TLF YouTube Nonprofit Channel

We created our TLF Nonprofit Channel in 2008 as a way to provide a variety of videos filled with inspiration and insights. Our original videos were created by a wonderful Canadian volunteer who took many of our written presentations and brought them to life in images and song. We continue to innovate and provide evolving content. We invite you to visit our YouTube Nonprofit Channel and watch over 260 empowering videos including our newest presentation series, TLF TV Presents.

TLF TV Presents

As part of our YouTube Nonprofit Channel, we have a dedicated presentation series of interview videos we call TLF TV Presents. We originally launched with three series; Aspects of Love, Self Discovery and Loving Unconditionally. All of them are Conversations with Harold W. Becker with host, Philip Snow, conducting the interviews. Since then we have added many more videos and guest interviews with our Love Begins With Me film project.

Aspects of Love: Introduction - Conversations with Harold W Becker

Self Discovery: Introduction - Conversations with Harold W Becker

Loving Unconditionally - Conversations with Harold W Becker

We also have a special one hour show entitled Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom hosted by Harold created in 1997 originally as a PBS Television Special. In this video, he shares the inspiration and insight on how to embrace and become aware of unconditional love throughout one's life.

Check out our Love Begins With Me film project.




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