day that humanity is filled with individuals wanting to know what and where unconditional love really resides just like you once did? Show them through your strength and courage and release a wave of love that envelops each in a loving embrace from the heart.

Thank you for being the beautiful you that you are!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

Unconditional Love

By Harold Becker - August 1, 2006

Dear Friends,

I come to you today with a reflection and reminder of how special, important and loved you are. I also come with encouragement and knowing that one by one and day by day we are building a new world together based on peace and love. Despite all outer appearances to the contrary, each of us is steadily remembering how to come from our heart with unconditional love which is altering the very course of humanity.

Funny thing about appearances, they are rarely what they appear to be. Our hearts and minds are opening and we are beginning to see beyond the immediate physical reality and world of effects only. We are realizing the causal nature of our thoughts and feelings as a manifestation of a long curious journey based on separation, lack, fear and doubt. Each limited personal thought and feeling we held in the past has added to the present conditions surrounding us. This also means that for each thought and feeling we presently hold in peace and unconditional love, we are creating a new journey and future filled with these qualities.

Amidst the seeming chaos, strife, arrogance and ignorance being played out locally and globally, we are coming face to face with perhaps the greatest opportunity ever presented to choose unconditional love as our personal and collective view and to finally recognize the entire human earth family as one. Never before have so many beings resided at one time on this planet with such diverse personal and cultural beliefs, understandings, conditioning, heritage, and.... potential.

Some 15 years ago I developed a rather different and perhaps unconventional definition for unconditional love and shared it in my first book, Internal Power - Seven Doorways to Self Discovery. Seeking a practical definition, I chose to understand and evolve each of the two words "unconditional" and "love" to their core essence of meaning. Then combining them into one idea I realized a useful insight for applying this profound perspective found in this unique combination of two words. My definition simply stated - "unconditional love is an unlimited way of being".

This definition doesn't necessarily speak to the typical expected response or popular collective understanding of most cultures. Instead it reveals something more important - the individual potential that resides within each of us every moment. It merely asks that we approach each moment with clarity and right perspective and recognize the vast unlimited possibilities to choose a new way of thinking and feeling.

Such a sense of profound love comes when we first forgive and accept ourselves for all our limiting beliefs, mistakes, judgments and misunderstandings and apply the "unconditional" to us personally. We recognize our self worth, value our talents, and allow our selves to be who we are rather than what we think others wish us to be. In turn, we naturally understand those around us and extend our helping hand without condition, judgment or expectation. We see ourselves in the reflection of another and know that everyone deserves to love and be loved without condition.

By embracing the present moment with openness we realize and know we have the solutions and answers already within us. We begin building a reality that is based on love, wisdom and power in perfect balance. For each step we take personally, we impact the world with this amazing energy of love.

Unconditional love turns hope into knowing in a collective reality that is often seen as hopeless or seemingly impossible to overcome. When you know something is possible you empower this to manifest with your very being. So know from now on that you are loved and loving and see how the world responds to your light and knowing. Watch how your peace and strength is sought out by others and how the limitless love you have to share is the love you receive in return.

You are all so amazing... thank you for your compassion, courage and vision to make this a better world for all of us.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

August 15, 2005

By Harold Becker

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you for your personal contemplation. As the world is rapidly changing and there is once again a seeming increase in confusion, tension, polarity and fear, I would like to send a different message to each and every one of you recalling the potential to love unconditionally.

You already know that our vision at The Love Foundation is to "inspire people to love unconditionally" and it has been my personal journey to share a timeless and simple message that love is indeed possible. Well, the message now requires action by each of us to fully realize this potential. It is perhaps the most critical time we have yet encountered on the planet and it will take the personal strength of each to lift the world into a higher perspective in the coming days.

Behind the many evolving news headlines is a bigger movement attempting to encourage a level of fear and hopelessness to permeate our consciousness into believing that we must be afraid of everything and everyone. This not-so-subtle effort is hoped to keep people from realizing their personal potential to make a difference... and the TRUTH is you do! It only takes one to simply realize that love is more powerful than fear and the game is done.

Did I say it was easy? No, in fact, it may be one of the greatest challenges you may ever face. To discover and express love in the face of fear and doubt takes enormous courage and strength. Yet, I know clearly that you are up to the task.

This is no longer a time where we can sit idly by allowing our attention to become engrossed on the negative images and stories of others, or continue to live in our own fear, doubt and limitation. Look behind the headlines and images being projected. Then look within and understand why we allow doubt and fear to capture our imagination and release these emotional bonds to the past. When we can accept our ability to change our personal perspective, we change the outcome for all.

I encourage you to become an observer in the coming days and see where your thoughts and feelings are focused. By beginning with this first step, you will add to your awareness of love and affect people within your circle in an exponential and positive way. People thousands of miles away will instantly benefit by this love just because you were willing to go beyond your limited perspective to understand a bigger picture.

Thank you for considering my unusual and timely request. The earth awaits your next thought and feeling of love and forgiveness. Peace does prevail.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation Inc.





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