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The following is a brief description of our ongoing and proposed education, research and charity programs and activities for The Love Foundation Inc., as a tax deductible, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in USA. Check out our Events page for specific scheduled activities.

Our programs are clarified as Ongoing, Annual, Planned (initiating soon) along with those that are currently on hiatus. This list is merely a guide; our actual programs are announced on this web site as we put them into action. Please check back from time to time to see what we are up to.


The Love FoundationWeb Site (Ongoing)
TLF continues to develop and update our web site to provide information about our organization, as well as, being a resource of information that relates to the vision and understanding of unconditional love. By accessing the web site, anyone can research the concept of unconditional love, self love, self esteem, and other timeless understandings.

Global Love DayGlobal Love Day (Annual)
TLF initiated and sponsors GLOBAL LOVE DAY each May 1st as an international day of love that celebrates our humanity. Our theme is "Love Begins With Me" and is designed to touch all people around the world with a focus on the power and grace of love through forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, diversity and community. See the Global Love Day page for further details.

Art, Essay and Poetry InvitationalArt, Essay and Poetry Invitational (Annual)
In conjunction with GLOBAL LOVE DAY, we sponsor an annual ART, ESSAY and POETRY INVITATIONAL open to anyone young at heart. Director's Awards are presented to one Finalist from each category along with Honorable Mentions. Additionally, a Founder's Award may be presented to one submission that exceptionally embodies the theme for that year. More information can be found here.

Love Begins With MeLove Begins With Me Film Project (Ongoing)
We are producing a new film/documentary project to reveal that love is alive and well and is being shared amongst people throughout the world - and how much better the world is when people are sharing their love. We are inviting people to take part in or contribute to this film, by making videos with their video camera, cell/mobile phone camera or Skype, etc. A separate Love Begins With Me web site provides information how people can get involved.

All Nations Love logoAll Nations Love (Ongoing)
We initiated a heart-based social participation movement that acknowledges and encourages the goodness that surrounds us each and every day. Entitled All Nations Love, this project is our collective opportunity to collaborate locally and inspire and highlight the kindness, caring, dignity and honesty that is the natural and greater part of our daily experience. The core theme: “Every nation has a heart, it is time to let yours shine.”

America LovesAmerica Loves (Ongoing)
As a US based nonprofit, we are directly sponsoring America Loves as part of the All Nations Love program. We wish to become a model for other nations by showing the world how we as a nation have a great heart and it is time to let ours shine. Our vision is to collaborate with individuals, groups and communities, to encourage loving collaborations to make a positive difference.

YouTube channelTLF YouTube Nonprofit Channel and TLF TV Presents (Ongoing)
With already over 260 videos and several series play lists, we provide a broad base of inspiring, educational and informative videos covering a wide range of insights about unconditional love. In addition to the current variety of uplifting videos, we continue to develop content through interviews, meditations and other encouraging presentations made available worldwide via our TLF YouTube Nonprofit Channel.

Love AmbassadorLove Ambassadors (Ongoing)
We encourage individuals to become an Ambassador of Love and offer an acknowledgement of distinction honoring them with this title. All that is required is the desire and intent to share in unconditional love. We ask people to nominate themselves or another through our site as an ambassador of love by sharing their vision of compassion for all life.

Inspiring Unconditional Love logoInspiring Unconditional Love (Ongoing)
We are inspired by?our many global friends and connections and this program invites anyone to contribute their insights, courage, wisdom, and compassion?through poems, stories, music, art, collaborations and on many occasions, just by reaching out and touching us with your love. We share examples on our site as part of our worldwide awareness of love.

Loving Earth logoLoving Earth (Ongoing)
This program is designed to acknowledge our innate responsibility as privileged custodians of our wondrous earth. This orb is more than just our home; it is a vast, interactive and amazing classroom of incredible proportions. This program extends our focus beyond many of our other "people" oriented programs and encourages a loving wisdom for all life on the this planet. Loving Earth is as vital as loving ourselves.

Volunteer Country and Regional Coordinators (Ongoing)
Creating an alliance of volunteers around the world, we have individual Country Coordinators and US State Coordinators that represent the mission and vision of The Love Foundation on a local country (or state) basis. These dedicated individuals share the desire to inspire people to love unconditionally and coordinate relevant activities throughout their country on our behalf.

TLF Social Forums and Mobile Apps (Ongoing)
These various online forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others, allows for people to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences of unconditional love along with exchanging information with one another on our various programs. We also provide a free Inspire Love mobile app for the Android platform.

Seminars and Workshops (Ongoing)
Would you like to come speak? Seminars and workshops are available for presentation to requesting groups that educate and share the idea of unconditional love for self and others. These seminars provide a practical discussion on the benefits of living life through unconditional love.

Meditations (On Hiatus)
We present and/or co-host free universal meditation presentations to requesting groups, other organizations, and the general public. These meditations are geared to beginner and experienced levels, offering an overview discussion on the values of meditating along with techniques and actual guided group meditations.

Halfway Home/Post Prison Rehabilitation (On Hiatus)
We have presented weekly meditation, life skills and awareness classes in the Tampa Bay area (also addressing addiction recovery) to a local halfway home for women. These types of gatherings are geared to beginner levels offering an educational discussion on the practical understanding of unconditional love along with self acceptance techniques and guided group meditations.

Media/Billboard Public Service Message (Planned)
The Love Foundation is developing a public media campaign. Through various media, (e.g. public service announcements, billboard messages, etc.) we will present the reminder of the power of unconditional love to the general public. This program can provide valuable exposure to the visions of the foundation. If you, or someone you know, could assist in this area, please contact us.

PBS Television Program (Planned)
In line with our overall vision to inspire people to love unconditionally, the medium of television can be a powerful tool. In 1997, our founder, Harold W. Becker, was featured in a pledge drive special entitled Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom. We are currently seeking a PBS station to produce and air an updated version of this show or develop a a series of shows to help educate and inspire viewers throughout the country and world.


Database of Information (Ongoing)
The Love Foundation has an ongoing effort to research and catalog electronic and related resources of information that further the understanding of unconditional love, self esteem, positive thinking and other aspects of the vision of this organization so that we may provide these resources as an electronic database via our web site and other media.

Resource Library (Planned)
Physical resources of information related to the vision and concept of unconditional love are being identified and may possibly be acquired by the foundation. It is expected that over time these resources will be catalogued and be made available to the general public or any interested groups to research the subject of unconditional love.

Research (Ongoing)
To improve the lives of all people, it may be possible for The Love Foundation to conduct research that scientifically shows the nature of love and its effects physically, emotionally and mentally. Additionally, there may be opportunities to assist in other research programs that furthers the vision of unconditional love set forth by our organization.


Self Esteem Resources (Planned)
We are actively acquiring informational resources and materials such as books, programs, or essays on unconditional love, self esteem, and positive thinking for example, that can be donated or borrowed by requesting or targeted groups. Our goal is to develop community programs and workshops that foster peace, love, and self awareness as expressions and that encourage positive action (e.g. earth day events).

Collaborations With Other Nonprofits (Ongoing)
We continue to seek global humanitarian organizations to collaborate with and exchange ideas and resources, especially in the areas of universal solutions that empower and uplift all mankind. This includes organizations with visionary ideas in the areas of clean and free energy, water, food, and groups that promote unity and embrace human diversity.


If you would like to assist with any of our programs, please contact us.



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